Man diagnosed with schizophrenia jailed for wounding


A man with a history of mental health problems was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for wounding his neighbour in 2017.

Shamarley Weekes pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on June 7 this year.

The plea was taken after a psychiatric report stated the man, who is on medication for schizophrenia, was mentally competent once he takes his medication as prescribed.

Weekes aimed for the complainant’s head when he chopped the man several times with a machete in an unprovoked attack in Herberts.

The victim was left with a fractured skull and one his fingers was almost amputated since he used his hands to defend against the chops.

The judge who considered the attack to be among the worst began with a starting sentence of 14 years, which is one year below the maximum sentence for the offence.

The sentence was then reduced to 12 years considering Weekes’ history of mental health issues and the fact that he was of good character.

The sentence was then reduced by 1/3 to eight years since the defendant pleaded guilty to the offence.

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  1. Base on this story, If I was to rely on the story, the attack was unprovoked, evidence it must be the mental condition that caused the behaviour that he has never done before (evidenced from him having a good moral character as marked and offered into court).

    So, with the words used by the judge, an appeal of the sentencing would clearly cause the sentence to be thrown out and have this man committed to a mental health facility or probation with mental health supervision.

    If I rely on this story, everything the judge stated to convict this person is more than sufficient to guarantee a reversal of this judges decision. I would not ever want to live in Antigua at its current state.

    I am sorry for the victim and the victim deserves so much more but you can not sentence someone with clear evidence that mental health was the cause of the behaviour to serve time in prison. Evidence outlined were he has a good character (no prior records of doing this but not for his mental defect), mental health, and the attack was unprovoked. Does anyone see clear and convincing evidence of mental health heres which negate the mens rhea/intent element require to convict someone of this sort of conduct?

    I am so sorry for the poor Antiguans. I am also sorry for the victim, and my request for the law to be applied properly does not mean I want to diminish the horrible things this poor victim went through. But the law must be applied properly.

    • Well continue living in the States where people with mental health problems have gotten the electric chair. Were you in court, did you hear anything else apart from this report. You all never seem to miss an opportunity to take a shot from this country once you all run from it.

  2. Jail is not the place to for a mentally disturbed person. That is why we have Clare Vue. You putting the guy at risk not to himself but also to the staff and other inmates.

  3. schizophrenics do not normall attack anyone . He is a sociopath as well, no conscience or empathy. His sentence should not be reduced because of that. He is criminally insane and i hope he will be isolated.

  4. Was the severed finger successfully reattached?
    After the seven years… then what? Anyway, the rigors of jail life may bring him to his senses.

  5. Stop press ANR please complete your articles. Recently a man accused of murder was committed to Clare View because of his schizophrenia so he was not fit to stand trial for murder.

    Same court convict a man with schizophrenia for wounding.

    What is going on in the court? Who is out acting like those that are in..

    Mr Pompey please explain the components that cause one with a lesser offence to be jailed and the other with a more heinous crime go to Clare View.

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