Man slashes Grays Farm woman’s throat after fruitless attempt at robbing her; investigations are underway


REAL NEWS- Investigations have been launched into an incident during which a Parliament Street, Grays Farm, woman had her throat slashed by an unknown person.

The early-morning offense reportedly occurred late last week on King Obstinate Drive.

Reportedly, the woman was walking from east to west. When she reached the vicinity of the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court, a man who was dressed entirely in black approached and grabbed her from behind.

Reports say he then placed a sharp object to her throat and made demands for money. When he did not get any cash, he used the implement to cut her throat.

The victim was subsequently transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by ambulance for treatment.

The perpetrator is described as slim in build, between 5’ 8” and 6‘ tall, and was wearing a mask that covered his face; only his eyes reportedly were showing.

Further reports are that the woman’s attacker spoke with an Antiguan accent.

A search was carried out for the man in the surrounding area, but without success.

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  1. Thank God she is still alive. TESSA BARTHLEY didn’t survive. Now the GUNMAN get rewarded with UPP candidacy.

  2. I thank God you are alive and if you are not a believer in Jesus as yet now is the opportune time to do so your life has been saved for a purpose.

  3. Is there a drug problem in Antigua? Why are there so many matters like this one lately? What has become of that matter of the double murders at Golden Grove?

  4. The crime and corruption rate has increased tremendously these past years because of hardship and man is getting desperate these days, we need proper measures in place to reduce the crime rate.

    • In upp’s 10 years in Government the average murder rate was 19 per year.
      The last time we had 19 murders was in 2012

  5. I am hoping one of them tries to do the same to me. I guaranty they will be killed, nothing will stop me from killing them even if I do so with my bare hands.

    • And that is the beauty of concealed carry and of solid Martial Arts training, criminals don’t know what they’re getting themselves into until it’s too late.

      • I wish we could easily conceal carry! It would abate come. The police don’t do enough. They’re looking for a guy of average height and only his eyes showing. Gfto here. He’s a free man and always will be until he does the next thing and is successful in his gruesome attack!
        It’s time to allow some trained citizens to carry.
        Proper gun control isn’t just giving it to police, army and Gaurds. It should include people passing background checks, psych exams, getting printed, etc this way ppl who are properly trained to fire a weapon are the only ones who do so but if they’re attacked then they can protect themselves. As well as in a situation where an innocent is being stabbed or throat being cut or sliced by weed whacker (remember that one? My goodness…) or cutlass, they can defend what they’re witnessing. I think that if criminals KNOW that more ppl (not just anyone but approved ppl) could be conceal carrying it would help to abate crime.

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