Man Dies, Several Injured In Crash


The male driver of a Honda Fit died early this morning following a traffic accident.

According to reports, the car slammed into a concrete wall on Factory Road shortly after 1 a.m.

Reports are that the man died on the spot.

Four others were also injured in the accident.

(More to come)

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  1. What a pity everyone thinks they have to drive fast to get where they are going on tiny 198 square mile island

  2. It is so sad when someone dies. We as drivers have to realize that automobiles are deadly weapons, when operating these automobiles we should drive with caution, obeying the speed limits and get to where we are going safely, not deadly.


    A particular manner of driving, would most certainly not ‘…Eliminate Undertakers and the Cemetery.’

    Nowadays, it is easier to say ‘…Drive Safely,’ than it is readily done.

    Still, why not ‘…Drive Safely’ to go to some place and to go back home safely?’

    It is plain to see that ‘…so a man drives, so he dies.’

    One shall now sympathize with ‘…bereaved families, loved-ones and friends.’

    Even a dummy can learn from the tragic demise of others.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Accept the message, ‘…Drive Safely.’

  4. It comes could have been avoided.
    Alyuh nuh undeadable. Stop with the duncery and drive with sense and consideration for your families and other road users.

  5. At what point do we factor in the conditions of the roads in these accidents? Yes it is wisest to stay within the speed limits and exercise caution when driving. But even at 20 miles per hitting a 6 inch deep pot hole can cause a driver to loose control.

      Like the name though – ‘…Pat-a-cake.’ Ah ha! Baker’s man!

      In a prosecution ‘…Road Condition’ has always been factored into the evidence.

      This was to show the Court that the ‘…prosecuted driver foresaw consequences,’ yet went on to drive in a manner that endangered the lives of other road users, be it;

      (i) …Pedestrian; and

      (ii) …Vehicular.’

      From a prosecutorial perspective based upon stipulated law, the manner of driving speaks to;

      (a) …Reckless Driving;

      (b) …Dangerous Driving; and

      (c) …Careless Driving.’

      Consider an existing road condition; ‘…A portion of the road is submerged in water.’

      Do you believe you would get away ‘…driving in a manner and at a speed,’ so as to splash dirty water on motorists and pedestrians?’

      It might be easier ‘…baking a cake for a woman as fast as you can’ than putting up a defence on the condition of the road.

      Much better ‘…baking cakes’ than driving in such a manner.

  6. Accident Victim Is 21-Year-Old Roman Hill Resident
    July 12, 20191

    Kiyodie T.D. Osborne, 21yr old of Roman Hill is the country’s third road death for 2019.

    The allegations are that a white Honda Fit motor car R4037, driven by 21yr old Annik Lawrence of Grays Farm was travelling from West to East on Sir Sydney Wallings Highway at a fast speed when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle reportedly collided with a light green Nissan Urvan C14001 and a white Honda Accord A52140 which were travelling in the opposite direction and spun out of control and collided into a concrete fence on the northern side of the road.

    Three of the five occupants of motor car R4037 were thrown from the vehicle; namely the driver Annik Lawrence, Kiyodie Osborne and 19yr old Cliffe Thomas of Johnsons. Osborne was pronounced dead on the spot by a medical doctor around 3:44am. The other occupants complained of pain about their bodies and were taken to msjmc for medical treatment. The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Friday.

    July 12, 2019 at 9:20 pm
    June 11, 2019 at 10:08 pm
    I have two possible solution to curve the speeding problem.

    1 All vehicles be calibrated to suit the speed limit before licensing.

    (i) Anyone who tampers with the calibration forfeit their driver’s license permanently.

    (ii) Anyone who forfeited their driver’s license and found driving again fines to exceed $20k or 10 years plus in prison.

    This must be understood to mean once you are speeding the possibility exist that a life can be taken.

    Suggestion 2
    Any driver may purchase a purpose built software with a camera which is mounted on the dash board.

    The information is stored on the hard drive of the camera and also sent directly to a processing mainframe at a police station.

    This vehicle is calibrated to the speed limit. The camera records any vehicle that passes the calibrated vehicle.

    When the person pays the fine the driver who made the report is rewarded with 50% of the fine.

    The complete kit is at the expense of the driver and not the government.

    This system could also be used to capture persons using cell phones while driving.

    As many driver as possible can be on the program. Once the payment is timely it can easily be passive income.
    This is not rocket science either cameras are available and software can be written. The will to curve the problem is the problem.

    I am outside the box looking in.

  7. A dunce question. How long after must we start saying man dead after man dies when man would have been dead when we said he dies?

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