Man charged with murdering Vincia James walks free


Mikhail Gomes walks free after the High Court found him not guilty of murdering missing woman Vincia James.

The case ended today after High Court Judge Colin Williams upheld a no-case submission from Gomes’ attorney Lawrence Daniels.

Daniels argued the prosecution did not present the evidence needed to support the murder charge against his client.

Prosecutors had alleged that Gomes killed James, who went missing in April 2017.

James, who has never been found, is presumed dead.

Montserrat’s Director of Public Prosecutions Oris Sullivan led the prosecution’s case at the trial.

Vincia James


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  1. “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” ~Ecclesiastes 12:14

    “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.” ~2 Corinthians 5:10

  2. He Get away with MURDER from Man But You surely will not Get away wit God..wicked Bastard and have a big smile..The Blood of Vincia is on the hands of this Lawyer..Karma is a Bitch..

    • This is no person for the lawyer. He did his job in representing the client .. he didn’t find the client guilty or not guilty .. why is her blood on the lawyers hands and not the jury or the judge .. Antiguans are too local in their thinking he is innocent until proven guilty he was not proven guilty .. do you think that maybe just maybe he didn’t do it ???

    • Smh why is the blood is on the lawyer’s hand. The lawyer doing his job . This sounds to me like you have something against the lawyer personally , this does not make sense.he wasn’t the one that found him not guilty or thrown out the case.

    • No in the USA he would have gotten away to. He might not ever even been arrested because of the lack of evidence. This was a “NO BODY” case which is pure circumstantial and very hard to prove guilt.

  3. He aint saying nothing and there is no body….If he murdered her he did a very good job at it….Yes it is revealed that he was abusing her and threatened her life…But…..There is no way to prove that he actually killed her….I believe now he will be free to travel and probably start a new and happy life somewhere…

    • He will be free to travel: however if he did commit the offence, unless he’s cold hearted I don’t think he will live a happy life

    • Believe? He already has a woman and a daughter since the incident. He done move on long time….. man a look fu get married soon.

  4. Ladies be wise and if he approach you, RUN in opposite direction

    Please be careful, Its better to be safe than to be sorry,

    There is no proof that he murdered her, but you never know


  5. I just like everyone else strongly believes he knows what happened to the young lady…My heart truly aches for her family and loved ones..I hope one day justice will truly be served for Vincia James. RIP

  6. We may not know,we cannot tell if he did kill her or not. In the Court of Laws he was found to be not guilty of her murder. I remembered reading that she had a son at the time of her disappearance. We should be thinking of him,her Mom and other family members at this time.

    • What he’s been accused of, is something you would easily do, except unlike him, you are a mentally sick person .

  7. It is extremely hard to get a guilty verdict when there isn’t a body. So maybe he is innocent or maybe he got away with murdering this woman. However the world is full of humans who thought they got away with crimes and turns out they didn’t. The Almighty is always watching and then there is KARMA…

    • Not so at all. Vibes Kartell was convicted and jailed in Jamaica for murder even though they never found the corpse of the dead person. Clearly, the Prosecutions case here was weak from the onset and they did an equally weak job as presenting their case.

  8. They are too many unsolved crimes in Antigua. The legal system has failed us. This means there are alot of muderers walking among us. I wonder which one of us will be their next victim.

  9. Why is the DPP of Montserrat getting so much work from our DPP office these days, to prosecute cases in Antigua? Wa happen, our DPP’s office is not staffed by competent prosecutors?

  10. The prosecution worked with what they had. You can’t bring blood from stone. The judge believed there was insufficient evidence, so be it.

    Let’s see what happens in life from this point.

  11. He reported that a simple procedure at the ER caused his heart to stop beating for ten minutes and was pronounced dead recalling that he found himself in the most beautiful field and his entire life was revealed to him from since he was born all the things he did in his life time good and bad fortunately he lived a good life with others and suddenly a huge hand held his hand and a voice said to him your time is not come and he once again awoke in the ER and it was explained to him what had happened so brothers and sister do good every time , love the lord , love thy brother do good to your fellow man always .

  12. A women actually felt comfortable being in a relationship with this dude after the fact much less have a child daaaaamnnn!!!

  13. A legal system with few or no details that allows for speculative missives. The police arrested a man who as abusive to a woman in the past. Presumably no one witnessed a murder. No body found. Could she have left the country and is in hiding waiting for him to be convicted as a means of revenge?
    Where is the evidence that she was even murdered? It is quite possible that she was murdered. Given the lack of competence among police investigators in Antigua and Barbuda this case was dead on arrival at the court. It would not take long for the judge to say get out of my court you have no case

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