Man Detained For Alleged Shoplifting


A man was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly stealing from Health First Pharmacy on Nevis Street.

Police were called in after the man reportedly took items from the pharmacy and left without paying.

Cellphone footage of the incident shows a man who appears to be a plainclothes police officer taking the suspect to vehicle.

The accused shoplifter is reportedly assisting police with their investigation.

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  1. It seems to me that Antigua is having more and more crime as more and more CARICOM migrants enter our country. Let’s start getting smart about where the high crime is suddenly coming from.

    10+ years ago Antigua was safe, but now it’s totally different. Know why? The answer is clear my friends…

    • It was about close to 25 years ago my beautiful paradise island of Antigua and Barbuda was a safe haven. Back then crimes were very low. Growing up we have immigrants living here from America, England, Syria, Jordan, and some the small Caribbean Islands include St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Montserrat, Dominica, Nevis & St. Kitts, etc, and our crime rates were very low.
      Yes, we had about a handful of immigrants from the other larger Caribbean islands but not a much as we have here now.
      Those in authority who have the statistic data on crimes need to analyze it and tell us the native what is really happening to our beautiful paradise island of Antigua and Barbuda. We need it break down by nationality.

    • Forigener this forigener that. Y’all sicking now with that whole bull that forigeners alone commit crime. FYI Anitguans and Barbudians commit crimes to. Both here in Antigua and Barbuda and abroad. Case in point the 2 Antiguan police officers who were arrested in New York for shoplifting and yes both are born and raised Antiguans and police officers SMMFH
      BTW I am a born and raised ANTIGUAN

    • Watch your filthy mouth! Such words have no place in a decent society. You are a big part6 of the problem. Who raised you? They must be shamed of you, just like the rest of society is. You need salvation. Run to the nearest church and get to the altar. Some of those old Holy Ghost church ladies will pray that filthy tongue right out of you, and your hatred will be gone, and your life will become something good, a real blessing. Such filthy words have no place here. You need deliverance. The hatred in your heart must be destroying you. Think of your dear mother and your grandmother, and how unhappy they must be. Please get the help you need.

  2. Leave the foreigners alone. Are they the only one committing crimes in our country. Stop the caricom national from entering and see if any of the work like security, cleaning the roads, live in maid or nanny get done by locals. Some of y’all to damn forward, how would y’all like to go to a next man country(America, Canada, etc) and get entrance by the respective government but don’t want no other in yours. Me a Antiguan born n raise n never would I look down on my Caribbean brothers n sisters and honour the white people who don’t care nothing about us one way or the other.

    • In Antigua, whites and blacks have lived in beautiful harmony together for decades. Many whites have served in Antiguan government with honour since independence. Antigua culture is much different than other Caribbean nations, our racial harmony in Antigua is more kind and gentle.

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