Man Nearly Dies After Attack Over Mangoes


One man was seriously injured and another faces serious charges in the aftermath of a fight reportedly over mangoes on Wednesday.

Reports indicted 30-year-old Karim Samuel needs O-type blood after sustaining several injuries about his body during an alleged altercation with Cortwright DeSilva in Bolans.

A video circulated on social media showed Samuel covered in blood as several woman tried to assist him after the fight.

DeSilva, who turned himself over police hours after the alleged incident, could possibly be charged with serious wounding offences including attempted murder.

The incident followed another altercation, days earlier, in Jennings that left two men injured.

Police PRO Frankie Thomas was quoted on state media saying, “the police will continue to advocate and appeal for conflict resolution programs to be introduced on all levels within society including schools, other learning institutions and communities, in order to see a reduction in this violent criminal behavior”.

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  1. This is NOT about mangoes. This is about lack of respect and conflict resolution skills. “Do unto others….”

    “Love your neighbour as yourself…”

    “As much as lieth within you, leave peaceably with all men…”

    Let us try to set good examples for our youth. Monkey see. Monkey do.

  2. Tarl man! Dem manz min a fight over mangoes????

    Nah man dem min haffu dey a fight over Mackerel before she airline min land ya cause Tian say “people man sweet” so dem min a fight fu see which one a dem woulda get she fuss before dem get name call “hey fishy fishy fishy fishy from round south man dem”

  3. This isnt about RESPECT or positive conflict resolution IT IS about how now in ANTIGUA getting convicted for MURDER OR MANSLAUGHTER gets you little to NO
    Jail time ….these young illiterates dnt care about LIFE AND RESPECT OF ANY PERSONS LIFE ….ITS ABOUT SHOW OF HOW BAD I Isssssss



  4. How this could be when mango fuh bang darg out dey!!! Check Sarah you get whole 15 fuh five dalla!

  5. These two has to be sick…fight over mangoes. Man come on a life just mangoes. Jesus help us here in Antigua and Barbuda.

  6. These two has to be sick…fight over mangoes. Man come on a life just mangoes. Help us Lord Jesus here in Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. This is bullshit ‘ first is the vehicles killijg now a chop up . Wtff !!! Aru need fu come better than that. Even if it reach to fighting fight with aru bare fcking hands aru want use fcking weapon . Aru need fu rotten inna fcking jail .

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