Man Ordered To Pay $300 To His Brother’s Girlfriend After Beating Her With A Stick


Elexta Francis, 22-year-old, has been ordered to pay his brother’s girlfriend $300 or spend a month in jail for the charge of battery.

Francis had pleaded guilty to offences of beating his brother’s girlfriend and being armed with an offensive weapon on June 2.

On that day, an argument ensued between him and the complainant and he armed himself with a stick which he used to hit her.

Defence lawyer Lawrence Daniels explained that there was a disagreement between Francis’ mom and the complainant, resulting in the fight.

He was also fined $200 for the weapon. If he fails to pay, he will spend another month behind bars. The father-of-one has until August 19 to pay the fines in full.

Meanwhile, Francis is set to appear before the court in November for several charges relating to offences which he allegedly committed at the Antigua State College (ASC).

Francis pleaded not guilty to causing malicious damage to a glass window, breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, and causing damage to a metal door at the tertiary institution.

He was therefore set to go on trial before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in St John’s Magistrate’s Court on November 12.

It is believed that Francis committed the offences on May 17.

Francis was also charged with stealing $15,000 worth of electrical wire belonging to the government.

However, since that is an indictable offence, it will be addressed separately at a committal hearing.



    • If y’all have nothing to contribute, just “hush up”.
      Lawrence Daniel is a defense attorney, his job is to defend persons accused of breaking the LAW… chups

  1. That young man seems to be a bad egg.Sometimes you would get one in a dozen.Just hoping he turns his life around as he matures.Or else he could become a repeater at 1735.That would be a wasteful life.

  2. So now in Antigua you can beat up your brothers girlfriend and only have to pay $300 dollars. It should be at least $30,000.00 plus jail time.

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