Man says he stole from supermarket because of late pension



An elderly man accused of stealing two packs of lingfish from the Perry Bay Supermarket said that he committed the offence because “money is tight” and he is yet to receive his pension payments.

The man was caught on camera strolling through the aisles of the supermarket at around 10:30 am on October 15.

He was observed taking a can of tomato paste and a can of beet from one aisle and then two packs of lingfish from another and putting those in his shoulder bag.

The security officers surveilling him from the camera room then alerted the guard on the floor.

The man then went to the cashier and paid for the two canned items before making his way to the exit.

He was stopped and searched before leaving and the two packs of lingfish worth about $37 were found on him.

A report was made to the police and the man was subsequently charged with larceny.

The defendant appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday and admitted to the crime.

He told the court that he had “some sort of poor judgment” because “I went to the bank and didn’t get my pension. I don’t know what came over me. I am really sorry about the situation.”

The defendant further explained that he takes care of his 85-year-old sister and is overwhelmed.

The man also shared that he had other financial obligations which he needed to deal with that day and up to yesterday, he still hadn’t received the monies owed from Social Security.

“I usually have to wait two or three months for my pension,” he revealed.

He said, however, that he offered to pay for the goods after being caught but was shot down.

The Magistrate reprimanded the man and discharged him.

“Don’t let the feeling come over you again,” she warned.

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  1. Leave the man alone!!! Let him pay for the goods!!. This story can be duplicated several times owed…Please have some compassion… All of us have sinned and fall short if the glory of God at some point…

  2. A workable solution needs to be found. Perhaps for pensioners only, Social Security can look at a debit program with the Supermarkets to cover up to a certain amount weekly that can be debited to the pensioner’s card. Then when funds are available to pay the pensioners their debits are with held and the supermarkets are credited for what was owed.
    This would take some more in depth looking into, I am sure, how to work out the logistics.
    Nothing is harder for poor people than to have to wonder where their next meal is going to come from, or if they can keep their roof over their head. These are hard and perilous times and the thinking has to be outside of the box for our most vulnerable.

    • @Joan Veira Salmon…I see where you’re coming from, and where you intend this #idea to go.
      However, paying #Invoices on time is not something the Government is good at. Heck, they’re not even paying salaries or pensions on time, so what makes you think grocery stores or supermarkets will sign on to this?
      Maybe the larger Chinese supermarkets will look at the idea, knowing that, the Government also pays its invoice and delinquent bills with #Public #Lands.

  3. I feel for him and the pensioners like him…while GASTON HAS MILLIONS HIM AND HIS TEIRFING CABINET his entire CABINET HAVE SO MANY OFF SHORE BANK ACCTS ….only if you all knew…yet the poor man has to resort to stealing HOW DISRESPECTFUL SHAMEFUL ….. GASTON HOW DO YOU SLEEP knowing how rich u r and DESERVING PENSIONERS GO TO BED HUNGRY…..

    Remember GOD promises the sins of the father will fall on his entire generation.

  4. Just imagine this huh….so I now feel as though I cant afford to get old on this likkle island, people cant even afford de likkle dutty ling fish de likkle pention that a de only thig some people depend on dem have to wait 2 or 3 months for smh

  5. Very sad indeed. The Magistrate did the right thing by reprimanding him and giving him a discharge. I hope the plight of all these pensioners can be addressed in some way.

  6. Here’s an idea… instead of mandating vaccines that don’t actually work as advertised, how about mandating that social security be always paid on time or else somebody loses their job.. or mandate that the price of ling fish be affordable to anyone and everyone. When a man has to start stealing food because his own government owes him money, something has to change.

  7. Im surpise GASTON dnt come on here to answer comments HE ALWAYS IN PINEAPPLE EXPRESS COMMENT SECTION…


  8. I wish his name was revealed. I would have someone contacted him and send him some finances by way of Western Union. I feel for this man,not for what he did. What caused him to do it, a lacking for his monthly Pension. That is an issue with the poor and down trodden in Antigua and Barbuda. I am just surprised more persons are not in trouble for shoplifting due to no income,monthly.

  9. Father, in the precious name of Jesus, I come to You dear God, seeking Your divine intervention in this nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It is hard Lord. People are hungry. People are dying. People are frustrated. We need You to hear the cries of Your people who are crying to You for HELP! We need You dear God to stop the evil that is in the land. Reverse every curse, every satanic agenda and every plan of the enemy. Close every evil door and open up doors Lord that no man can close. Doors that will bring peace, love, good will and joy to the hearts of Your people. Be merciful unto us and bless us in Jesus name I pray, amen and amen.

    • Well the bosses at Social Security done prayed and CRECKETS from upstairs for over 10 years now. Maybe along with prayer we can get some action? You will be praying 10 ore years without ACTION


    • Ivermectin works, is safe and is cheap. That’s why they use it all over the world – apart from countries where big pharma has bought the governments.

  11. Tenman,Sidelines,CErmle,Eric the Red,Spliff and the Gastonites Gang.What are you guys doing to help those Pensioners? All of you guys are Gaston’s Insiders.

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