Man says he’s being prevented from building in affluent English Harbour neighbourhood where houses rent for 43K per week


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  1. Totally agree with many points from the caller about the hurdles and hoops Antiguan nationals have to deal with in running businesses and doing construction.

    However, there’s definitely more to this story than he is telling us.

    But I did appreciate what the caller said about the Prime Minister’s appeals to nationals to invest in the country; because many of us did as he requested, but long delays, red tape, slow processing of documentation and NEVER forget putting us in exile in the middle of our businesses due to Covid mandates and protocols.

    Whilst NON-NATIONALS seems to have had an easier ride than us when conducting their own business affairs.

    I will follow-up on this particular case, to find the outcome.


    • Well there definitely is. It’s very blatant and pandemic on its own. The bad part is that locals feel crippled and fearful of National Parks and DCA victimization. The new commissioner of Parks is very very unprofessional and evil as. Called by many. I am the caller and believe me there is nothing more as to what wrongs we have do e or haven’t provided. It’s all to possible blocking of a British woman and her 3 dogs, while my family and 3 kids have to remain. Homeless and in continued debt due to corrupt institutions.

      • I guess she wants to come to our country and practice apartheid. If she doesn’t want to have a black neighbour, she can go live in the countryside of her own country where there are only white people. It reminds me of once visiting Hawsbill beach, and a white guess telling one of the employees to have us removed from the beach. The employee was wise enough to tell her it is our beach.
        Why is National Parks and DCA victimizing their own people. Are they being bought off?
        Gaston said he will meet with you. I hope he also meets with this woman And tell her who this country belongs to. Or black Antiguans and Barbudans don’t have a country anymore.

  2. The 🐍needs to bring the dokizments for this 43k/week lease.

    Nutten else plant on the 26 ACRES up to now?

    One Single Pupah Chee
    One Single Pringle DeadDarg

    • Must be a politician collecting this kind of rent and don’t want the man to build his house to compete.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 well it can’t be Alister Thomas because he “owns” the house he currently lives in. With his secondary school certificate on full display near the space-saver 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • You a make joke, but this is serious business. If you think you special, go try to build a house next to her.
            Are we may have to get the fire engine to go up there and dounce she down.

  3. English Harbour was a beautiful place. Now it is full of rich arrogant people who WILL build where they like. Sad for those who are genuinely Antiguan, NOT through BIRTH but through GENERATIONS! Money talks! It is a disgrace that that this island will lose her soul to greed from politicians enriching themselves with this land grab and ignoring those who are trying to live with kindness and hope for a decent life. It is too easy to become a resident and build…

  4. Not only in English Harbour, just get a print out of the checks issued by our treasury. You will see the white men collecting big checks weekly and the Antiguan Contractors just collecting a little thing.

    • We as black Antiguans have serious issues in our once beautiful, peaceful Antigua. Ryan’s farm being polluted and his livelihood being destroyed and government does nothing. Man wants to build his house on his own land and some white non national woman running a guess house next door don’t want him to build and the government does nothing about it. Government minister going into people’s property with police because he wants to take the property away from black people and give it to Chinese. We have serious problems in this country. A wha we come too?
      This labour government has to go if we hope to save Antigua as Gaston only likes non black people.
      I am however sorry for any government that takes over as without CIP and considering the debt load of Antigua, we are going to be a failed state.

  5. Àntigua Me Come From. Black, Brown , Yellow and Pale skin. I am from the descendant of the Alexander from Scotland who arrived in Antigua during the 1660s. He later was the owner of several Estates with Slaves.He also went to St Vincent where he owned Lodge and Sharpe’s Estate with Slaves. My mother never went to Antigua but I did at a very early age. Though Short Shirt said I was Antiguan I never felt Welcome. Things were not too bad until I witness a murder at the Antigua Recreation Grounds.I was the eye witness . I was sent on Vacation and later on a course in 1972 ,that was my last August in Antigua. No one ever got convicted for that Crime.

    • So what’s your point? Are you saying there’s no murders where you are living now?

      Or are you festooned and vacationing on the moon …?!

  6. Jasón Peli you owe our people so much that it is shame to here you bragging about your slave ownership background.

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