Man Dies After Drinking A Bottle Of Whiskey Without Chaser


An autopsy will be conducted to determine how a 45-year-old man died suddenly over the weekend.

Reports indicated Angel Guzman Reyes passed away on Saturday shortly after drinking a bottle of Napoleon Brandy without chaser around 3pm.

The dead man’s friend reportedly told police Reyes fell asleep on chair shortly after consuming the liquor, began snoring then became unresponsive.

The man was reportedly pronounced dead an hour later.

Investigations are ongoing in the matter.

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  1. Hey this is the culture of antigua rum and more rum every fet is rum they prompting. Hospital is filled with kidney and liver patients and young ones.

  2. This Is a lack of a circle of support and awareness of alcohol abuse. No one can empty a bottle without the danger of alcoholic poison or organ failure. The chaser reduces the shock of alcohol on the system, and also knowing ones limit is essential. Let’s be realistic, most people try to drink away their problems or use alcohol for liquid courage. There should be programs and services to address these abuses before such a horrific outcome. Don’t blame a soca song, families and friends have to intervene before it’s too late.

  3. My condolences to Mr. Reyes family, and may his soul rest in peace.
    My 34 year old son is a hard alcohol drinker and marijuana smoker. He would goes out with his friends and returned home drunk smelling like the he was bathe in the alcohol. He would lay on the floor most times groaning loudly and sometimes vomit. I am very concerns for his health.

  4. Are you serious or just daft @sad? I know you are not a therapist or practitioner, so don’t give an opinion that’s unwarranted. Parents, family and friends should be front line intervention supporters @national. As the parent and should seek help and intervention for you son. These incidence should not be taken lightly.

    • @Adjunct Professor, it is sad to say, but if a person do not want the help, no amount of intervention, or support will be of use.
      A person must need the help to accept the help been provided. The old saying carry a horse a pond you cant mek him drink.
      Sometimes hitting rock bottom may be the only resort.

      • exactly @nameless, @Adjunct Professor is quick to respond but dont understand what was said. maybe you needed to break it down and give parables for clear understanding

    • Thank you @adjunct professor. Myself and few family members are working with him. It is rough and we are trusting God for a breakthrough. We are trying to get him to change the company he hangout with as the first start which has been a challenge. We can never give up on our love ones because God Almighty never give up on us.

      • Keep on praying for a breakthrough for your son. I hope he gets to the point where he recognizes that he needs help. Then maybe he can get professional help at Crossroads or some other institution. But continue to hold strong and keep the faith and hope alive.

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