Man fined for shouting “Police” during covert operation

Members of the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force

A man was fined $1000 dollars on Monday after he admitted he obstructed a police operation last Friday.


Vernon Emmanuel was walking along a street in Ovals when he saw police officers hiding beside a house.


The officers had sent someone to the house to call a wanted man.


The wanted man had reportedly been eluding police for some time and the officers were hoping to apprehend him once he came outside.


Prosecutors said everything was going according to plan until Emmanuel shouted “Police!” and alerted the suspect to the operation.


The suspect then fled the scene, eluding police again.



Emmauel admitted to Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh that he was being mischievous and was told to pay the fine in two weeks or spend six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

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  1. Suppose he has singing a song that has the line Police in it??? They coulda never lock me up fa that…Ya mad….He admit that???Me would stick to I never sew them I was walking and singing a song in my head and coincidentally The Police were nearby doing their work….. cause it’s my word against theirs…But in Antigua the judge will more likely believe the Police story…..Because the Police are angels who would never lie…

      • Soooo it cyah happen???…This is not a communist country where the Police say so it go and that’s that Antigua is a democracy where the citizens have rights…Yes the man know what he did and already admitted so he facing the penalty….But if have in my headphones singing a song that has the word Police in the lyrics while passing by they can’t say I was obstructing….I wasnt payign attention to them….They can say me lie and THE END????? That means the citizen na have no rights?????? If u were in that situation wouldn’t u want the judge to believe the truth over what Police say????

  2. The article stated he admitted he was being mischievous when he shouted “Police”. Like Bill Cosby his own words convicted him. 😂

    • Cosby admit with permission he drugged someone in the past and that was enough for the supremacist to lock him away….Up to now me cyah believe Bill say that….

  3. Antigua police and the law full of fuck and stupid all antigua police man them full of fuck and them love to lie on people and set up people

  4. He already admitt that he was being mischievous but then again the system here in Antigua full a shit.I can talk from experience.Here in Antigua they need a better system when it comes to the laws of this Country and peoples rights.A woman came into my yard to attack me.I called the police and everything.Nothing was been done about it.Made numerous reports nothing was been done.Then if i had killed her the night she attacked after trespassing on my property and after making numerous reports they would have still jailed me for self defence.Its ridiculous here I tell you and especially some of the police officers.They are crooks and do alot of dirty work I can tell you.Only a few policers officers are good.

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