Man fined for beating primary school students


A man was fined $350 in the Magistrate Court after he pleaded guilty to battery on two primary school students.


Thirty-three-year-old Modesto Cedano struck the nine and seven-year-old boys after finding them in an altercation with his son.


The incident occurred around 3:15 pm on January 25 when Cedano had gone to the school to pick up his child.


Prosecutors say Cedano did not respond when a teacher who saw the incident unfold questioned him about his actions.


In court, the defendant’s attorney said the boys, who were beaten by her client, had a long history of bullying the defendant’s son.


The attorney also claimed reports were made to the school but authorities failed to act in a matter to assist the child.


The Magistrate cautioned the defendant to always involve police officers and never take the law in his own hand.


Cedano was ordered to pay the fine forthwith or serve a month at Her Majesty’s Prison.

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    • If your child was repeatly being beaten by a group of boys…. report after report being made to the teachers no one acts on it then you go to the school to pick up your child after having taken him to the hospital a week ago due to a burst head and 3 weeks before that for a tooth the same set of students knock out what would u have do?? I’m not saying his actions were right but u should study facts rather than opinion.

    • He should have thrown their ass over the fence into a Cassi tree. Wotless. Pure replection of the javkdonkeys that raised them.

  1. If you don’t look out for your own “pickeyneargah” then who will…the police and teachers?. Obviously you don’t have “pickeyneargah” of your own. Bullying is a very serious matter that leads many students in America and other parts of the world to commit suicide. Please be considerate and try to first understand the situation before commenting on an issue.

  2. I am not saying the man was right but more has to be done to contra bullying in school. I know of a case where a boy was bullied in Barbados. He would go to a far-out bus station to get away from the bullies. One day they went out of their way to find him. When he tried to run from them he was struck by a bus and died on the spot. His father had made many reports about situation before that incident took his son’s life.
    We all can take the high road now, but I was bullied as a child, and I will do what it takes not to have my any of my children go through that.

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