Suspect In Custody In Connection With Murder Of Customs Employee Margaret Harris


A man in his 20’s is a in Custody In Connection to investigations into the Murder Of Margaret Harris


The police are now questioning a suspect in connection with the murder of 52 year old  Customs employee.


Her body found in bushes along Wireless Road on the morning of October 15.


Harris is said to have sustained multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at 9:38am.


Harris worked at the Customs and Excise Division for well over two decades and her death sent shockwaves of grief and anguish among management and staff.

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  1. What?! A twenty year old youth? Why? Robbery? What could she have done to precipitate this? Can we, as women, not walk our highways and byways without fear anymore? This is troubling on so many levels.
    I hope a resolution to this case comes soonest, if for no other reason to send even more signals that ‘Up with this dastardlyness we will NOT PUT’. May her family and friends take some comfort and heart that answers may soon be forthcoming. RIPP Ms. Harris.

  2. IF this is the killer, and he’s found guilty by the courts, he should die. A life for a life. According to the law he could be (and should be) sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. These killers need to be stopped once and for all. No excuses. Who raised this animal anyway?

  3. Since the details of the fallen has been well ventilated, ANR why not focus the article on the detained?

  4. Glad to know someone is in Custody. Just hoping this is not the very end of this investigation. By the way, why that 4th person was not arrested in the Murder of Nigel Christian? His mother did say 4 men took him away from the home.

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