Man says he purchased faulty, incomplete home from government’s housing site in Paynters


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    • Did UPP build homes for ppl to own? with all the great plans they had when in power what have they done for this country? why is it now he is saying he got a faulty home? Did he not see what was going on when they were building? I know ppl that got homes in Paynters and other areas and they don’t have that problem. Why is this guy the only one I am hearing about having such a problems? I really want to see what happens when UPP get in Power i know some ppl will run left Antigua once they get in office… what drama going to take place in this place.

      • @IRRATE
        This is the only guy you hearing about because everyone else is afraid to talk about it.
        AND STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, what a shame.

      • Another damn ABLP fool not addressing the issue(s) at hand, the house owner is talking about the problems with his half finished and dangerous building (an electrical point next to the shower head. Wow!), but what does @ Irrate comment on that has absolutely nothing to do with the UPP – he twists the narrative and blames them. Clown.

        @ Irrate, also mentions that people will leave Antigua if UPP get into power – LET THEM LEAVE!!!

        I’m patriotic, and I will never forsake my BELOVED Antigua & Barbuda for another. I’ll stay to make things better … THAT’S WHAT PATRIOTS DO BOSS!

        • BRIXTONIAN SUCK UP TO HAROLD LOVELL. BRIXTONIAN I have some smelling salts to give you because after polls are counted , BRIXTONIAN, HAROLD LOVELL and the UPP CANDIDATES WILL need the smelling salts. Also AMBULANCES on STAND BY.

          BRIXTONIAN , check out the following results.

          2023 ELECTION RESULTS

          ABLP. WIN ALL. 17 SEATS



          BPM. ZER0 SEAT



          BRIXTONIAN and Miss KNIGHT from Observer radio must find a job . No.more kissing HAROLD LOVELL AR”””””SE.

          2023 Elect

          • Dear ERIC (THE RED),

            I hope all is well with you (but I do worry about your mental wellbeing at times).

            I’m curious to find out if you know how to respond coherently when anyone has an opposing viewpoint than yourself?

            As a wordplay SPECIALIST, I thoroughly enjoyed testing/or taunting the ABLP acolytes on a regular basis, just to see if they take Brixtonian’s bait to see if they can respond in a SENSIBLE, REASONED and RATIONAL manner – SADLY I’M STILL WAITING … 😂

            Enjoy your defeat on the 18th of January!


            The one and only Brixtonian

        • I don’t believe that’s a shower/bathroom. I paused the video at 1:03 and there is a breaker panel on the right wall behind of the gentlemen, looks like the standard General Electric brand. The plumbing appears to be the standard 1/2″ PVC supply with allowance for a hot/cold water supply adjacent the capped pipe. I also paused the video at the 1:08 mark and that is definitely a GFCI outlet, water and electricity can be installed within the same wall with the recommended spacing as per code for bathroom outlets. I may be wrong but that appears to be a laundry room. Installing a breaker panel in a shower? Someone should be at HMP 1735 or someone is not being completely honest.

          Additionally, a percolation test has to be conducted prior to any building being constructed as per the local DCA guidelines and it is always recommended for a first-time homeowner to conduct routine inspections during each phase of construction from foundation to roof especially for a turnkey project. The onus is on the homeowner to query any and all substandard work observed during construction, then again this is Antigua where anything goes, and Building and Safety Codes are not observed, workmen still wear flip flops while jackhammering concrete walls here.

      • You have noooooo idea what you’re speaking of. Only one house in Paynters I was told by residence that don’t have any problems. Ask them at National Housing. Prices increased but still same rubbish with talk about budget home so homeowners basically have to accept what they get but fails to consider the fact that people are stuck with mortgages for 25/30 years. Imagine moving into your brand new home and having to deal with all sorts of arising contractual problem to either hear those in management say, it’s now the homeowners problem or it was before they (certain individuals)came on board so they are not responsible. Ask they people how long they are on waiting list for repairs. Nothing the man said was lie!!!

  1. yeah yeah he must be the one who called in on Miss Knight show about the position of the soakway lol lol lol. UPP really desperate and scratching at feathers. I wonder if the BANK approved his loan WITHOUT SENDING THEIR EXPERT to inspect his home?

  2. Just sell the land at a reasonable price we will build our own homes Gaston don’t care about poor Antiguans he just want fu sell out the country

  3. What is wrong with that Government Entity known as National Housing? I have heard too many untoward stories about that Establishment. Where persons have gotten Mortgages from Banks and paying for uncompleted houses. Maria Browne,as Minister of Housing and Lands. What the hell is going on in your Ministry? I heard Gaston Browne saying that National Housing did build homes cost $600,000 and the owners only paid $300,000 for those homes. I have that recording of him saying so on Pointe FM with the woman beater,C.O. Then the Junior Minister of Finance did say,National Housing wasting taxpayers money.My question to all of you ALP MINIONS.IS NATIONAL HOUSING A CESSPOOL FOR CORRUPTION AND LAUNDERING OF DIRTY MONIES?

    • You wanna Bet he’s not willing to sell yhat house for what he bought it for?
      If he willing to sell I’m willing to buy it as is..
      Just post your number here and I’ll check this article daily for an ad ir number

  4. It is well documented that the panthers project houses are all crappy. The possibility that a few MIGHT have been built properly, but MANY of the homeowners are still scrambling to fixup, repair, renovate and refurbish ALOT of the buildings. I’m no political advocate for any party, but MANY of my friends purchased these house on a whim and are now regretting HEAVILY thier choice.

  5. We all need a place to call home,why is it that politics as to come before the real issues those home owners facing. People need to realise that we only have each other, We all need to get behind these entities let them fix these problems don’t wait and try to blame politicians for errors make to these homes,Gaston ate another mp didn’t come personally to check on the work men’s we the ppl as to needs to stand up for each other.

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