Man detained following murder of Roudi Shamarly


Man Detained for Questioning in Country’s First Murder of the Year

A man has been apprehended and is currently undergoing interrogation regarding the nation’s initial murder of the year.

In their pursuit of capturing the culprit behind the audacious armed robbery on Monday afternoon, where 25-year-old Roudi Shamarly lost his life, investigators are actively pursuing various leads.

The tragic incident occurred at Pick ‘N Mix Mart on DeSouza Road, shortly after 1 pm, when the assailant, after robbing an unspecified amount of money from the cashier, fatally shot Shamarly.

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  1. Wow!!!!!!
    Hope its not class business. How many pickey head people unsolved murders we have?
    24 hrs has not passed and the police have someone.

    • Stop it bro. No time for prejudice and insularity here. Come on bro! Someone was just robbed and shot in cold blood. That’s the best thing you can say at this time?..

    • Denden, maybe its because this community rallies around each other….unlike the antiguan crab mentality, theirs is a mentality of ” stronger together ”
      I didnt realise that had happened initially but I distinctly recall that there was a frenzy amongst this community on the streets of st.johns after noon
      …. condolences to the family

    • Seriously?!!! As long as a culprit is caught I’m happy. Whether the victim is black, white or other. A threat to the safety of ALL of us has hopefully been caught and the sooner the better! The victim deserves justice.

  2. It’s amazing they can detain someone so quickly after this tragedy but what about the rape of that young lady and all those other unsolved robberies people are facing everyday? Is it bc they’re not serian? Dont get me wrong my heart goes out to the young man’s family but the irony just speaks volumes!!

      • Exactly!!!! Antigua doesn’t even have a rape kit! This man on the other hand was seen on camera in a daylight robbery. Antiguans can act so goddamn dunce.

    • A police man was in the area in plain clothes and ran after the individual. The phone then stated that he recognislzed him…..chupz why don’t u find out the reason why they were able to detained someone so quick than having negativity

    • There is a photo of the footage. Where is the one for the rape. I find it anyone could compare. The police are not gods they are relying on information the same way. Geez the things people think about.

    • What does race have to do with solving a crime? The person in police custody is known to the police and many other persons within the society since he is a menace! There was video evidence, and his distinct features made him easy to identify!

  3. If u don’t come from a wealthy family your fucked in this country when it comes to the law

  4. I have been saying all along when your neighbor house on fire wet yours- St.kitts is on fire and St.Lucia is on fire. We sent police to help St.Lucia while we were having increased criminal activities. They were robbing schools, churches and people homes. They were fighting in schools with cutlasses and knives. The stabbing of each other at fetes. The type of violence behavior amongst our youth showed that they were heading this way .
    Overnight they can do this to a very fragile tourist industry. A thief is a killer. Any thief will kill to get away.

  5. Robber: Let me wear my flower hoodie I’ve worn a hundred times before and rob a store with cameras and run back home in broad daylight lunchtime.

    Antigua: Must be a class thing how dem find he so fast ?

  6. Hope they caught the right man, if so give us name and photo and to you great job, excellent policing. On the other hand if this is just a rush to make the force look good, then it’s back to the drawing board.
    With all these guns on our streets and sudden rise in crime I often wonder if politics is behind it all, to let the government look bad and now it’s all out of hand.
    Condolences to the Shamarly family.

  7. If there was CCTV footage as it appears to be the case then the police have good evidence to enable them to solve the crime quickly. On the other hand the video footage circulating on social media shows persons contaminating the crime scene. That’s just dumb.

    • If u call molwyn he will agree with you.
      He wants to ban vitz.
      Vehicle older than 5 yrs
      And a kid u not . Roads.
      Cuz they cause vehicles to have accidents.

        Do read the comments on this ‘PAGE.’

        Never enthused, but still could not complain about people’s opinions.

        High regard for ‘Contending Opinions.’

        Felt compelled to support this one.

        Though not necessarily about the ‘Minister,’ but what he has suggested.

        Made no sense, when the vehicles and potholes do not MOVE.

        So how do they ‘CAUSE’ accidents?



        Who committed the ‘…ROBBERY/MURDER? (a) ‘The Hoodie or the ‘ROBBER/MURDERER?’

        Only an ‘Idiot’ would disagree with your comment.

  8. I say kill him. They need to bring back in hanging . I fed up now. Stop and search wasn’t gonna stop crime. There are so many spots in your car you can hide weapon silly and police not even a think Fu look there. If it’s him. He needs a death penalty. Also , what happens to the other robberies? Police and the Government need to come up with something more serious and strict. Until it nah happen to Aru…. Smh … Kill them mi say. Them ha heart fu rob and till kill them when you ketch them kill them. Any time mi swear any chance mi get…. Ah swear…. That’s all I saying

  9. @Smh . . .what a dottish question to ask?
    can’t you see a very clear and impressive picture there?
    Was there a video or picture of the rape and most other crimes as you insinuated?
    here is a better question . .
    with all the potential evidence shown above and in comparison, to your question; you ever went to school? even if you dropped out, some form of educative reasoning should have been left to deduce something about the picture and calamity that happened.

    Condolences to the family of this young hardworking individual, who was trying to make a living, and who is a support system for the local community, in where he was tragically taken down.

  10. What does race have to do with solving a crime? The person in police custody is known to the police and many other persons within the society since he is a menace! There was video evidence, and his distinct features made him easy to identify!

  11. You know what baffles me? When the story first broke, the first comment on the article was no one other than Brixtonian. With of course the usual rhetoric that the Gaston Browne administration is to blame for all of this. Although he knows this is the first murder of the year. And yes one murder is one too many. But we have to look at things in perspective. Under the UPP the crime was so high that they fired the entire top of the police. Pompey included and brought in Canadian Mounties. There was even a special prosecutor to prosecute the Labour Party members such as Lester Bird and Asot Michael because of the IHI scandal. Colin Derrick was appointed Minister of Justice. A position specially created to oversee the police. Which we all know is un-constitutional. Because the police are independent in our system of government. The Government can therefore only advise and assist the police in their handling of crime. Whatever the police need they will try to ensure they have it.
    Now for the first time we are so close to solving a crime in about 24 hours after it has been committed. But guess whose comment is missing? Brixtonian. I guess there is nothing bad to say so he is quiet. i though it was the other way around, if you cannot say something good, don’t say anything at all. But we know the agenda of these guys. They are political hacks. So sad. Crying down their country after one murder and then staying quiet in the wake of getting the murder solved.
    All I hope is that the police take their time to dot every i and cross every T, because Wendel Robinson is waiting to take you guys on. And God forbid he is successful in getting these murderers of the hook.

    • It looks like you’ve missed my commentary in the last few days @ From The Sideline, however, on a serious note, this isn’t the time for political point scoring. Far from it!

      My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, and I hope justice prevails and is swift with no long judicial delays as in the Nigel Christian case.

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