Man And His Two Year Old Daughter Shot In Cassada Gardens


Jose Rodriquez a man from Pares Village remains in police custody, assisting them with investigations into a shooting in Cassada Gardens last night.

Rodriquez was picked up by police today on the Clare Hall Playing Field in the vicinity of the Pan House.

According to reports, the suspect handed over a black and silver 9mm firearm wrapped in a multi-color towel.

He also had what appeared to be two gunshot wounds one to the right leg and the other to the left hip and was transported to the hospital by police.

What happened?

Reports from the police indicate that

Anderson John of Skerritts Pasture who is a licensed firearm holder was lying in bed with a woman (the mother of a two-year-old) from Cassada Gardens when he heard a commotion and screaming coming from the sitting room area.

John reported that he reached for his firearm under the pillow, but was attacked by Rodriques the father of the 2-year-old who began wrestling with him for the firearm.

During the struggle, the gun went off. John also stated that he was beaten on the left side of his face with the gun butt and received several bite marks about his body and the child was wounded.

The mother and child were transported to the

SLBMC by a neighbor. The child has 2 wounds to the right foot but reports are that they are non-life threatening.

The incident occurred at around 10:30 pm according to police reports.


Man And His Two Year Old Daughter Shot In Cassada Gardens

A father and his two year old daughter are now in hospital with gunshot injuries following a domestic dispute at a home in Cassada Gardens Sunday night.

Police reports are that the father of the child went to the home where he saw another man, with whom he got into an altercation.

The other man brandished a firearm and during an alleged tussle for the weapon, the father of the child was shot in the hip and thigh while the toddler was shot at least once in the right leg.

Both father and daughter are now in hospital; the seriousness of their injuries is not immediately clear.

The injured father had reportedly managed to wrest the gun from the other man and turned it over to the police.

Police are continuing intensive investigations and are expected to make an arrest in the matter. (STATE MEDIA)

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  1. That’s a good man some man would a shot him if that was me seeing my two yrs old lying in blood ur crazy I would a shot him
    This poor child could a loose his or her life.
    Wat was this woman thinking bringing a man with gun in her home. Smh

    • What exactly do you mean by “this child could a loose his or her life”? Asking for a friend since it clearly states in the title, Man his two year old daughter.

  2. Lord have his mercy. These two grown humans need to have better behaviour because one of them may loose their life and the other may end up in jail for the remainder of his. Either way it’s a lose/lose situation for both humans. Thank you Jesus the one in the hospital hasn’t left us yet. That would have been a wakeup call for me. Hopefully both of them have a right to be where they are. The lady has moved on with another human and the father of her child maybe visiting his child and at the same time may not have accepted the fact that “there is another man in her life”. You see if only all parties accept the inevitable there is absolutely no need to be violent and loose the precious gift of life and freedom in the process.

  3. A who come inna who fah space now? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    But on a serious note, I do hope and pray that both men and child will make speedy recoveries in Jesus name. It is a sad and unfortunate situation.

  4. It just shows that some parents are so irresponsible and incapable to perform their roles and set good examples for all children in the community and the children are watching and learning these behaviors set by grown adults to n from ur communities and when they act out they are rediculed and labeled in the worse ways it’s time for our men and women to pull their socks up no one would know how that child will cope with that traumatic event in the future it was psychological and physical and let just hope that she does ok

  5. Society’s Liberal approach is clearly not working. In my era of growing up, the use of the cat whip was enforced and I didn’t grew up hearing about knife crime, gun crime and murder. The consequences of heinous such as murder was met with a reaction.
    Antigua, Police services are broken and the state is rapidly heading into the abyss. I think the time has come for a mature debate on bringing back hanging and the cat whip.

  6. Look, I couldn’t care less about these 3 grown adults making the most dumbest life decisions. I only care as long as that child is okay.

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