Man faces jail time for sex with underage teen


Cleofoster John could spend years behind bars for having sex with a 15-year-old girl last year.

John pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse with a female under the age of sixteen.

The crimes were committed in Grays Farm on different days in June of 2019.

Each count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

John, who remains on bail, was told to return to court for sentencing in September.

An offence for “Sexual Intercourse with a female between fourteen and fifteen” is created under Section 6.

6. (1) Where a male person has sexual intercourse with a female person who is not his wife with her consent and who has attained the age of fourteen years but has not yet attained the age

of sixteen years, he is guilty of an offence, and is liable on

conviction to imprisonment for ten years.



  1. Look at this sick pervert… Anyway keep RAPING the young girls in Antigua. You guys will get around 11 months or probation or $2000 fine.. The justice system doesn’t deter RAPE OF A MINOR .

    All they do is tell us what the old, out dated 30 year old law is that makes these old nasty men get off.

    So until that 30 year old laws are changed I guess these men are free to rape our babies ..

    • Lol ik the girl n ik the man as Well
      The girl is a mad woman!!!! I sure if the judge did see the female he/she wouldnt even think about to prison this man… the girl is a really bad girl, she smoke crack n all them things.. Nobody kno the differents between she n a mad woman bcz she totally a mad person from my perspective… nobody in their right mind wouldn’t even think to hv sex with THAT EWW, a plenty man fuck it.. him nuh deserve fi go jail fu tht gyal.. only if he could get some help from the parent or from ppl in the community.. the girl always run way n tbh that girl look like 55, only if y’all could really kno who she be ….SMH

      • If she underage it doesn’t matter how she behaves,No Man has the right to do what they like to. These so called Men are nothing but Predators. They need to stop molesting Girls.
        They should be locked up for a Long Time.

        • Those men who used this girl in any sexual way are all pedophiles and predators who need to be castrated and jailed. No excuses. Would they do this to their own minor daughters? Some are probably sick enough to do so.

      • Maybe she’s mad because of all she’s been through… people cope with things differently! Especially CHILDREN… mad or not she’s under the age of consent and he’s going to jail

      • @Don’t worth it

        You sound like a pervert yourself. It matters not if she’s a mad woman, looks 55 or 100 years old. This “man” took advantage of a girl and he’s pleaded guilty to it so there’s no room to try to downplay his offense. You are a part of the problem with society’s treatment of pedophilia.

      • If this girl has mental issues, she needs help! Not to be continuously RAPED BY MEN AND DISMISSED. If she is underage, there is a reason why such a young soul is behaving this way! PROTECT OUR CHILDREN

  2. You aren’t allowed to post the perpetrators or victims face! Its that way to protect the victims, but then again look you the source is mary john, all well they use to run in the same circle

      • Still waiting on the photo of the Primary School Principal who was found guilty for soliciting his students. The only people that get exposed for rape in Antigua are the ones who can’t afford to pay off the victims.

    • @Really:
      What did Mary John do wrong in this matter.She exposed a rapist in my opinion.Keep up the good works Mary John.Castration should be a part of his sentence in September.Why is he out on bail?

  3. Only village people get lock up for this. If you ah big family name you can drive round with 14 year old and carry them beach and out all over.

    • Watta ting. MARY JOHN needs to do the same for the “untouchables” and not just the pickyhead pervs.

      • A perv is a perv is a perv. Lock ’em all up. Those sick idiots need public humiliation. “Station” in life has NOTHING to do with it.

  4. The law does not seem to be fair…..Why is the man faced with punishment alone…? Both individuals committed the crime… Yes she is a minor, and yes she gave consent which by law she is not to age to do so. The man now will be faced with statutory rape because of her age…. what punishment is she faced with knowing that she cannot give consent & worst case, if she was deceptive of her age?

    • Sorry but that won’t cut it. It is his job to ensure that where he sticks his dick is legit. Typical thirsty man – more concerned about satisfying his “needs” at any cost. The wrongful use of the dick will forever be the downfall of the male species.

    • The onus is on the adult in this situation. Minors can be coerced into these acts without knowing the gravity of the situation.

  5. Get that pervert outta our faces. Who raised that pedophile anyway? He needs to be casterated for sure, and then locked up for the rest of his days. Pedophiles cannot be cured. Just GET OUTTA HERE!

  6. Hmmmm so anr nah post my comnents! Mary John ah one HYPROCRITE she ah pub post bout people but when snybody post bout she wan get bex and go to da same police she lub cuss or sue people

  7. If she underage it doesn’t matter how she behaves,No Man has the right to do what they like to. These so called Men are nothing but onPredators. They need to stop molesting Girls.
    They should be locked up for a Long Time.

  8. Just a reminder that the founding father of this country had dropped the age of consent form 16 to 13 to marry a 13 year old girl in his early thirty days which is lester’s and all his siblings mother facts which you can read in the Caribbean time bomb book about the early days of Antigua. Also these young girls most of the time are the instigators of having sex with older men who can provide for them and if they don’t get what they want that’s when they report the matter then on to the next victim mother’s are also to blame because they as well condone their children to do these things and this has been happening since the mid slavery days up to now so you people who wish bad on these so called perverted men ask your grandmother’s about their young days well it has been passed on from generation to generation these young women don’t like men their age groups so stop blaming the men!

    • Is that what you think about your own daughter and nieces? wow! Shameful and nasty mind you have. No responsibility, no accountability, no self-control?

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