Man being questioned in Pillar Rock double murders is convicted for drug possession, then returned to police custody


REAL NEWS-As investigations into the double murder of two Mexicans continue, REAL News understands that a co-worker of both men – who is being questioned as a suspect – has been arrested and charged for a different offence.

The man, who reportedly holds a managerial position at the Royalton Resort, was picked up the morning after the shooting, September 7, on the job.

A source claims that the three men had been involved in a feud for some time.

However, although the man remains tight lipped with investigators, the source alleges that, at one point during the questioning, he placed himself, alone, on a secluded beach in the Pillar Rock area, at the time of the murders.

Further, the source alleges that the man’s fiancée, with whom he shares a child, could not account for his whereabouts on the night of the double homicides.

Police investigations reportedly led officers to a house where the man claims he resides by himself and where a large quantity of drugs reportedly was found.

It is alleged that lawmen took into custody over 400 grammes of compressed cannabis, found at the property on September 8.

Accordingly, the man was charged for having the illegal substance in his possession and taken before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St. John’s Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 12.

The suspect was convicted and fined $10,000, which he has to pay before the end of December or be imprisoned for 18 months.

Sources say that, following his court appearance, he was taken back into police custody.

Unconfirmed reports allege that the man was deported from Canada after conviction for a serious crime.

Meanwhile, a coroner’s inquest into the death of both men – Cesar Santos Ramirez, 36, and Ronaldo Emmanuel Sandoval Stone, 39 – was also held on Monday by Coroner Joanne Walsh and a small jury panel.

The bodies were examined at the Barnes Funeral Home before the panel was dismissed.

The victims – who reportedly were managers at the Royalton Resort – were shot to death at their usual residence at the Pillar Rock Hotel, in Dieppe Bay, Five Islands.

At about 10 p.m. on the night in question, reports say that a call was placed to the Grays Farm Police Station by a hotel manager, claiming that Santos, a guest at the hotel, had been found floating face down in the pool.

Four loud explosions had been heard before the report was made, and Santos is said to have sustained a gunshot wound to the right temple.

Sandoval Stone was not discovered until much later, reportedly due to the volume of blood in the pool and the fact that his body had sunk to the bottom.

It was later determined that he had been shot multiple times: to his left ear and twice to his back.

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  1. So the police investigators are leaking things out to the media and the crime na solve yet??? Hope wonderful! How the media know what happens in an interview??? I hope the senior officers in CID know who they are really reporting to… I’m happy for the media providing me with this information

    • Let the leaks keep coming. You’ll have grounds for a mistrial and or full acquittal.
      The police constabulary in Antigua are the absolute worst. Nothing is sacred or confidential. That’s why crimes don’t get solved. People are afraid to tell the cops anything.

  2. In the US the police always come to the media and give information. Wendell don’t you have a problem using loopholes and police weaknesses to put criminals back in society. You are revenging for your dismissal as police Chief. You were never an honest law enforcement officer. Hope one of those criminals don’t show up at your property. Karma!

    • Exactly this! Karma is real, and if doesn’t land on his doorstep it will likely land on his childrens door step. The other thing that will bring him down is his arrogance. He could have quietly sat on this inside information that has been stupidly made public and used it as a defense and prepared his case and response to it, but instead his ego has taken him to the news site to comment on it. What an egotistical fool.

    • You clearly not getting Wendel’s point. Why is the information for an on going double murder investigation being leaked to the media?? Do you know how many murders in the US that has been investigated and the police never says anything to anyone not even the victims family until an arrest is made?? Sometimes Antigua police needs to keep their mouth shut and do their jobs not leak information to news portal especially ones like Real News cause they are giving defense attornies like Wendel ammunition.

  3. Robinson, KARMA is real I will tell you that for sure and it has started already on you.
    How those Nationals, both victims and perpetrator can just come here witg their gabbages and get work permit signed for jobs and big positions too. Are they not investigated first before coming here? Why we must always have rejects that embarrasse our country. Antiguans deportee or one with a Criminal Record cannot get certain jobs here, if they are that lucky to get one but outsiders can, BS man. Our nationals can only sweep floor, wash dishes and make beds. This is too much and should stop.

  4. Do we have a functioning Immigration Department??? why are we bringing in criminals from Mexico to take on management jobs at our hotels?? there are Antiguans who are qualified to do these jobs. So why allow these criminals to enter our islands to fight out their feuds and tarnish our Country’s reputation?

  5. IMAGINE, these are Upper Management people at a Popular Hotel/Resort. Im sure their team members must be in utter shock. Hotel employees need some assistance with their mental health.

    Was there a background check on these guys ? They clearly would have seen some red flags. Imagine locals not able to get a job there because of bad Police record and now you reading this.

    Police need to scan the entire management and supervisory team that was SENT here to run such organization.

    Head Office must be pulling their head out.

    Or R they ?

    A dem dey send dem

  6. @Frankly Speaking – It’s these same “police weaknesses” that have these criminals on the street in the first place. At least he is drawing attention to them. You know what they say bout when breeze blow…

  7. Lmfao!!!!!!! Look pan y’all chupid ppl bex wid old buller man Wendel cuazzz he ah do he job which is defend her client guilt or not police need fun tap gee real news dem information for clout and do them damn work!!!!

  8. For work permits, extensive police records are always required. Hotel companies invest a lot of time in specific individuals to help out with their specific experience. This is not because Antiguans are incapable of doing the job, but because this imported people done it extensively in many places and are highly qualified. Governments in all Caricom countries issue very limited expat permits, which is very fair.

    Almost everyone in Antigua is hardworking, morally upright, honest, and good, however there are always other types of people. Mexico is no exception in the same degree, but it has a bad reputation due to illegal drug trafficking to the United States.

    Only the most illiterate and inexperienced individuals are unable to comprehend this.

    • Just because someone died ain’t mean drugs related smh, dnt judge ppl base on where they from an they mostly employed them because since it transfer into Royalton the managers always been Spanish since it was building up,an Antiguan love fight an wen it time for yu all to go home alyo make noise while a Spanish would work there ass off, I am not a Spanish but ve worked at the hotel from it was renovating an ve seen how Antiguan behave an how the Spanish behave.

  9. You see how Antigua behave .. no matter where you come from .. you will always be put before Antiguans .. this man was already convicted of a drug offense…. And yet the name is still being with held so he is protected .. if it was some local Antiguan they would say the person was found guilty of something and splat the person name
    All over the newspaper and news … cause they are guilty.. ANTIGUANS WILL ALWAYS COME LAST IN ANTIGUA

  10. criminals? How dare they not even know them, Rodolfo Sandoval Stone was a great person and in Mexico we demand justice

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