Man accused of raping 15-year-old ‘girlfriend’


OBSERVER NEWSCO: A man in his 40s has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl who he claims to have been his girlfriend. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

It is believed that on at least three occasions the man had unlawful sex with the minor in his vehicle.

According to reports, the two met on Facebook in 2021 and entered into a ‘mutual relationship’ and communicated primarily on that platform.

It is said that they first met in person in February of this year and had mainly discussed school and items she needed for school.

The defendant reportedly also asked her what she wanted for her birthday which she had recently celebrated and she asked for a cellular phone.

A week later they reportedly met again and he allegedly bought her KFC and then had unlawful sexual intercourse with her for the first time. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

She reportedly removed her pants, he removed his and took her virginity on the reclined passenger seat.

Two days later they met again and, this time, they had sex in a churchyard.

The third act is said to have taken place in Parham and each time he bought her food afterwards.

Reports indicate that the man would assist the girl with lunch money and the purchasing of school supplies. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

The events were discovered by the mother of the complainant when she noticed a change in her daughter’s behaviour.

She questioned her until she revealed what had been taking place.

The mother immediately reported the matter to the police, and the complainant — who apparently told the police the man never forced himself on her – is said to have alerted the accused and asked him to delete their messages.

Nevertheless, the man was charged with the serious crime.

He appeared in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court yesterday before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, and September 1 was set for his committal hearing. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

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  1. The mother noticed a change in behaviour? So she never noticed the items the child was bringing home!? Jail the mother and the man, I’m fed up

  2. Some of these parents put their girls out there to do these things then act like they don’t know …wickedness

    • Ok well u just make sure you don’t put your child to do those things
      Anyways me sure she does dey fvk fa free n u nah know


  4. i dont think its really rape if its willing, can say groomed into it sure but rape… from what i see here its not rape and what the mother calling for.

    that being said, i don’t get why grown ass ppl be troubling lil kids lowe the blasted pickney dem and go find big woman, he should get some time for this in the pen a proper lash as well

    • If she is below the age of consent it is Statutory Rape. No matter how much she tells the man she wants to have sex with him she cannot give her consent – she is still seen as vulnerable. Bribing is one of the ways predators prey on young girls which is why they have this law

  5. First time he did that you should have told your mom….. Second and Third time a wa you bargain for…

  6. This is total madness when I was raising my children they couldn’t bring home nothing from no one I tell the carry it back and if they tell me it’s a family member you be you life iam going to ask the family how can you have a child and don’t no the where and tear about them especially girls I have six girls and I watch them like hawk no them friends too

    • U just make sure your six girls don’t have sex under age because me sure all a dem a tek tone so stop worry bout other people pikney n worry bout ya daughter dem that a ride bus man

  7. These incidences have been happening for a lifetime. Many of you who read and contibute on this thread are products of statutory rape. Why are we acting as though it’s a new phenomenon? It will never stop. It is the nature of mankind to lust after young flesh. Some of the young girls throw themselves on these men as well. I’m sorry but Committed hearings on matters such as these won’t change anything.
    I wish them both well. I trust that the young will be able to successfully complete her schooling and move on to bigger and brighter aspirations.

    • Sounds like you’re trying to justify the actions of a certain man who used to pick up a girl from school who is now his wife.

    • Dave Ray, best you didn’t comment. You sound like one that have a few girls buying KFC for… Also.. not all of mankind lusts after young flesh.. only the real perverts of society… Once people like you are around to victim blame and find all sorts of excuses for nonsense, (some of you are products of statutory rape.. really? Speak for yourself bro) how can we ever expect to find justice for these disgusting and immoral crimes.. hopefully one of your children does not have to suffer through your so called “nature of mankind” idiot!

    • @Dave Ray…U need, fu chat dem kindah #fuckery, bout, who U kno, and wah dem do!
      Translation: Dave Ray, you should speak to what you know, instead of using a wide brush, to paint the fucking #Pedophile ❌ on the forehead, of many of Us who comment and blog on this site. What utter garbage, from a purported ‘doctor.’
      From your comment, I can understand, why the Nation is a destination for #SEX_TOURISM from heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual and of course pedophilia
      The above mentioned, #Sex_Tourism is now supporting the Stem Cell Industry, through the aborted fetuses an end result of turning the Nation into a Sex_4_ALL, free_for-all Paradise.

      It’s a #Fucking cesspool of SEX being built, or should I say being remodelled, rebuilt, upgraded to meet the needs and wants of the ALPHABET SOUP gang!

    • Really! Incredulous

      40 yr+ pedophile and its just business as usual?
      When we know better, we do better.

      Lust? Or sickness
      Its pure laziness and lowmindedness! Try go find a 25 yr old who you can take to your house (after you clean um) and leave dem young likkle gal who feel dem grown alone.

    • Products of rape you say? As in a 15yr old getting pregnant for a nineteen year old? As in a twelve year old getting pregnant by a 61yr old?
      When we no longer know right from wrong, its time for the world to end.

  8. Under the laws of Antigua Statuary rape is Rape. I knew that from the time I was 16 years old. I am from a family of mostly men, no brother, no uncle, no cousins ever got arrested for any type of rape .

    • Statutory rape was committed on this 15 years old girl. So rape is rape. He committed the offense so he must face the consequences. Why men are so harden ?. Leave the children alone. Everyday you listen to the news is some kind of nonsense the age of consent in this country is 16 years. Anything below 16 is illegal. Men must stop disrespecting young girls and allow them to get an Education to be someone useful in life

  9. Dear Lord, what is wrong with these Grown men? Be a father (that these young girls are searching for) and tell them to RESPECT their bodies and to stay in their lanes. What they don’t have – do without. God always provides for our daily needs. Don’t take advantage of them because they are vulnerable. LORD PLEASE HELP US AND PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN.

  10. Young girls clearly need to be taught to have some more self-respect, not to sell themselves for trinkets. Honey your body is worth a house, land and car, a wedding and a ring not just school supplies and KFC. If you need school supplies and food, many charitable persons and organisations would help you out for free – no strings attached. Or, you could get a part time job and pay your own way.
    And grown men that kind of relationship messing about in a car behind her parents back is not having a “girlfriend”. A girlfriend means moonlight walks, beach strolls, dinners in public at grown up restaurants, attending functions together, real companionship, adult conversations about the future etc. etc. etc.

    • Sad story, you lost me at body is worth house and car
      Our value systems are so gone!

      • Lol. Just being practical. I actually agree that relationships should be about love not possessions, but these days I am too cynical to believe that men in this island are really interested in finding their one true love. They seem to prefer transactional relationships or relationships of convenience kind of like the arranged marriages in some countries except they often don’t even bother with the marriage part here. So, if you are going to get into a transactional relationship then you should at least hold out for something useful to you and your offspring such as a home etc. Suppose the girl gets pregnant. She will have a million more expenses and problems tending to her child without a family home. Of course in this case she is too young for all of this anyway. She is destroying her future for trinkets. (And no abortion is not a suitable option.) And the man should not be messing around with anyone unless he is willing to provide everything a family would need even if there is no love involved.

  11. TThe biggest Pedophile ever in Antigua is an athletic coach. Schools girls once taped him and turned it over to their school . The matter was placed in the hands of the police. The same police he was coaching was the investigator. He went to the USA over thirty years ago and had sex with a child athlete. Took her virginity. This tall handsome athletic coach kept climbed the ladder. He has been awarded promotion while every sporting administrator, every school coach, school teachers and ministry officials know of his exploits. This spans several decades.
    Once he went to PR with some athletes, talking about minors. He went into a store and when leaving the security alarm went off. He along with a number of other Caribbean coaches were held up and searched. This is no joke- the alarm was set off by him having panties for the little girls in hidden in his crotch with the tags on. He was held and had to pay for the items and a fine by the store for stealing. know for sure that he breed at least one athlete , think tow but not sure.
    We continue to promote and advance this criminal. He is almost reaching retirement and probably thing he get away with it all. See him these days in sports program talking.
    If you ask any athlete over 25 years who I am talking they will not take 10 seconds to answer. If you ask any school coach, cricket, netball, Basketball they will answer in a split second. If you as any school head teacher from like as far back as 30 years ago to major athletic school today they will all answer correctly in less than a second. If you ask all the politicians from past governments they will take less than any of the above to answer. If you ask the now chairman of the Olympic NOC . All our past test cricketers , administrators will all answer to same name.
    Mr. There is no statue of limitations for statutory rape.
    “ Commonwealth games here we comes”. You idiots can continue to promote. Karma will have its way.

    • Karma probably believes humans are just like the dogs on the street
      Thank God for laws and social standards as it seems like many humans dont have any self control


    This is what they use Facebook for, to look for people little girls to use and abuse. How can you as a big man feel comfortable buying school supplies and necessities then having sex with the same person… so confusing and just gross. In church yard, on recliner seat virginity a lose and so.. HIGHLY IMMORAL… then the police man dat message he and tell he delete the message and dem…. Need punishment too… our society will condemn and punish the weed man yet let the pedophiles and the child abusers roam freely… NASTYYYY

    • And to add insult to injury, there are persons commenting here who think its not a big issue, or bodies should be sold for land not trinkets or who think lusting for young beings is just a part of what is natural. Then when you hear of the coach/trainer and think about the supposed leaders (political church school) whose names get withheld and whose portfolios actually increase, I can only ask for God to come for his world. Simply put, highly immoral behavior gets rewarded cause peter is no better than paul.

      • I guess words are easily misunderstood on the internet. I don’t believe that bodies should be sold for land just that they should not be offered unless there is a proper plan in place for the future family. I actually believe in traditional adult dating/courtship followed by engagement, marriage, and family. And, I think that our Caribbean men need to start pursuing more normal adult relationships of that sort instead of running around with all kinds of persons including young girls who are not ready yet. But, I realize that many people don’t have those particular standards – marriage etc. So, I was suggesting to them that they should consider the benefits of thinking about what’s best for your entire future not just the here and now when deciding who is worth your time and person.

  13. Not condoning the man’s action but just want to ask a question..isn’t it society that set the bar as to what is the age of consent? Isn’t it society that determine when one become an adult ? How is it that none of you Bible toting hypocrites never raise the issue of the immaculate conception? It’s historically proven that Mary was about 14 to 15 years old and married to a very much older man when she gave birth to Jesus ( according to the bible) but yall don’t want to have that conversation! Some of the women commenting on here were doing just that back in our school days …lub. car man and government officials…yes I said it ! Some of you were still sucking your fingers and playing with dolls…and truth be told were really very innocent to the world …But these teenagers today, don’t be fooled the are ” Children of the corn ” they from a different planet …dont be fooled …they are not physically, mentally and psychologically the same as you were in the 60s and 70s and 80s ..that’s why when they commit a hayneous crime we try them ” AS ADULTS ! wake up and smell the coffee ☕️

  14. This is the kind of “reporting” that makes my blood boil! The “journalist” and I am using the word loosely.
    Is making it sound that since the “child” asked for a cell phone, is feed KFC and her school needs were met, that it is the Childs fault that she was RAPED? It is f&*$y like this that rape is not reported!!! Victimizing the victim all over again!!
    She is 15 yrs old!!! FIFTEEN! There is no excuses can be stated in this media or any other to justify this CHILD to be RAPED!!
    A 40 yr old is LEGALLY an adult and SHOULD not put themselves in a situation with a MINOR to even be asked for any FAVORS!!
    As a hard tone man, once that is clear you run the other way and avoid that CHILD at all cost. Bring it to the parents / some body for them. Most of the time, the RAPIST knows the MINOR and their family members… Antigua is only 108 sq miles
    Me tired hear “oh the parents them know and encourage them children” where does the maturity of the RAPIST comes into question??
    You a the ADULT / BIG HARD TONE MAN in the situation!! That CHILD could be butt arse naked with all that she has hanging out… you the ADULT walk the hell away. Go find A dam big grown woman to tangle with! Stop blaming these MINORS for your actions. They no hold a gun to you head and beg you to RAPE them!! WTF!! Tired reading this shit over and over again!!!!
    And you the bloody politicians need to take these actions seriously! What message are you sending to the people of this nation? What message are you sending to mothers who are doing they best to raise their children right and lastly what kind of message you send to the man a dem who a RAPE people gal pickney?? Me go tell you what message….one that you don’t give one fly f%&*k!!!!

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