PM reacts to stabbing death in his constituency


A man reportedly died after he was stabbed by a relative at Point Wharf.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he received reports that an uncle and nephew were involved.


The victim was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

The incident occurred after 6 pm on Saturday.

Browne who spoke on radio about the incident highlighted the need for residents to find better ways of resolving their conflicts.

Police are investigating. More to come.

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    • By any stretch the words of the PM were kind words, a soft answer. Some people are just stupid, raised my ignorant people, and just don’t have any self control. That’s why 1735 is overloaded.

      • Not referring to the words of the PM. I’m referring to the 2 men who seemingly have no clue on how to decently interact or not allow conflict to supersede them

  1. Seems to me like a tremendous number of illegal immigrants in Antigua enjoy engaging in violence, fraud, and drug trafficking. In addition, there are many unsavory legal immigrants that come to Antigua via CARICOM immigration rules, and they are destroying our island-nation also. Why does Antigua like all of these misbehaving immigrants? I don’t know.

    Yet, the PM wants to grant these illegals and unsavory criminals from places like Jamaica and Dominican Republic with immigration amnesty, giving them an Antigua passport? If the PM’s political party in power loses the next election, it will be because of this immigration amnesty issue.

    Antigua’s citizens don’t want to grant amnesty to illegals, we want the illegals to be kicked out, now! Like literally now.

    And when the PM’s party loses the next election, every single MP of the current party in power will have their behavior over the last decade investigated and researched, especially the ‘Ministers’.

    I hope all these current MP’s think that granting immigration amnesty is worth it, because they might be the ones needing amnesty when they are criminally prosecuted in the future for all their behind-the-scenes misdeeds.

    • Ah dat dem even tap inna America and Canada ah cuss immigrants while dem ah lib inna one other man country fukking hyprocrites

  2. Is this the same blasted PM who said a few weeks ago that if he was Ralph , the same stone thrown at him would have come back twice as fast . Wasn’t he the same person that plans to defend his family with violence and now he advising persons to use conflict resolution. Gaston Browne you didn’t think that when Red Shirt Gang was running around Point and making sure that persons voted for you in fear of retribution. Challenge me if you can cause you always been a punk and coward growing up in Point walking behind those who were fearless.

  3. Provoke not to anger bcuz such provocation can cost you your life & the love of money can be the root of all evil. In this incident there is several lessons to learn.
    1. Pay a man when you owe him
    2. Don’t let yr emotions control you
    3. There are always consequences to yr actions
    4. Fights are not best way to resolve conflicts

  4. WOW -most of these comments are absolutely ridiculous – really people??🤔 Is politics the only thing that your brains can comprehend? What the hell does Jamaican/ DR’s and the PM has to do with such a horribly tragic event? The freaking World has gone mad and it seem to be bringing out the dimness in people. SMHID

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