Man shot dead in Pigott’s


A man has been shot twice in the head/face in Pigott’s according to information reaching Antigua News Room.

The incident occurred moments ago. Information is sketchy at this time.

Police are investigating the country’s latest homicide.

More details as they come to hand.

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  1. it is getting real cold …the police commissioner and the atorney gen should resign now…….gaston start to get your documents from the office of the prime ministers office asap…….the roads alone will let u loose the election take a drive in Seaview farm and the areas around that but the minister busy enriching him self ,this minister only bus a move when someone nearly died, at the state College now school meals she then want assessment done. ….now gaston this crime situation is out of hand u guys claimed u got the answers for everything, water,roads,crime buy it don’t look so pipe still off the roads are hell hole and the crime rate is out of this world ….

  2. The wild wild west in town… As a young child, I always heard when you have a county that is very diversify in multicultural and the nationals are in the minority crimes increases. It is happening all around the world. People move with their culture.

  3. Why it is, that no one wants to take action against the “Merchants of Death”? We hear about bringing back hang man, we hear about lock-up and throw away key, but that is all about pruning branches. We need to get to the root of the problem: the gun importers and big drug distributors. Are they above the law? Anyone who believes that these young criminals source the firearms from abroad are really sick in the head. Uprooting and poisoning the tree will take a serious bite out of crime.

  4. Jamaican culture was allowed in antigua for votes and cheap labour and sex work. Now their criminal friends are coming on holiday and never going home. Antigua is now the crime capital of the Caribbean per capita. Cutie and the commish must go now. We can’t tek no mo.

  5. How is asking the minister and commissoner of police to resigned going to change anything
    Will it stop the ongoing turf war will it stop people from shooting each other wake the hell up and see it the people and not the police and government is the problem

    • Dont know how old you are but the last crime wave we had some Canadian police were imported and they changed everything. The ALP said they had the answers but then again they said a lot of things.

      • U my dear sound like a morden day house slave who would will report to the massa so that you can get a pair of old discarded shoes or jacket

  6. a change was needed the upp was killing this country. water for years and no effort was made to eliviate the problem. ..the upp is no gem they took us to imf and sold our passports and now cussing out the same program they implemented, the alp is continuing on the same trend. …..which one of these parties can truly lead us they both have no plan,the plan they have is for the ministers to make money for themselves that is all….build a building we will rent from u ….

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