Man jailed two years for sex with minor


A man was sentenced to two years imprisonment after he admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old in 2017.


Dave Williams was 35-years-old when he was literally caught with his pants down in the back of a vehicle with the child.


The court heard, the victim was the best friend of Williams’ daughter who was also a teenager.


On the night of the incident, Williams took both girls to get pizza and when his daughter went in the shop to buy the food he drove to a by-road near Fort James beach where he had sex with the complainant using a condom.


He was caught by a police officer who became suspicious after seeing the parked vehicle shaking vigorously.


When she was asked about her age, the complainant told the officer she was 14-years-old.


At this point, Williams, who later confessed he knew her all her life, reportedly shouted, “you told me you were 17”.


The judge chided the convict whom he said failed in his responsibility to act as a parental figure.


Williams who was described by his lawyer as a good man who worked hard for his children was a first time offender who expressed remorse for the offence.


The complainant reportedly said the incident had no lasting impact on her.

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  1. 2 years!!!!! Really and big 35 yesr old man having sex with a 13 year old CHILD and gets only 2 years!!!!! Well Lard wonder what will be the Birtish Cop sentence, “a handshake saying things for coming to Antigua!!” I really hope when the ammend the sexual offences act there will be harsher sentences…in a mean while I’ll SMDH

  2. This na make no kind of sense if he knew the girl all his life it basically means that he watched the child grow up so how u not going. To know how old. The child is?

  3. wow 2 years really why 2 years . if he no her all his life he should no her age. why is he even having sex with his daughter friend. jail he for life. i can bet if someine did thst to his daughter he would be upset about it smdfh put 50 more year pan the 2

    • Read the last sentence of the article and let that sink in for a minute.

      She needs help.

      • She definitely needs help,and the laws also need to be changed to give these filthy Men harsher sentences when they are caught with minors..Even the minor was a willing participant,you have broken the laws,since the law stipulates that a minor cannot give consent. The young lady needs to be interviewed by some sort of professional -a counselor, sociologist or Psychotherapist ,she may be a young woman who has been molested by adult male relatives in her life.To be caught with an adult red handed at that tender age and claims it has no impact on you ,sounds like a very troubled soul..

  4. I hope my comment will not be misunderstood.

    Not long ago the age of consent in Antigua and Barbuda was 12 years old.

    The age was increased to16.

    What is it that makes a 16 year old mature enough to have sex? I will tell you 16 men in parliament.

    So why isn’t the age of consent 18 or 21?

    People seem to get emotional based on laws that does not have any credible authority.

  5. Once again I am totally alarmed and disappointed at these sentencing guidelines. What in the world is happening here. Almost a license to go with underage girls. I am calling on all parents to let their voices be heard and show their disappointment at this continued slap on the wrist for these pedophiles. Something is obviously wrong here…

  6. Pity that it wasn’t a fake condom, the lasting effect would be a baby or worse.
    Both of them need to go to 1735! Car shaking my arse. Dam cheapness and retardedness.

  7. The 2 year sentence is just. The girl did not complain and we do not know her role in this. The man has social ramifications far beyond 2 years in jail. Peanut gallery go home.

    • Justified because the child did not complain and her role in this?
      Shes just a child who has been groomed and predated upon by an adult male.

      I guess you’d dismiss a rape during carnival since the girl was wearing a revealing costume, so obviously wanted it.

    • She is a minor and cannot give consent- she can and should be dealt with in a different setting-in the mean time the Pedophiles need to be put away for a long long time.These light sentences for these despicable acts make us appear as a very Crude and animalistic society ..

  8. With all these light sentencing for men that are having sex with under age girls, I would never allow a man to face a judge for having sex with my under age daughter, I personally think that these judges are allowing this situation to get out of control and is now forcing the parents to take the law into their own hands

  9. It’s hard for society to understand this either way all around is wrong but when is it ever going to become right in everyone eyes no matter what everyone won’t be right she is ok with it she can’t make that decision on her own he is wrong he should have known better but she says it’s ok people deal with it life goes on it’s never going to be right no matter what someone or society will have things to say

  10. Thats why I stay single don’t want these perves around my kids. What can u possibly see in a Lil 13 year old much less 17? If I was your daughters mother I’d make sure visitations with you were supervised since that kid could be your daughter. Two years is just ridiculous. Them dudes in 1735 need to shake u up vigorously and let u see how it feels

        • @Smdh are you implying that you have a formula for producing kids without a partner?

          Please share the virgin Mary mystery will be solved.

          Smdh “Thats why I stay single don’t want these perves around my kids”.

          Which came first kids or single?

  11. What is 2 years is better they did not give him none . I cant believe this is the type of rule that pass .look people soon put the law in their own hands. Rubbish


    A sentence that has not only ‘…Outraged Public conscience,’ but also raised serious concerns over the ‘…integrity of the the judicial system; …the judgment of its judicial officers; and more particularly, the Court that Chief Justice Dame Pereira has asserted to be the ‘…Bastion of Hope.’

    There is no hope for the innocent female victims, susceptible to the influences of deception and sexual exploitation.
    This punishment appears way worse than the behavior of a man who would have ‘…smoked more than two pounds of dope.’

    Mind you, Judges do not smoke dope. However, the view of society is this, ‘…If a Judge cannot cope,’ then he/she should consider taking ‘…an eternal swing on a piece of ganja rope.’

  13. Any adult having sex with a 13 year old child must be mentally challenged. Prison justice in 1735 will handle this guy. Good luck.

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