Man Stabbed In The Face Still Awaiting Care At MSJMC


Family members say a 27-year-old man who was stabbed in the face this morning has still not been treated by hospital professionals.

The man was stabbed in Parham allegedly by a person of unsound mind.

The man used scissors to inflict the wound then reportedly ran to the local police station.

The victim who was taken to the hospital by his father at 8:30 a.m is still bleeding according to family members.

They say the man would need a number of stitches and are calling on the authorities to address his situation urgently.

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  1. It is time enough that society start looking at these mentally challenged people within the communities of Antigua and Barbuda. This man who allegedly stabbed this young man in the face has been in the village interfering with people over and over again. He is a menace to society. Previously he went into a man farm and beat the man really bad because the mad stopped him from taking his products from the farm. He has been constantly interfering with people in the village of Parham. His name has been to the police station several times all they do is taken down to Clearview and release him the next day. He has never meant to account for anything he has done to anyone or anyone’s property.
    If we could remember clearly what happened in September last year when a mentally challenged individual got shot because he attacked the proprietor of a business in the same village. It’s time we do something to protect I was service from these insane people

  2. All dem doctor in ah antigua as published in the paper last week and man cant get medical care!!!!!

  3. They need to deal with those nurses and doctors at mount st johns hospital deal with patients fast and stop them shit they on them.phones and chatting people its sickenin!

  4. Antigua’s entire mental health service needs an overhaul and upgrade including some of its outdated ineffective medication that is used blanket fashion on conditions that require specific and individually tailored treatment and dosage for each patient. Psychology input is also key along with a detailed account of the persons history which can usually shed light on behaviour. Psychiatrists and Nurses should be sent on annual training refresher courses to keep abreast of the latest developments in this field of medicine and care giving.

    • Why don’t you go and treat these mentally ill people since you so know what to do, what needs to be be done and how.

      Do you even volunteer 15 minutes of ur time at Clarevue or a you a fault-finding laptop gangsta?

    • I agree that the mental health services need an overhaul, but from what I understand Clarevue receives first world psychiatric medications to treat patients and the doctors that work there are quite competent. One of the main contributors to the present problem is the negative stereotype that patients receive, which often results in non compliance with their medication and ultimately a relapse of their condition. A patient is admitted to Clarevue, treated and stabilized. They are then discharged into the care of their relatives with a very detailed discharge plan, which includes scheduled follow up visits, among other things. The patient never returns for whatever reason. One year later, the same patient injures herself or someone else, and only then is she brought back to Clarevue by relatives. Even if a new hospital is built, unless we change this unsavoury culture towards mental illness no one will want to be seen entering the gates of a psychiatric hospital.

      • Thank you!! And for those that don’t know Don’t trash us we do our part at Clarevue .. when does the family be held accountable?society ur hands aren’t clean either .. stop treating them like their the scum of the earth just because of an illness . U no sick? No body for u sick? Then maybe people won’t be so fearful about getting help and taking their Rx .Everybody is always quick to blame .please remember no one chooses to have a mental disorder .if it could be done then we wouldnt have a single one. .We have top of the line medication and our doors are open to all. no matter where the person coming from ..ooh! And it’s free

        • I think that the term “time heals” needs to come in effect at clarevue…. These patients are being released to quickly… And its not only mental issues only but also drug related too… So after treatments at clarevue, rehab should be the next step… I think its something that the government should look forward too…. A rehabilitation center DIRECTLY connected to the clarevue institution

          • I don’t think those patients are being let out if they remain a danger to themselves or others. Just as the people who enter MSJMC spend different times admitted on the ward based on how bad their condition is, the same applies to Clarevue. Some need days, others weeks or months. I do agree that a lot are in need of drug rehabilitation, but remember, to start rehab you must first acknowledge that you have a drug problem. That is a problem within itself, as most patients with a drug addiction lacks the insight to admit they need help.

  5. Antigua its 2019 and y’all still on some bull with the health care system. Yo I’m so angry I won’t even vent here

  6. The Cabinet will soon issue a report that there was an error the man that was stabbed and bleeding out is the one with the medical condition since

    Thousands of people are going to the hospital for excellent service wether they are sick or not

    Some instead of calling a taxi would call the ambulance for a ride to the hospital to ensure they experience the great service at the hospital….

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