Man Breaks Curfew To Get Turbo Drink Mix


A man was fined $1000 for breaching the mandatory 24-hour curfew in Bendals Village on Saturday.

Officers patrolling in the village spotted 30-year-old Jonez Tweed walking on the road after 7:00 pm.

The man told the officers he was on his way to his aunt’s shop because he needed a Turbo drink mix, which made him feel better whenever he felt weak.

Tweed was reportedly given three opportunities to return to his home, but he failed to comply.

The defendant reportedly told police, “do what you have to do” when he was told he could be arrested for breaching the curfew.

He has a week to pay the fine or will spend a month in prison.

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  1. Okay… so if turbo makes him feel better when he’s weak … a sugary drink. Doesn’t the thought of DIABETES occur in your brains? He obviously needs it…

    • I think you are confusing Hyperglycemia (Diabetes) with Hypoglycemia. Hyperglycemia doesn’t make you feel weak and the need for more sugar to help correct the situation. This is the equivalent of having a heart attack and deciding to go for a run (it doesn’t help).

      If you meant he was hypoglycemia (low sugar levels) and the need for sugar to carry it, I can assure you it doesn’t need to be turbo cause a sugary water is just as effective.

    • @SMH the nonsense you people come up with in support of mediocrity or to be non compliant calls for psychological help!

    • I was thinking the same thing. If this is the case he’s diabetic perhaps he can bear it in a court system.

  2. But wait.. The shop was open at 7 pm??? Or he was just gonna beg the turbo?? And if it makes him feel better that means it is a reoccurring thing. I would think he would keep some handy just in case. Just my opinion.

  3. I may sound controversial and I certainly did not agree with how the young man responded to the officers…… However, I think sometimes our Policemen need to use a little more discretion…. Now this young man indicated that he was going to get something to improve the weak feeling he was experiencing. No one at that time beside the young man knew whether or not he was lying….. That weakness could be a sign leading to his something worst with his health… In my view the police could of given him the benefit of the doubt and accompany him to the shop and subsequently ensure that he follow the curfew thereafter…….

    • Yeah just like the woman who was arrested for not wearing a mask and posted all over social media that she was a victim of the police harassing her only to be revealed later in court that she is a liar. There are always 3 sides to a story, the offender, the police and the truth.

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