Man charged for assault and battery on Mary John


A man had been charged with an assault on community activist Mary John.

Police PRO Frankie Thomas is reported as saying that Patrick Laurent -the man involved in the altercation John last Thursday has been charged.

He is to appear in court sometime this week.


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  1. Avatar photo You know he put his hands on his wife , girlfriend , boyfriend or whatever the hell flavor he likes Stupid fool !

    Who he think he is . i truly wish he would’ve tried to assault me it would’ve been the last thing he remember if he woke up !

    • Do you know anything about this man ? Have you ever seen him hitting his wife ? Have you ? Can you prove that he has beaten any wife girlfriend or boyfriend ? Do you know who you are talking about ? This man is a peaceful person . I have never known him to be an aggressive person and I know him all my life .
      This man was doing his work peacefully. He wasn’t troubling anybody . He was trying to earn a dollar in these hard COVID Times .
      Do you have empirical evidence that this man beats his wife , girlfriend and boyfriend? Do you ? Really ! Really ! I hope you can prove it .

  2. The guy should get a medal… what she got is long deserving! She needs to stay out of people’s business. She a thorn in people’s side. Mind your own business….

    • What did she do wrong? He on the other hand had no rights to touch her.All of you men in Antigua who like to hit women.You need to stop that crap.For instance if that lady was closely related to me.The PO-PO would not get him before me.I would have taught him a good lesson. I guarantee you,he would not have touched another woman that way again. What he did is assault and battery.He could get jail time for doing that.

      • knocking the phone out of her hand for INVADING HIS PRIVACY and FILMING HIM WITHOUT HIS CONSENT. Let this be a wake-up call to her to CEASE and DESIST from that dangerous and unhealthy practise of putting her nose where it doesn’t belong and labelling it “activism”

      • You are so stupid, what did the man do wrong, hitting the phone out of her hand when she is filming him and invading his privacy! She is a nuisance and got what she deserves! Leave people alone mind your own business! Go back to your drugs and how you paid for them! More to come if you don’t leave people alone!

        • What did he do wrong ? He assulted the woman are you RETARDED !

  3. But the truth is some of them too nasty , they come for the garbage and instead of cleaning up the place they make a real mess . They should send him back to wey he come from he would have never done that to a man!!

  4. That lady should have a bottle of ACID and dowse him? Keeping Antigua and Barbuda clean is everybody’s business.

  5. While he dead wrong fu hit she Mary John ah one contankrus woman who go all over Antigua looking for trouble. One ah these days she go trouble the wrong person and it go be worser. She lub cause trouble and when trouble meet she she run go police. Mind your own business Miss John

  6. ” Heh Sensible ” you don’t sound too Sensible right now . So she supposed to stay home bake cookies and be a nice wife .

  7. If anyone is recording you in public.You should first ask that person to stop recording you.If they refused,then you should call the Police.You should should approached that person and knocked their phone out of hands.That is an assault.We need to think before we do and say things.If we do not.We could end up in that 1735 Hotel.

  8. Well finally someone did the job it was long calling for a few years ago she got lock up for settling my mothers table she always making trouble with ppl taking picture of ppl an all kinda shit all now the man should of been beating the hell out of her that man needs to be a national hero

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