Man Caught Smuggling Weed Inside A Shawarma Fined $1000


Zavier Harris, 23-year-old, has been ordered to pay $1,000 after he was caught smuggling cannabis inside a shawarma.

Additionally he caused damage to the right door mirror of the court’s bus and admitted to beating an officer who was in the lawful execution of his duties.

Harris appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, yesterday, where she ruled that he paid $500 for the damage to the bus and an additional $500 for battery on the officer.

On July 29, at around 7:30pm, Harris went to St John’s Police Station and indicated that he had brought a shawarma for a prisoner.

An officer took the food and asked the defendant to accompany him to the holding cell.

Upon searching the food, the officer noticed that a piece of foil containing cannabis was inside the sandwich.

The officer took out the foil and Harris grabbed it, pushed the officer, and ran off.

While running away, he came in contact with the side mirror of the government vehicle and broke it off before escaping through the back gate.

Later that night, he turned himself in to the police and was charged for the aforementioned offences.

His lawyer, Lawrence Daniels, argued that he accidentally “touched” the officer.

And Harris said, in his defence, that the shawarma had been given to him to deliver and he did not know what was inside.

Harris has until August 19 to pay the fine or he will spend three months in jail for each charge.



  1. “Accidentally touched the officer” So him grabbing the foil and running off was also an accident? Some of these lawyers need to stop it. If I were that judge I would’ve hauled Daniels over the coals for coming to me with that nonsense.

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