Keon Carr Shot And Killed


Keon Carr was moments ago pronounced dead in hospital after being shot in Gray’s Farm earlier tonight.

Carr was sitting on the side of the road with friends when a lone gunman walked on and opened fire. The gunman escaped on foot.

Carr was taken to the hospital in a serious condition after being shot on Christian Street.

Police are investigating the country’s third homicide for the year.

EMS leaves scene of shooting

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    There appeared to have been no respect to the ‘…Sanctity to Life.’

    Sitting with friends at the side of the road (on the block).

    Lone gunman walked up unsuspectingly.

    Picked out a ‘…single man’ and shot him cold-bloodedly.

    Clearly a ‘…Targeted Victim.’

    Serious and dangerous, but clearly no need to be unduly worried.

    A man, currently nursing a ‘…gunshot injury to his right hand,’ is presently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison for ‘…Possession of two live rounds of ammunition and an unrecovered Unlicensed Firearm.’

    He reportedly claimed that he ‘…accidentally shot himself in the palm of his hand.’

    From a ‘…theoretical perspective,’ know that he may either have ‘…siphoned off something’ or could not give proper account of that which may have been ‘…entrusted to him.’

    He had been given a ‘…Painful warning and harsh reminder’ of that which precariously dangles.

    Still, the citizenry shall not be unduly fearful.

    However, ‘…Targeted’ or not, citizens shall always be careful where they ‘…tread or sit at nights.’

  2. Did Mr. Pompey comment when the customs officer was shot in cold blood purportedly because he was investigating customs fraud scandal.

  3. So he ate his last turkey and black cake b4 being mercilessly popped off? My heart goes out to his loved ones. What a crazy, wicked world we live in.

  4. RIP Violence
    RIP Turbulence
    RIP Pestilence
    RIP Criminal Elements
    Lust & Greed
    Wants not Needs
    Every Need has an ego to Feed


      You are not only ‘…On The Move,’ but also ‘…In The Know.’

      Really not sure who the cap may fit.

      Those with ‘…fowl instinct’ may pick up any corn that is thrown around.

      Now see that one may have ‘…accidentally fallen asleep’ and one has shown ‘…clear apathy as to be seen as ‘…ignorant and bitter.’

      Rawlston Pompey could not have been a ‘…Court Prosecutor and Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for nothing.

      No Sah. Doesn’t know ‘…every dam [sic] thing.’

      Follow him and learn something of what he knows and willingly shares.

      Ignore his comments and remain in ‘…regrettable ignorance.’

      Pitied the latter’s ‘…Ignorance and Simplicity.’

  5. Keon rip.. I never liked u. I don’t know the circumstances behind ur death but I am 99 percent sure u deserved it. Good luck on ur transition. May God have mercy on ur soul

  6. @tyso the man dead he can’t hear u. If u didn’t have none good to say you should have kept it to yourself. Member judgement go fall on all of us and we gonna go down in the same hole be sure your faith isn’t worst than his.. SIP KEON

    • I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I apologize. I was just expressing how I felt at that time. We were cool and got along at one point in time. My sincere and deepest condolences to his friends and loved ones

  7. @Tyso…feelings are volatile things which can incite us to good works and also to unspeakable ones.Feelings are also temporary so i do hope that when the dislike(negative energy) towards the deceased loosens it’s grip,you will be able to see that such energy leads to nothing which is positive; only a ripple effect of hate which spans outwards and continues if a greater force does not stop it.That force is sympathy,compassion and if not love which is the greatest of all forces then at least with empathy. Empathy for his friends..empathy for his loved ones value for life in general.Saying that Keon deserved to die is in theory saying that the person who took it into his own hands to take his life deserves the penalty of his actions when caught and to have his own life probably taken from him. It is saying that his loved ones deserve the heartache due to this loss; that his friends and family deserve the emptiness and grief of no longer having him in their lives; for all this is associated to what was deserved.
    In my humble opinion Keon is gone and whatever he did or may not have done cannot be remedied because the person who thought he “deserved” to die took away that option from him.
    Keon might not have been your friend but he was a friend to others.He was shot while amidst his friends.Should one or more of these friends share the same thoughts as you do as far as what is “deserved” towards the person who shot becoming self proclaiming judges of another person’s fate when they themselves are not even capable of mastering their own; I see no winners in this situation only loss and pain.Our society does NOT deserve this..humanity does NOT deserve this and each of us no matter who we are, make up society and are a part of humanity so noone deserves this..noone deserves violence.

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