Man Steals From Restaurant After Making An Order

A man, posing as a customer, orders food at Marley’s Restaurant but instead took off with cash from the cash register and it was all caught on camera.
The incident occurred over the weekend around 8 pm on Saturday and apparently, it was not the first time the restaurant on Old Palm road was struck by thieves.
Restaurant worker, Basha, explained how the incident took place saying,
“Saturday night I was working, then a guy comes inside; ordered one pizza and I went inside to make the pizza for him. By the time I finished the first pizza he asks me for the next one. By the time I go inside to pick up the next one, he opened the drawer and take up all the money and he run.”
“I never knew he was going to do that, after he done take the money: I saw him, I cuss him and he run. People told me I should have run behind him, but I can’t run behind him; he might do me something else” He added.
According to Basha, the thief made off with $490.
Basha is thankful that his life was not threatened and it was only the money that the thief took off with.



  1. Well Basha u need to get a license gun for your business so when they steal again don’t cuss just shoot straight for the feet then call the police

    • In Antigua if you shoot criminals in self-defense you get arrested and charge. You also will be detained beyond the 48 hours allowed by law without being charged and the officers will say he did not know Saturdays are counted within the 48 hours. Then charge you in his attempt to mitigate this constitutional violation.

      trust me I know.

  2. I personally think that the government should go into the business of selling surveillance cameras reasonable enough so that poor can buy and install on their property, because some companies are doing it, but at a cost for rich and middle class. Am calling on the government to try more in assisting the poor people in this country

    • Some of these surveillance cameras are purchased online at an affordable price but the time the company paid the customer duties and freight to cleared them and then applied their markup, it just too expensive for poor people to purchase from them.
      Yes, the government should put something in-place to assist poor people pocket. Maybe waive the duty or paid half the custom duty. Just something need to be done.

  3. Now supposed the owner had taken the words of the former PM to heart: “sharpen you cutliss back and belly….chap dem up”

    What a low-life posing as a customer

  4. U can’t be at two place at once in the near future u should hv someone running the kitchen and a cashier….ur cash pan should not be harms length from behind the counter…but things happen so measures can be put in place….but most importantly ur life was not lost

  5. What? These thief don’t know that most small businesses and homes in Antigua have CCTV Surveillance Cameras installed on their properties. They need to go find hard work to do or even self employment in bun coal, farming, grass cutter/landscaper, etc.

  6. I hope they find him and send him to 1735.Even if the owner had a gun.He could not shoot him.Because he was running away.The owner’s life was not in any danger.You could be arrested for shooting someone running away from a crime.If your life was not in any danger at the time you fired your gun.So all gun owners know the rules and laws of engagements.

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