Man fined for wearing face mask on his chin


A man said he learned his lesson after he was fined for improperly wearing his face mask.


Jefferson Adams of Liberta appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St. John’s Magistrate Court this week.

The man had been ticketed for failure to wear a face mask in a public place in contravention of the COVID-19 health regulations.


Police said Adams committed the violation on Lower Market Street on October 30.


Adams initially intended to contest the ticket and argued that he had just finished eating and was wearing a mask.


However, when asked to illustrate where his mask was when he was approached by the officer, Adams put the mask on his chin.


The man later admitted he was in the wrong and was fined $200 by the Magistrate.


The public is being reminded that to be in compliance with the law, face masks must cover both nose and mouth.

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  1. I find they are very agressive to move when it comes to mask wearing, like them own your face. The cabinet is not giving the police the go ahead to be agressive with the case of the accused minister?

    • Things a look browne for the victim. Follow the bow tie dem.

      Don’t forget all those involved with Nigel Christian’s kidnapping and murder.

  2. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon wrote there is no scientific evidence that masks are effective against COVID-19 transmission. Pro-science people should care about this.

    As for the scientific support for the use of face mask, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded that, “ None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.” Keep in mind, no studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Any recommendations, therefore, have to be based on studies of influenza virus transmission. And, as you have seen, there is no conclusive evidence of their efficiency in controlling flu virus transmission.

    It is also instructive to know that until recently, the CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind, unless a person was known to be infected, that is, until recently. Non-infected people need not wear a mask. When a person has TB we have them wear a mask, not the entire community of non-infected. The recommendations by the CDC and the WHO are not based on any studies of this virus and have never been used to contain any other virus pandemic or epidemic in history.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote additional things concerning the ‘dangers of mask wearing’ but I chose to not include them in this article because some doctors have “disputed these claims”. [this does not mean he was wrong]

      • Who the h*ll is he? He’s a doctor of neurosurgery and a qualified person to express medical opinions.
        By the way, your’s is also a matter of opinion…. but qualified ? I doubt it.
        I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to express it because you are so entitled.

  3. I strongly believe that its going to come a time you either sit and die fearfully or fight and live for your freedom. I dont believe the mask wearing do any protection like how they are enforce it, it is also a control trial they playing chess with us . It is a shadow for other things they want to implement. The things is some people are so fearful that they cant think logically they become your enemies just by you not wearing a mask walking in the street they are ready to call police on you. When them hungry those same people are not there to call to put food on the table, when bills need to be paid etc. Brother betray brother times we living in. Murders, rapist, theives Not wearing a mask is the biggest criminal offence right now. If we were meant to be controlled we will come with remote, nobody should have authority over your mouth ,or any members of your body. The multitude is fearful right now they reject knowledge and call it foolishness, they will never question a decision. All they say “yes leaders whatever you say is true” we as people need to unite with those who unite with us and battle against the wicked forces in high places. You give away your right when you plead guilty for an act that is not a crime, for a crime to be committed there must be harm, danger or prohibited conduct.

    • I agree with your sentiment on the situation. we’ve become a weak society that has given up all our dignity, independence, critical thinking abilities, and principles founded on strong morals. Now all I see on display in our culture are characteristics of Greed, praises for ignorance, turning against our own family, and friends, along with lack of love and empathy for each other. Yet we judge as though we’re living exemplary lifestyle.

      Time has served us with countless examples of failure, deceit, betrayal, and being taken advantage of by the politicians we elect. Furthermore the politicians have being focused on enriching themselves for decades, which the current administration had stated a few years ago openly in public. But yet still each day I see the adults that should be standing firm against injustices, say nothing, or they debate on which wrong is more suitable to live with. Yet with amazement as I observe they judge and ridicule the youths for our lack of vision. Madness!
      We are approaching the edge of our demise. Everything that is essential for survival is scarce! We import All forms of FOOD, MEDICINE, ENGINEERS, and unsavory characters to raise funds. What would happen if those become inaccessible? Our only source of revenue is Tourism and we see that they’re closing down their borders at the time when we make most of our money with no assistance. An interesting fact: one of the positive about our climate is that covid-19 doesn’t strive well in heat according to their scientists but they locking their people up in the cold where it is more prevalent, The PHD’s and Doctorates at their BEST! We’re not prepared for any form of Warfare. Our Warrior spirit has been tamed.

  4. …and, to #All, a goodmorning! I sure did enjoy todays #Sermons.
    Now, please point me to the #Chicken and #Waffles!

  5. For wearing his mask on his chin?? Meanwhile, in the bars and restaurants near sugar ridge this week they have live karaoke music, all sharing and passing the microphone, they have late night bump and grind with strangers riding each other, arm in arm, hugging and kissing. Music so loud that you must shout in strangers ears to be heard. No masks. No hand washing. No no no social distancing. Call the police? I don’t think so, half the customers were off duty police officers!!

    I don’t mind if people want to have fun, but either it should be ONE RULE FOR ALL, OR NO RULES AT ALL!

  6. The young man from Liberta should have applied for s special dispensation. Once approved, u can ignore the protocols and do as u like.

    …wait, sorry. He local. Dem tings fu foreigners an special guests


  8. This is long coming. To many people playing around with the health of others. And I think the police and whomever in the ministry of health that need to uphold the regulations are doing a lousy job. I mean just about everywhere you see people refuse to wear the mask over their nose. Even at the gas stations the attendants are not wearing masks. And then they approach you at your car window putting you at risk, cause you don’t know who they have served before that had covid. Therefore the police should first of all check all these workers that come in contact with the public and that can easily transmit this from one person to another. I don’t even want them to give me change. So I pay the exact amount.

  9. I really don’t know what agenda is being pushed here. We are not meant to inhail Carbon dioxide. Why are we being forced to do so? So we are trying to escape covid which statistics shows the recovered ratio is 90% positive to suffer from Carbon dioxide poisoning.

  10. One rule for all – Equal enforcement for all please.
    At MBS Nevis St. Pharmacy observed multiple staff arriving to clock-in with either no mask or mask under their noses, including the person with the keys to open office & dispensary access.
    This is MBS! Same place that is playing Public Health PSA on TV.

  11. As a country we like to follow international countries ,i surprise we dont follow the rules they apply to wearing of mask. In your personal space it is not required to have it on but entering a public place, thats when you have it on, not just because someone is walking on the street and dont have the mask covering their nose, the place is hot walking in this heat with a mask covering your nose will be a next problem also, alot of people could start fainting from low oxygen. Let us use discretion not just be hungry for power and lock up/charge people. We allowed special dispensation with the covid worker at APC and no one is accountable, they should be charged. You should not force unnatural things on people and expect no resistance.

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