Man Jailed For Beating Stepson In Viral Video


A man accused of severely beating his stepson was remanded to prison Friday.

Karim Christian’s pleas for compassion could not convince Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel to grant him bail for the offence.

Police charged Christian with battery after alleging he used a piece of wood to beat the 16-year-old boy.

The February 11 incident was reportedly captured on cellphone video, which went viral on social media.

Prosecutors opposed bail and argued the beating against the juvenile was quite alarming.

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  1. I can’t wait for the outcome of this, the mother too is supposed to get lockup. I have no potty for u dude. Poor child

  2. well thank God that the authorities are doing something about this. He needs to learn the difference between discipline and abuse!

  3. I am getting mix feelings, one in which i think if it was my son I would kill this man. Then I think this is exactly how more than 90% of Antigua’s beat their child. I was beaten that same way in Antigua on more than one occasion.

    So, this is the norm, he was trying to make him put his hand on the tree to give him a whopping. However, the instrument used is an inherently dangerous weapon in an inherent dangerous manner, so not because it is the norm, the action and the tool, this is unreasonable force and abuse.

    Base on the situation there is a criminal violation here but not sufficient to deny bail (if the magistrate had the authority to grant bail).

    I also want to know what did this child, he is 16, did. As this would material as a total defense or to mitigate. I want everyone on here, to comment me too, if you got a similar spanking or wopping.

    • I do not know if its the norm today to beat someone in that manner. It was never okay before,but guess our people knew no better,this could be one of the reasons for some of our people to be soo crude and aggressive and even violent,because they grew up thinking that a good battering is the answer to all things. And No i was never beaten, discipline and beating are two very different things,except for a little spanking with a strap which was a very rear occurrence-and certainly not at 16years old.. The only thing that can be achieved from beating a 16yr old is to Embarrass and to break that child Emotionally ,no one should have to beat a 16 year old and worse yet in that manner.. This particular young man must be a good Child because i do not know of any 16 yr old in this day and age who would stand by and allow a stepfather to do that to him.. It is rumored he was sent home from School for bullying,well guess what i think that’s his way of acting out from the obvious abuse he is accustomed to at home.. The mother should be charged also..I still do not understand though why he was denied Bail..

    • Whosoever u r. I’m an Antiguan and I applaud u for coming out to say this but I was born m raised here got the same beating as u see here. Now I’m a mother of three and I refuse to best my children I’m that manner. I always told myself I hot enough for me and my grandkids so I’m not doing this to my children. We as parents need to learn that it’s a cycle. A generation curse. My father did it and that’s how I’m gonna do it. We need to break that cycle or else or children are gonna do the same and what we might have gotten away with in our time they might pay for in theirs.
      Please ppl we need to look into our own behavior and see where we r going wrong.
      Just saying

  4. NO compassion for this kind of stupidness. Lock ’em up! The boys at 1735 will know what to do with him. No sympathy for child abusers there. Massa day done, finish.

  5. Whatever he was punishing him for, I hope he had regretted and learned what he has done to made his stepfather beaten him this way. The stepfather punishment maybe seem hash to some but back in sixties and seventies my father would punished my siblings and I with his belt while my mother would beaten us with whatever she had in her hands back then. We all grown up to be respectable children. We never got in trouble with the law up to this day…now we are in our fifties and sixties.

    • @Well Well- Not justified at all.. We need to change that mind set that you can change someone into what you want them to be by battering them..Some people claim that they got their beatings and turned out well,maybe they did,no trouble with the law etc etc but how about their relationship with others,especially their spouses,some are abusers themselves.. It has been scientifically proven that most abusers were also abused as Children,we called it discipline,it was abuse,a piece of 2×4 wood can do some serious damage.Sorry that’s just my opinion..

    • Since when no on knows when it was reported he got suspended for “bullying”. Even IF that was so, this ASS WIPE took it to the extreme. People need to know EXACTLY who they bring around their kids because THIS RIGHT HERE IS UNACCEPTABLE. The human that gave birth to him (i refuse to call her a mother) should be held accountable in this injustice as well, NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH I would stand or sit and allow that to happen to any body’s child let alone mine.

      • If the child was bullying another child then we know where he got it from. He was mimicking the behavior he saw at home. Unfortunately, the stepfather doesnt onow any better. Now this young man believes voilence, not discipline is the way to go.

      • Who knows, it could be the mother is being abused too, and is living in fear herself. That step “father”, so-called, needs to have the 1735 wake-up call. He needs to head for the altar at the local church in true repentance. Where did all of the violence come from? He must have been abused himself.

    • I am the Lil boys aunt and I no exactly what happened cuz I took the time out and went to the school……. if it was ur child am just wondering if u would b speaking the same way….. suppose with all that blow that he got, he would’ve dropped down and died????? Tell me!!!! Some ppl #smhhh

  6. This brings tears to my eyes, this man has no feeling for this kid . Do hope he gets the full brunt of the law.

  7. Some years ago we had a grand mother who beat her grand daughter to death with a piece of wood as well. She is now in 1735 I believe.
    I guess Social Transformation should carefully look into these matter and do some public education as to how to discipline children. What is acceptable and what not.

  8. Really think the Stepdad care bout the child ?
    Most men na care bout women pickney.
    The mother should be the one disciplining *Her* child.
    I understand getting disciplined but with a 2×4 ?

  9. Its not his kid so he dont care! They need to tie him to a tree and beat the crap out of him. I dont care what the you boy did, this is not discipline. This is a grown man taking his frustration and anger out on a child. This is not the rod of correction, this is abuse! The 2 x 4 wood was sooo heavy the big strong man struggle to swing it. The sound it made when it hit the little boy was like a plank dropping. I usually empathize with people but this man made it hard. I want several rounds with him, just me and him so I can show him something. This one hurt me. The kid was defenseless and he was not disciplining him, he was abusing another man child.

    • Actually, he was ASSULTING the child, and needs some serious time in 1735 to set an example of what happens to people who abuse and assult children.

  10. Jail his ass. I wanna see the man that could hit mey kids like that cuz I’m gonna be the one going to jail. Where is the mother? You are the one that carry that boy for 9 months. Wat r u doing about this? They should jail u too if u let this mam get away.

  11. The man crazy.
    An the mother is a pure dounce for watching him abuse her child like that .
    If that was my child the to of us would have 2×4 cause he would have to go through me to get my child .
    They are other ways of handling these types of situation.

    • The mother might be living in fear of that wild man. God only knows how much abuse she’s had to put with herself.

  12. First ,you have to understand, how the man doing the beating was brought up. The way in which he was disciplined and also who was doing the disciplining. This primitive way of life has got to stop. I commend the authorities for remanding this young man . This I think is a step in the right direction.

  13. So this is an example of an attempt at disciplining a child that is controversial. My impression of the teen is that he is just that: a typical teenage boy with bullying issues.(I mean which one of us never did a lil bullying ourselves during our younger years. Be honest!!)
    My impression of the Antiguan stepdad is that he just that: a typical Antiguan parent trying to discipline his child in a typical Antiguan way.
    The only problem I see here is what is used as the rod. I would use ( and have used) a leather belt. And I would have applied no more than 3 or 4 solid lashes on his 16 year old bottom. And before I give him the lashes we would have a calm firm talk about what happened that has led to him deserving the rod of correction. And I would not have laid the strap on his behind until we both have agreed that he deserved it. And after I drop the lashes in he tail I would have looked for every opportunity to praise him for the good boy he is . I would take him to his favourite hang out or spend my last dollar to make him feel loved and cared for and be sincere about it. Finally I would pray ever after that he’s able to look back on the incident and laugh about it and thank me for caring about him.
    That’s how my mom disciplined me and I think it worked. That’s how I’ve disciplined by three boys (in the 20s now) and did it work? Ask them. What gives me immense satisfaction is when they put their arms around me and say you know old man, you’ve the best dad in the whole world.

    • Amazed, I am touched.
      Mothers who chose to keep children away from fathers out of spite or selfishness are oft time hurting their children. The times when fathers are not in the picture should really only be when it cannot be helped (death) or when its warranted (maximum security).
      1735 has boys who are now men who needed a positive person to tell/show them ‘I care’ while expecting nothing in return …. long & short boys need fathers. Not every man who has a child is a father and vice versa. Everyone has a story (not an excuse) and every story may sound the same but it isn’t.

  14. I remember my brother being tied to a tree and beaten to the pulp with a bull bud and the entire neighborhood watched. After he left home guess who started getting the blows. Well, that only made us resent our dad. And both of us ended up in a home and my brother ended up prison. Not because we were bad but because we were afraid of the person we were supposed to look up to. So instead of going home to blows we would run away. And we all know that being on the streets with no where to lay your head or food to eat only makes you do something bad to get by. Now I have a child of my own and there are times when she gets a little spanking. But I refuse to beat my child the way my dad did my brother and myself. These type of punishment only puts fear and resentment in a child.

    With that said, do I think my father should have been jailed? At that time yes. But now, I love my dad and forgive him because he was probably a victim to his guardian growing up.
    It is time for this type of slavery days type of corporal punishment to be abolished. We do not need our children growing up with fear. Beat your child if you must but dont abuse them. Because this is abuse.

    When I saw this video I could not believe a mother would sit by and allow her man to beat her child this way. Both of them need to be punished. But is jail time really necessary? Maybe to send a statement to the others that beat their children like this.
    It is wrong and even worse when it is not your child.

    • I totally agree with what u said. Growing up in the 80’s I would get constant as whooping from my grandma. Electrical wires, broom tick, garden hose (the stiff good one) and even piece a plank with nail in dey. And these whooping were for simple things like not keeping still in church or not saying morning to someone in the village. I’m not condoning the lickings caused I too hated them and my grandma but that is how she believed in raising us. As I got older I begun to understand that behind every locking was love. Not condoning what happened to the young man but I can understand the stepfather behavior. We can only do better when we know better. Until then….

    • Thank you for sharing.
      The authorities are listening.
      Forgiveness is hard, Fear is harder, everything.

  15. How would he feel if whenever he does wrong things someone bang him with a bigger wood. I am sure he does wrong things.All he is doing is creating a new criminal. If this child gets kids later, and folllows this pattern, the criminal factory will continue.This child needs counseling.Thanks to the person who videoed it. God is good.

  16. A lot of people in antigua get disciplined that way right here in antigua can’t say that I support that being done by a (stepdad) tho.. it’s harsh yes but better that than jail.

  17. Wicked no f###… plenty jail for this idiot.. stepfathers need to know their place with other men children.. I’m so disgust by this video…

  18. the beatings I endure as a child growing up in Antigua was just as severe. I am still scared emotionally from these beatings. Come on, the abuse has to stop. I felt every hit as I watched this video. I’m so sorry he had to endure this.

  19. Well as for me as a mother I will never allow any step father lay a hand on my child. Hell no. A woman and I had this same conversation the other day. She was well vex with me because I said I would never allow any step father to hit my child. She talking about if he is feeding the child he can beat the child. Really? Hell no. Too many women just sit back and watch their men abuse their children because he spending money in the house. And some of the men abuse mother and children so the mother can’t even stand up for her children because she is afraid of the man. STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

    • We have alot of psychologist but very few legal experts. Mr. Pompey, somebody have a question for you….

    • @Well Well -are you an abuser yourself? You need to stop those backwards talking.Do you really think beating someone with a piece of plank is going to make them better?think again..And do you think that the scripture you are quoting,which BTW ,mentioned a Rod of correction,i am pretty sure it never meant a piece of 2×4.. What happen to a strap? Furthermore i say again,a 16year old is too grown to be receiving Corporal punishment,you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Another form of punishment should be used to discipline those ages,its embarrassing to a teenager to be using corporal punishment to correct them.. Nonsense in my view.

  20. The phone lines are blowing up on this one.
    My contribution on abuse: Abuse is rampant, even today. It is a cycle. Abuse can also be mental. Most times the physical abuse leads to mental distress and the mental abuse leads to physical distress.
    Based on hearsay, if the child was BULLYing another, this too is abuse.
    The cycle can only be broken when we devise a way to handle situations when cooler heads prevail. Easier said than done but doable.
    In Antigua, what we need are more counsellors or better utilization of the counsellors that we do have.
    Mark you, I am making no excuses here but when parents are stressed they may tend to take it out on each other or the children. Children do likewise and some know EXACTLY how to trigger their parents/teachers when they want attention. The latter may be done in a manipulative manner such as deliberately creating ‘drama’. Manipulation allows one to get what he/she wants in a non transparent, roundabout way that many may call ‘mind games’. CHILDREN PRACTICE WHAT THEY SEE.
    In this scenario, EVERYone needs help.
    Let’s try to help….let’s try to BREAK the CYCLE.

  21. Spare the rod and spoil the child. KLATAPAPS Bruk um cross he man. Ana fuh you pickney, he should be glad he have a roof over his head.

  22. I really would love to see the skeletons in your closets. How many abusers, molestors, thieves in your family? What i find with antiguans, we love too much ugly, and it is all hypocrisy. Maybe instead of playing holier than though, you should use it as a cautionary tale and explore your own skeletons before the public find them as well?

  23. First off, if my child’s father is not in his or her life for any reason, I have no interest in having a man around my children. So any man other than my children’s father putting their hands on them is out of the question. I will do the discipline. Secondly, I do agree that this is how discipline has been done in Antigua for the longest time. Does that make it right? Absolutely not! I reckon that folks just don’t know better, so what is needed here is education. They need to start parenting groups and educate people on parenting and discipline. Whom do I blame for this mess? The mother. If she’s experiencing abuse, then get help. It’s out there. You are suppose to protect your children. Problem is that too many of us Caribbean women are still of the.mentality that we should depend on men, therefore we become slaves to them. When we learn to take care of ourselves, we can tell the man to get stepping and our children won’t need to suffer.

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