Man Assaulted By Gang On South Street – Reports


Jahson Pennyfeather reports being attacked and beaten by a gang of seven individuals: 6 young men and a young woman.

The twenty year old of Grays Farm was rushed to hospital with a wound to the head following the incident late last week on South Street.

He said he was walking on the road at about 2:30a.m on the 19th of September when he was assaulted by the group.

He was struck in the head with a hard object; his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The authorities see this as a cause for concern as there has been many incidents in which young people are perpetrating assaults.



  1. What constitutes a gang?

    Can cabinet be referred to as a gang?

    Can the UPP be referred to as a rivaling gang?

    Is picketing and demonstrating gang activity?

    Or gangs are limited to young people?

    Are there gangs of young people that does good but never highlighted?

    What has become of the female gang POWA? Now isn’t it the founder of that defunct gang that wants to run the whole country?

    • quit being an asshole and shut the fuck up….

      A gang is a collective noun used to describe an organized group of criminals.

      A gang is a group of associates, friends or members of a family with a defined leadership and internal organization that identifies with or claims control over territory in a community and engages, either individually or collectively, in illegal, and possibly violent, behavior.

  2. Do you reply to just have some to say Melchisedec? Gang is a collective term. Herd of goat/sheep, swarm of bees, pack of wolves… what is your damn point. Post things that make sense please.

  3. What can cause these young minds to turn to violence? Is it something in their DNA that were inherited through family bloodline?
    Are the police going to charge 2 out of the 6 six young men in this gang like they had done in a similar gang attacked?

  4. Who are the parents for these young men and woman? Have they not seen the change in their child/children behavior to seek help at an early age?

  5. …habits, become Norms!
    …norms, become A Way Of Life!
    …a way of life, defines A People!
    …a People, defines A Culture!
    …said culture, will predicate!
    …that culture, shall dictate!
    …the direction, which said People take!
    …for, Life is Cyclic!

    These gangs/thugs on the street are the offspring, of HABITS which were allowed, and still being allowed, in certain Communities in the Nation.

    School carl een…
    Inna Antigua, seen!
    Monkey see, monkey do!

  6. @These heaux

    Reading is one thing, understanding is the boss.

    It’s a simple thing meaning also refers to the localized connotation of the word.

    Gang in our environs is a negative concept often describing the youth, and never used positively or to describe a group of adults.

    For example once you hear the word embezzlement automatically you know this ain’t no ordinary Joe Bloke.

    In other words the system that you operate in makes you speak and feel the way you do. So you question nothing because you assume you know it all.

    When you read things look at the words, the construction, and application because the etymology of it all will lead to your liberation.

  7. @Ebenezer

    I am sorry it does not make sense you. I completely overstand why.

    Perhaps if you read Making of a slave and Africans at the Cross road by Dr J H Clarke. It would start to make sense to you.

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