Man stabbed to death in Lower All Saints Road area


A man was stabbed to death in the Lower All Saints Road area shortly after 7 this evening.

The circumstances surrounding the stabbing are unclear, but the Emergency Medical Services received the call at 7:19 and dispatched an ambulance to the scene within six minutes where the man was seen suffering from stab wounds.

He later died on the spot.

This is the country’s fourth murder since the start of the year.

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  1. Has Policing and politics broken down in Antigua?

    Attlee and Browne needs to go if they can’t resolve it, because their “window dressing” and word salad isn’t fooling anyone but their comrades and supporters!

    The increase in crimes has been growing rapidly, and we are yet to hear of any concrete plans or solutions to halt it.

    Yet, I recall on Teargas Sunday (a couple of years ago) the immediate response to women and children wasn’t a problem. Go figure …

    • … I also note that the SECOND year anniversary of that terrible day went by quietly (8th August 2023).

      Not a peep from Observer Radio or ABS. How strange indeed!

      Gassssston must be pleased wid he self …

    • My friend, this is not a problem that mankind can solve…no politrickian or police officer can solve this.
      This is warfare: SPIRITUAL WARFARE… Good. vs Evil. The battle for the minds of all mankind.
      This is a decision for each and every human being to make on his/her own. Nobody can decide for me or for you how to respond to temptations. The choice is ours to make.
      The Creator offers us that help to make the right (RIGHTEOUS) choices. However, we have rejected that help because we prefer the way of evil ( WRONGTEOUSNESS).
      To every effect, there is a cause.
      The root cause of evil is SIN. What is SIN? The transgression of God’s Law of Love.

      Just look at the world today. If only…we would follow the prescribed principles of PEACE and LOVE. If only ! But on a whole, we WILL NOT. Simply because we have sold out to the arch enemy who makes the good seems evil and the evil appears good.

      Spiritual problems CANNOT. be solved using physical methods. This takes the mind of God. That which we have rejected. So the anguish, grief, evil, and sufferings…will all continue and get worse. Until finally… the Creator will step in and end this madness.

      Woe be unto us for we are not suffering because of lack of knowledge. Instead we suffer because of lack of wisdom….heavenly wisdom.
      A good word to the he who hears and will listen is sufficient.
      Make haste to set our house in order for the evil days are upon us.

      • @ Wtfy

        It was politics between 2004-2014 when ABLP and GASTON blamed the UPP for crime spiralling out of control. Isn’t it now?

        Oh when the shoe is on the other foot.
        It is the dire economic reality that is causing crime to escalate.

      • Tell that to the numerous persons who are paid to politicize just about everything on Antigua and then you, yourself, should learn that too.

    • You sound like a lunatic. What do you want the Police Commissioner to do, anticipate when two persons are gonna have an altercation and arrest the murderer before the crime is committed? You can have your political bias but you also need to get some common sense while you’re at it. Do you think that the murders commited this year would not have happened if UPP was in power and someone else was Commissioner of Police? You need counseling.

      • @ Ron, Ronnie, or Ronald stop showing your downright ignorance.

        All Antiguans want is more of a police presence and accountability on the island.

        We want the police to get out of their vehicles for more foot patrols; and use of vehicles should be for rapid responses and night patrols (especially for vulnerable females living alone, who seem to targeted for burglaries).

        Again Ron, what is wrong with tax-paying Antiguans wanting to what our police commissioner is going to do to reduce crimes and misdemeanours (he’s paid the big bucks to do so)?

        Sounds like you either don’t pay any tax, or even vote in Antigua, or you live abroad in a “comfortable” bubble Ron – which is it?


    • @Brixtonian for someone who prefers to identify him/herself not as an Antiguan you should keep out of our business. Yes there have been 4 murders on the island and most of the perpetrators have been been caught. Quit wishing mayhem on Antigua so that you can get what you were promised by the UPP. You can’t wait 5 more years for your bounty? You really need an introspective. Mr Negativity may God rescue you!

      • I’m an Antiguan and live and run business here you damn fool!!! Where have you been for the last 3-4 years on ANR?

        Bwoi, you ignorant Eeeee … and May God rescue you from your own stupidness!

        • Now who sounds like the fool here. I mash you corn. The truth really hurts. I’m sure if you are really running a business it is totally dependent on government for its survival. You are not innovative Mr/Ms Britannica.

          • If YOU say so @ bertaboi.

            It’s people like you that my overseas business associates refer to when they tell me that some Antiguans politics are baffling to them.

            I’m continually told that why does half the population vote to have LESS money, POOR housing infrastructure and a cost of living SPIRALLING out of control.

            To this type of question I have no answer; and I’m as baffled as my business associates.

            Over to you @ bertaboi … explain that?

            I await more waffle and bluster from you (I expect nothing else to be honest); and don’t detract with your usual asides – just answer the question(s).

            YOU CAN DO IT!

          • Partner ah best you left that one at the foot of the cross. For a so called business man with all them so called overseas contacts he sure spends his time on a gossip news blog arguing with people he don’t know. Up to this day this so called business man can’t say the name of his business or where it is located. What his business is all about. He really is so delusional and honestly screams mentality ill. And let’s not even touch the source of all this. His forever obsession with the Wurl ass himself. I do pity the poor fella and pray he gets the help he needs.

          • Have you never heard of making money through “passive” income @ Ah Gaston fault?

            Let me enlighten you boss, I enjoy investing in properties, stocks & shares, and contrarian purchasing – over time – has allowed me the time to build-up a nice portfolio to-date.

            Ask your Gaston Browne and his rich mates how it goes – they also make money whilst they sleep.


            NEXT QUESTION …

  2. It just wont get any better until the bottom drops out.
    May his family gain comfort and peace at this time.
    May the offender find peace with his Maker.
    These are the days of end when the heart of man has become desperately evil. No love….no mercy…no peace.
    The enemy broadcasts his attitude of hate and violence into the minds of mankind and we foolishly listen and succumb to the temptations. If only…is always the cry; after the act. Yes….if only I had not done this or turned the other way. But too late is the cry. We act and then think afterwards…when the evil has already been committed.
    We need two learn to think rationally and morally before we act. However, this type of meditative attitude is HEAVENLY. Comes only from the Creator. Mankind in general have turned our hearts away from the ONLY SOURCE of LOVE and PEACE. Instead we have wholeheartedly sold out to evil and for this we see ALL THE EVIL AND SUFFERINGS in the world today.
    Unfortunately, because we are so bent set on doing it our own way ( which is the way of evil), we will only continue to experience much more of these violent and evil acts.

    There are TWO ways of life that are set before us: GOOD and EVIL.
    We have the ability to choose either one. The majority has chosen Evil; witnessed the consequences of that evil path and yet still continue on the route. How foolish can that be!
    The time is now, people. Judgement day is at hand and we need to decide on which side we will stand. There is no middle ground. God will NOT force us to go His way. The choice is ours. At the end of the day, each of us MUST give account for our stewardship in this life.

    Only a fool would be blind to the fact that these are crucial times in which we live. Dreadful times….the evil just escalates and the suffering abounds more and more.
    When will we turn our minds back to the BOOK ….the instruction manual for mankind and live by the principles it outlines ?

    PEOPLE: WAKE UP…. DARK are the days ahead and only the wise will take heed and say no to the evil way.

  3. In all fairness, Antigua still has one of the lowest murder rates in the Caribbean. Every murder is one too much but we are still fortunate to have a very low murder rate compared to many of our neighbouring countries.

  4. What is happening in the place of my birth? Last week a murder and today another one.I could remember when we had no murder for years.It is not that Antigua any more.Please my fellow humans, let us give up our love of sinning.

  5. There can never be a #Powerhouse_Nation without POWERHOUSE CRIME SYNDICATES calling the shots!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  6. @Brixy the delusional one I do pity you poor fella. The name “Gaston Browne” really triggers you doesn’t it? My my you build your profile off stocks and shears that’s a good one. How long did it take you to come up with that delusion? I’ll leave you be. But just so you know and for the million time. I don’t support Gasston Browne aka the Wurl Ass. But go awff friend. I’ll leave you to relish in your delusions

    • @ Gaston Browne, don’t hate because you ain’t …

      Look boss, DO NOT FEEL A WAY. Here’s just a couple of books that helped me on the way:

      ‘Winning with Shares’ and subtitled ‘Investing Wisely and Profitably’ by Alvin Hall And ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki

      Two books that opened my eyes to financial independence.

      You can thank Brixtonian later 😉

  7. @Brixtonian…..just wow! If you are a so called businessman you should follow the mantra teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime (ABLP) vs give a man a fish and you feed him for a day (UPP). The smart people vote for empowerment vs entitlement. Look at the programs UPP created during their administration. Also compare the housing stack created between 2004 – 2014 vs 2014 – 2023. It’s infrastructure better now or worst?
    Now you tell me how you would fix the spiraling cost of living so I can pass it on to President Biden and PM Sunak. The country has always done better under ALP & ABLP than PLM & UPP. If you think it’s bad now, imagine what it would be like under a PM Pringle. Think about that!!!!!!

    • My word @ bertaboi, you speak of when UPP was governing.

      I recall that under 40 years of Birdism and Browneism, the ABLP had ample opportunity to put things right in the country.

      40 YEARS MAN … COME NOW!

      How supporters like you continually give this awful administration a free pass is beyond my comprehension – and why?

      Antigua still lacks a proper island wide water system, and we still get power cuts in 2023.

      And if Jamale Pringle – or Shugy – and the UPP had 40 years in office, the above mentioned would be up and running. Smoothly!

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