Man fined $7,000 for marrying an Antiguan while already having a wife in Trinidad


REAL NEWS: A man who committed an act of bigamy – being married to two women at the same time – was recently sentenced and fined for the offence.

Michael Junior Wong appeared before High Court Justice Ann Marie Smith, on January 27, on a charge of bigamy to which he pleaded guilty.

The Judge imposed a fine of $7,000, to be paid on or before April 28. If Wong fails to pay the sum, he will be imprisoned for one year.

Wong, who was married to a woman in Trinidad, is reported to have moved to Antigua and married another woman whom he had dated for less than a month.

Allegations are that while he was dating the local woman he told her that he had been divorced.  However, when she requested proof of his claim, he alleged that it had been stolen, along with other documents.

Further, he is alleged to have told her that a law firm had authenticated the divorce proceedings; however, he was unable to get an appointment with the lawyer before the wedding, which took place in July 2018.

The Antiguan wife reportedly made further attempts to get verification of Wong’s divorce – even asking his father, who allegedly told her there was no record of a divorce in his son’s name.

When confronted, Wong reportedly told his new wife that he might have gotten falsified documents, and he agreed to take the necessary steps to get a divorce from his first wife.

He also promised to have the second marriage annulled and then remarry the Antiguan woman.

However, when his wife in Trinidad discovered that he was committing bigamy, that plan was thwarted; and, in early 2020, he reportedly moved out of the home he shared with the second wife to live in a shop the two co-owned.

The woman later went to the business and discovered that the locks had been changed.  Subsequently, she decided to report to the Police that Wong had two wives.

Investigations were launched and the Police later arrested and charged Wong for committing the offence.

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  1. The court decriminalizes gay marriages yet convicts a man for having two wives, what moral standard are been applied?

  2. We don’t need any more wongs. Too many foreigners in the country. And he needs jail time and then immediate deportation.

  3. We should end this western white, one wife nonsense and adopt our African tradition, allowing more than one wife. Then there would not be any need for bigamy or cheating. Lol.

    • True, in some African cultural practices, polygamy is practiced. The same is true with respect to polyandry where a woman can marry more than one man. Let’s not be selfish! Let’s ALL be happy!

    • Multiple marriages involving the same person is confusing especially when determining rights to assets held. One wife is better in a capitalist society. In a socialist society many wives are fine. In some societies it makes no sense to even get married as people just do what they want on any given day.

      The people must determine what type of society they want to live in and do so accordingly. As a young man I would have had many ‘wives’. Now I’m in my golden years I am only interested in one wife as I’m much wiser now.

  4. Editor, see why you need bring back Dear Kate? She could’ve thwarted this whole mess with her nice advice.

  5. He obviously found who to pay
    Coz I got married to an Antiguan just a few months after this guy, and I had all sorts of problems getting the marriage license. Cost me big time and didn’t get it till 12 hours before the wedding.

    Probably would have been much cheaper to slip someone a few hundred to get it

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