Man Alleges Police Brutality While Police Pleads Self Defense


Johnathan Joseph of St Johnston’s Village says he was vicously beaten by police however the Police Department reports that it was done in self defence.

The 26 year old is now remanded to prison for the next two and a half months before he appears in court on July 14.

Joseph recalls the incident saying, that he was standing outside his home on Saturday night when a mechanic who works with the Antigua and Barbuda police force approached him.

He said the officer had him mistaken for his cousin.

“Last night [Saturday] he called me by a wrong name. When he called me by the wrong name, me look ‘round because ah me cousin name,” he said.

The officer allegedly fisted him in his face a couple times as he retreated to his home.

The officer followed him to the house and began beating him with a baton in the presence of his landlord and neighbour who rush downstairs to see what was happening.

“The two ladies had me inside the house. The man left from outside and come inside ma house with a baton and beat me in my head. I get 11 stitches … inside my house [with] no warrant, no police uniform and no police vehicle,” he claimed.

On the other hand, Police PRO Inspector Frankie Thomas said that the events began when a group of men were found sitting in an area near Joseph’s home past curfew hours.

According to Thomas, the police officer who was on duty patrolling the area saw them and spoke to them. All the others had left the area he said, except for Joseph.

It was reported that Joseph started cursing the police officer, who had by then informed him that he would be arrested for breaking curfew.

Thomas added that Joseph attempted to resist arrest and armed himself with a machete.

The officer struck Joseph with his police baton in defence.

Joseph has since pleaded guilty to three of the five charges placed against him: being armed with an offensive weapon, making use of threatening language, and resisting arrest.

The other two charges are failing to comply with curfew restrictions and battery of a police officer.

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  1. This is bull shit . It’s time eenough somebody put them police man to them senses so them can respect people pikney . Everytime sum like this happen nobody a do nun bout it cause a “police”. Not any of my family member this can happen to and go down so . Stupidness this . Once n for all yall so called government need for get serious and act like yall getting paid for something rather than nothing . Going round beat up ppl pikney. Go make pikney n beat them nu

      • That is the million dollar question. If I am so innocent the wicked policeman bust my head for nothing I would want my day in court to say my piece.


        The ‘Press Liaison officer, clearly ‘Fell Asleep’ and seemingly fed the media with ‘ Fake News.’

        Yes! You have heard it right- ‘Sheer Fake News.’

        The Defendant;

        (i) …Never pleaded guilty to any of the apparent ‘trumped-up charges; and

        (ii)…Was never remanded to prison.

        Read more about this incident at ‘ANR’ later in the week.

  2. Then why did you plea guilty espically for the charge ARMED WITH AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON. Maybe you should have gotten a lawyer There is a certain blabber mouth one who is always on this site. Maybe he should do some charity work for Mr Joseph and see if he can use his connections to get him aquitted.

  3. He did not plead guilty and he is not in prison cause i was talking to him yesterday afternoon in Cassada Gardens

  4. The man didn’t plead no guilty. The big point is : a so called police man as the youth man said with no police clothes no police vehicle n no warrant. And guess what ? The police is from that same area as the youth they live in the same area and he beat up the young man thinking that it’s the man cousin maybe they look alike idk .

  5. And whatever is whatever. U cant expect to be on the police side when the guy say what he said . Even the landlords saw the fight . It is not nice . And its him against the world now cause all the police man them picking up for one another. Them police in antigua jus know how to go round with gun on them waist like them a smaddy. And a do all nonsense. Them.nah even make sense to me them jus boast from what I see. Them forget blood run thru all a we veins and it takes nothing to sign up for the force and turn a cop to . So I really dont get it .

  6. The young man didnt do nothing if the man say he on his gallery and he jus run up on the man jus so . Thinking it was his cousin because he n he cousin in a sum drama from.long time so this is beyond work this is personal matter . All the man way them beat up and kill n throw over a Indian creek .. wah go come out a that ? Not a goddam thing !!! This happen all thr time in antigua . Thump me in me mouth if me rang

  7. Even if the man plea guilty to charge with offensive weapon. Ok u go have some kinda mad so call police man a beat u up for nothing and u nah defend yaself. A human being ppl be nuh. Slavery done abolish how long . This nah fi a gwan . First and foremost he never go and arrest the man . He jus go start fire thump. A wah ppl be so ? Chupz jus gimmi one break

  8. Well the bredda man get bail .God nah sleep !!!!!!!!! Think a white n black this? Slave master n fetching slaves ? What the hell !!

  9. Well at least he has the two ladies who could be possible witnesses to his defense for what they saw transpired. He might not able to count on them and probably not the other guys in the group.

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