Man sentenced to 6 years for sex with minor


Thirty-six-year-old Emzie Harris was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting to having sex with a 12-year-old girl.

The incident occurred at Harris’ home in 2016.

The child reported waking up to find the 33-year-old man having sex with her.

Harris also pleaded guilty to having sex with the girl’s older sister in 2012.

That complainant was 15-years-old when the offence was committed.

Harris was sentenced to 12 months for this offence, which will run concurrent with the six-year sentence.

The sex offender was also ordered to pay the younger sister $10,000 compensation.

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    • @ She say she want cum- are you serious with this comment? What the hell is this .. Even your moniker sound disgusting..Pleaseee.

  1. Funny nobody is addressing the mother (police officer)who drops off and picks up her daughter from this perpetrator’s house. Same one she let her underage daughter live with for over a year.The same mother(police officer) who bullied the perpetrator into giving her his jeep after the incide. He is wrong and so is the mother! This is bs

  2. Those side “facts” were not relevant to the case as they were not illegal. Immoral, yes, but not illegal. The case here is statutory rape on two girls. I know men were sentenced to 18 years for such crimes on ONE child, much more, TWO?
    Just as the name of the perpetrator can be made public after conviction, so should the name of the judge, who is paid by the taxpayers of this State. We have been hearing of unexplainable and unconventional sentences for some time now. The last being the Jamaican girl who took up a vehicle and committed VEHICULAR HOMICIDE with no jail time.
    If judges cannot get the sentencing right, then, they need to be re-schooled and study SENTENCING GUIDELINES.
    This six year sentence for two rapes is absolutely unacceptable, senseless, irrational and disrespectful.

  3. I am so fed up with the justice system in Antigua and Barbuda. Sexual offences are not to be taken lightly!!!! What kind of message are we sending to others out there who lie in wait of their next victim/s???
    Then you wanna come talk abt CCJ????
    F**k off

    • What does the CCJ have to do with a ruling from a lower Court? The CCJ is an Appellate court that hears appeal. They are not about passing sentences ,they are there to either uphold or overturn .. And for your Info-the CCJ would uphold a harsher decision ,than the PRIVY council with all their Human Right’s argument.Baseless comment.

  4. There really seem to be no proper sentencing guidelines when it comes to these statutory rape convictions. This convict must be smiling all the way to 1735 after pleading guilty to raping two (2)underage girls and only walking away with 6 years at Her Majesty’s Palace. Our judges and magistrates are very inconsistent with their sentencing and on the face of it would seem to favour some convicts over others. If this was a calypso competition, I would say that the ‘judges need training, serious training.”

  5. Many of you are saying he got off lightly but wait till he reaches inside 1735 and wish he was dead.

    • LMAO! He better not bend over to pick up the soap 😉

      “Tossed salad” is a popular menu item in most prisons, not sure about 1735 tho

    • Herman you sound like one R@$$ 🕳. On another 📝 I’m just here wondering about vigilante justice….just 🤔 💭

  6. Wonder how much our UK visitor chilling in his up scale cell going to get? If he does get any time at all.

  7. Criminals are the one’s with all the rights these days-no wonder there is an outcry for 1735 to be turned into a Bed& Breakfast..Criminals are rewarded.

  8. Drug fines pays hundreds of thousands even millions for a natural plant, but virtue and pride taken and can never be given back is only worth 10000 dollars and 6 years…not enough.

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