Man Shaken Up After Being Robbed While On Date


A man on a date at Ffryes Beach was the victim of a robbery where thieves took his car and money as well as his clothing.

The robbery took place on Friday night, January 3 and it is believed that the man was set-up by persons who are known to the young woman in his company.

The Clare Hall resident was robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash after which the perpetrators allegedly forced him to strip naked before they took off in his car.

The vehicle was reportedly found by the Police on Saturday in Parham.


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    This is ‘…one robbery victim’ who appeared to have been ‘…Hard of Hearing or Hard of Learning.’

    Why at that desolate place at night?

    Can you figure out why Ten?

    Aah! ‘…Catching sea crabs or fishing or swimming. ‘

    Not sure of the rendezvous, but a ‘…Guest House or a Hotel’ is much ‘…safer for parking and everything else.’

    • we live in a country where we should feel safe no matter where we go or what we do. Blaming the victim is counter-productive. Not far from that location, wasn’t a couple robbed and assassinated in a hotel/guest room?????

      • MR STRUPTZ

        Not a man or woman stops you from ‘…feeling how you want to feel,’ or …Go where you want to go, or …Do what you want to do.’

        Know also that the Mighty Sparrow sang;
        ‘…A man like to feel what he wants to feel.’

        If that is his ego, that is really no big deal.

        But the world-renowned social commentator also sang;

        ‘…Let the damn fool feel how he wants to feel’ [You Tube: Man Like To Feel].

  2. @RAWLSTON POMPEY…Who would NOT learn will feel. What the Hell is this doing at at nights ?????

    Pay for a hotel and You would have your clothes and cash. By the way how this Guy get home without clothes ?

    • How he get home is a good
      It’s high time they stop being cheap and take the females on a real date had he done that he would not have lost as much as he did trying to be cheap

    • MR. C

      Not the ‘foggiest’ of idea.

      Do know that is not the ‘foggiest’ of places to be after sunset.

      Also know that if it was anything to do with ‘…pleasure of the senses,’ one has to be careful.

      Remember the Mighty Sparrow sang that he was ‘…making love one day with a girl they call Mae-Mae’ somewhere at Claxton Bay’ (Trinidad and Tobago).

      Something happened to him though.

      Whatever he may have been doing, according to the Mighty Sparrow, ‘…Sand flies bite me down dey.’

      The victim here was very unlucky.

      He reportedly went to ‘…Ffryes Bay,’ and whatever he may have been doing or did not get to do, ‘…robbers robbed him down dey.’

  3. Awwwwww how romantic…….she said. A date on the beach under the starry sky. Chilvary is NOT dead.

  4. We are having too many people getting robbed at beaches yet still police can not find them…. I honestly believe that the police should setup these guys make it seem like it’s just normal ppl on the beach and lock them up…. this is going on for way too long now..

  5. Don’t be so hard on the young man! There is a restaurant down at fryers beach (dennis) it’s a learning experience for him being in the position! Some people seem to don’t believe somethings can happen to them, they believe they are the untouchables! Just remember even cops have been robbed

  6. Same thing I was thinking! There are so many robberies going on now a days and everyone should know that the beach is barely safe in the day especially if no one is around never mind AT NIGHT! On a date? hmm! sounds he was hoping for some hanky panky with a spanky!

    The girl should have known better as well. Maybe he wanted to save his money?

  7. Are u a talk like the them right fu take the man things them a free country we live in u suppose to can go any way u feel like at any time fuckry them do the man n r u a talk shit

      • First of all..No one is saying or said that They the criminals are right in taking their stuff so I don’t know where you going with that

        Second of all You should be able to go any where you want but we all know that is not the reality of things. Donkey years now they robbing people on the beaches..not just money but cars etc. Rape and all goes on in these spots . The fact of the matter is much as we would like to think otherwise..Nowhere is safe no more..not even your HOME..They poison your dogs, come in and steal, rape, kill you.

        Since I was little ..a girl and a guy went some beach and guess what..they raped the man… It comes down to taking caution…This have gone from bad to worse since then. Until the police get up and patrol the areas enough that I feel safe like/as I ..everyone should..I am proceeding with Extreme caution

        How many times you hear this stuff on social Media, on Tv .. on the radio? When I go out, you think i don’t know to try reduce the risk I face and try to stay in lighted areas as much as possible? To be mindful of the area and who are on the streets/area?

        Again no one said or alleged that the man deserved to get robbed and btw Cant you get across your point without the use of Bad Words?


          Whether or not ‘…Mission was Completed,’ do know that ‘…no man’ wants to be ‘…Stripped Naked’ and then ‘…Left Stranded.’

          Don’t worry ‘…Mr. OBDS.’

          Know that won’t happen to you and most commenters.

          • Thanks @Mr Pompey, at least you understand me . Btw I’m a Ms instead of Mr 🙂 Always love your postings..Keep them up!!!

  8. @Known Victim…. You’re ides is a good one but it only happens in the movies and civilized countries.
    What… police remember them to afraid like some of us.

  9. Well well some people never learn…..I am do tired and fed up . …. ..I think the people should stake out someone and catch the robbers and theif smh

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