Man Found Dead After Reported Kidnapping – reports


A man has been found dead after he was allegedly kidnapped, media reports say.

His body was found in the New Winthrops area with gunshot wounds.

Earlier today family members put out an urgent appeal for help in finding Nigel Christian.

According to his sister, less than an hour ago, men dressed in military gear assaulted her mother and kidnapped her brother, who is a Customs Officer.

More details to come.



    • You think they’ll bring in the Feds? The family should bring in Scotland Yard. Antigua police dunce NF.

      This is no gangsta thing. This is a corrupt things. We the small people won’t be able to get justice.

      It’s the result of a corrupt runned customs drug ring. He knew the truth.

  1. They need to line up all the military officers (or view their military profile pictures) and have the sister check to see if they’re the among the military ones who kidnaps her brother…that should be the first place to start in solving this case. If she don’t identify her brother kidnappers then look into the public. If the kidnappers didn’t have on any mask, they will be easy for her to identify them. Start to have a stretch drawn of them and put out in the public. Work fast police.

  2. Being a Customs Officer has become a dangerous job since we start hearing of forged signatures, bribes etc. So sorry to hear.

  3. Wow! These guys just make one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. The public outcry will be so severe that not one of them will get away. They all will be hang high for sure. It is easy to catch them, lock up everybody that are under investigation at the customs and hang them high. The world will condoned us for this but the Antiguan public will love it. Enough is enough.

  4. …condolences to the Family, and the Community.
    Pause, for a Moment……..
    .fa Dadli Deadli Connection!
    Another family, and a Community grieve, is bereaved! Will there be a reprieve, from this growing madness, now bearing fruit on our island!
    I know, that Barbuda is not having none of this mess over there.

  5. This is the 2nd customs officer that has been shot and this time killed. I wonder how far up the chain of command this fraud goes. It is apparent there are people in power at the top who are will do anything at any cost to prevent being caught. This activity has never been seen in here in Antigua and it’s not looking good at all. I say bring in outside people to conduct all this, from Scotland Yard to FBI and root out all the criminals involved. Hang them too

  6. Cyah deal with the long drive all the way out to Indian Creek boy. Who wants to bet this will go “unsolved”…..

  7. What’s really going on this Small Place called Antigua and Barbuda. The first Customs officer to be shot was Benjamin, now we have Christian. Most troubling about this matter is that it is believed that they were targeted for execution because they are involved in the fraud investigation at Customs. How long will this Customs fraud investigation continue and why is no one criminally charged as yet? I know the Prime Minister said that he only wants the money involved in the fraud back, but that is not his call to make and he should stop involving himself in the administration of the law. If these shootings are really tied to the Customs fraud investigation, it is a sure sign that this Small Place called Antigua and Barbuda is slowly descending into chaos and anarchy.

    • All the PM cares about is money. People lives are more important than money Mr. PM. The head of Custom need to go but not before Scotland Yard and FBI come and assist in this investigation. We don’t want to lose anymore life over this investigation.

  8. The best thing is to leave the fraud investigation alone. No amount of money is not worth your life. People should be aware of how things work. Don’t be ignorant and think that real life is a TV show where justice prevails..

  9. Wasn’t there a big drug bust a few weeks ago?..a now a custom officer gets kidnapped and murdered what coincidence 🤔

  10. Somebody is trying to shut him up. He knows something someone don’t want him to tell. Antigua get bad/gangsta style

  11. R.I.P Pocoks. You were such a lively person while we were at A’Levels and it was then we realized we were related. God is still on the throne and to the family, continue to ride out the storm because God is there with.

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