Man furious he was denied job because ‘I loc my hair,’ while Bramble is allowed to work



Truly funny how this [REDACTED] can be so messy and be involved in many unethical behaviour and still have work, but good people who have master’s degree and apply for work in the Ministry of Education and is rejected because the reason, I loc my hair. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

This country always endorse the devils and disregard people who come back home to make a positive contribution.

When the PS of Ministry of Education  told me  that “my resume and qualifications are exceptional but the only push back is the reason I loc my hair” that is when I know the devil only promote evil people to be around children and provide no positive contribution.

I never applied for money, purpose to just to contribute. Such is life. Lol.



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  1. This gentleman had a Masters Degree and writes like this?
    A Masters Degree in what? English certainly is not his strong suit.

  2. While I don’t support the entire post, the angry, misogynistic, hateful parts, I do understand the frustration and anger associated with losing out on a job opportunity that you’re fully qualified for, the only caveat being how you wear your hair. I personally don’t care what hair styles my children’s teacher wear, as long as they are qualified to teach, enjoy educating children and are safe.

  3. Let me be clear – his style or method of wearing his hair should in no wise be cause for denying him a job. As long as his hair is not unkempt and he presents himself clean and tidy, he should be assessed accordingly. Not to be told that his locs are the reason he is not getting a job

  4. In 2022 people are still being denied opportunities because of hair? What nonsense is this? It’s already a problem in the white academic institution in America but in a black nation you’re discriminating against your own people? Do better!

  5. We’re still in the dark ages. Educated fools from uneducated schools in trust of important positions. Someone please play some Bob Marley for whoever interviewed the dread. Still in these times? 😥😥

  6. But there are teachers with locks.bso the don’t understand why that is the reason for not giving him a job.

  7. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Skin Condition

    I get very bad ingrown hairs so i can’t clean shave no matter what I use to help the situation so i had to get a letter from a dermatologist as proof and my employer which is a certain hotel telling me I can’t work but have employees with dreadlocks and braided hair from Managers, Supervisors and line staff. I’m sure there are many men in Antigua with the same issue.

    Since when is a well kept and maintained beard unprofessional??

    Antigua News room this is discrimination.

  8. This letter is not to be trusted. There are MANY, MANY, MANY people with locks who work in the Ministry of Education and within the schools. Many of them applied while having locks, were appointed with locks, and still have locks. There are people I personally know who have locks and are working in Education.

    My gut feeling is that the letter is more about trying to take a jab at Washington Bramble being employed. It CANNOT be about failing to get a job in Education because of locks; that is a lie of the lowest grade.

    So writer, speak the truth and shame the Devil.

  9. Isn’t it unnatural and disgraceful for men to have long hair? … Doth not even nature itself teach you, that a man indeed, if he nourish his hair, it is a shame …1 Corinthians 11:14

  10. I NOTICED THAT THE writer is expressing how he has been treated by the PS of Education. I believe her behavior is what needs to be looked into. Bramble to has been discriminated and has spoken up about the Ps behaviour. Even if you felt his locks was a problem why would she feel it is appropriate to say that to the young man. The problem is that there is no accountability. People are using their power to control and abuse their seat! I think the time has come for the PS of education to be shuffled. That is what happens when you hire friend and company. THE fact she could utter these sentiments means that the PS is discriminative and that should not be tolerated. Public Service look into this,.stop turning a blind eye. PRIME MINISTER ,how many more complaints do you need to hear.

  11. There has to be some other reason this young man didn’t get the job that he’s not telling us about. . . Firstly, who has masters with his vocabulary? His English is way off. Secondly, I know of teachers with locs, who have gotten accepted with locs so there must be some hidden information he is withholding. If I am incorrect and it is indeed his locs, that is by far the most ridiculous reason to deny someone a job. Come on, big big 2022?!

    • You’re right, there are always two sides to a story.
      I can see someone with locs or otherwise long hair being denied a job around rotating machinery for obvious reasons, otherwise, it’s the message not the messenger thats important.

  12. I believe the government should not allow gay man and woman to be teaching at the school soon the kids will be doing the same thing day are learning at school its not good at all

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