Man accused of sexually molesting a pre-teen is remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison and fined for a different offense


A man who sexually molested a 10-year-old girl has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES. 

The 25-year-old man was arrested and charged by the Police with two counts of serious indecency for this offence which reportedly occurred between April 1 and May 16.

He appeared in St. John’s Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh on Friday, July 22, and his committal proceedings should come up in two months’ time.

If he wishes to acquire bail, he will have to make an application in the High Court before a judge.

For sexually violating a child under the age of 12 years, the maximum sentence is life in prison. However, a man who violated his five-year-old cousin was recently sentenced to only five years.

In the meantime, this same accused appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh on Thursday, July 21, accused of slapping a man at the market.

He claimed that he slapped the man for interfering with his mother in the bathroom at the Public Market.

However, it is alleged that it is the 25-year-old who has routinely been bothering the victim, who operates a trolley selling drinks.

The police saw the commotion and intervened, arresting and taking into custody the 25-year-old.

He was ordered to pay $1,500 compensation to the victim. — REAL News

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  1. But look how this man slapping someone for interfering with his mother while HE is interfering with a 10yr old? The irony isn’t even funny.

  2. He was ordered to pay $1500 compensation to the victim???? Are you effing kidding me ?? How did they come with that figure. Did he do $1500 worth of molestation??? I’m sickened.

    So his case ain’t call yet and he’s ordered to pay $1500 compensation to the victim
    So that when he goes to trial the judge will take the money he paid into consideration and he will only get 3 years … remind I said so a year from now when this case call. Antigua is sickening … yet election is coming up and everyone will comfortably retain their seats without the people making not a stir over the important issues that is the foundation of a country..
    But don’t worry free laptops to come for those selling voice soon..

    While big me rape off all u daughters for $1500!!! Smfh … fair Antigua and Barbuda indeed!!!

    • If you read the article correctly, the $1,500 is for slapping the man. The molestation case is still pending . 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • You got the facts wrong. The $1500 was compensation to the person he slapped. He has not gone to trial for the assault of the 10 year old.

    • @A. Should…. Ermmmmmm…. He was ordered to pay $1500 to the person (victim) he slapped. The sexual offence case has not come up for hearing as yet. Read and understand and stop mixing up politics in the nonsense people do. Be informed, whether it’s DNA, UPP, or ABLP in power people will still commit crimes, inclusive of sexual offences. Crime has no political allegiance. So stop your nonsense!

    • In this country Antigua people like to twist the truth for political reasons . If we addressing a problem call a spade a spade irespected of who it hurts. That man was fined $1500.00 for slapping someone what is so difficult to understand. The molesting of the child is not a summary matter where the magistrate can give judgment. This case is what you call an indictable matter which will be tried by a judge and jury. This case have a process to go through before it reach the high court for trial . On the other hand the man who got 5 years for molesting a very small child everybody knows the judge was asleep when he gave that sentence. When I read the judgement all I said was , if I only know who Anthony Armstrong is he will appeal that judgement and so he did. On the bus story with the politicians, that judgement make a mockery of the justice system. Ofcourse there is a case to answer and that is why the DPP appeal the matter. If the politicians are not guilty allow them to be freed after all evidence are tendered and trust me, they will not get away except if the prosecution cannot prove their case. Nothing was wrong for the ministers to keep the buses in their constituency To do the work if the state. Where it went wrong is where they transfer the buses into their own name. The Korean government dont give vehicles to individuals no. The bus was never theirs. Brothel is illegal in Antigua so why a government minister transform a government vehicle into a prostitution mobile bus. Something went wrong. To me Mr Spencer was a very good prime minister who every body respeced but the evidence he gave at the high court in the bus case he loose all credibility. If God give us life we will see the result of the appeal court and the Privy counsel. The only thing can save them is if the UPP win this election.

  3. He was ordered to pay the money to the person he slapped. Not to the molestation victim.

  4. Rape a 5 year old get 5 years
    Rape a 13 year old get 13 years
    Rape just under 12 will get 12 years
    Seems they love matching the sentencing with the age
    Don’t believe these Judges have a problem with these crimes against children .
    Even the Judges are creepy 🙆

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