Man accused of rape says the allegation is medically impossible


A man pleaded not guilty to rape claiming he was medically unable to perform the act.

A 16-year-old girl told police the accused fingered her privates before raping her in Coolidge last year.

The man, who appeared before the High Court Friday, denied charges of rape and serious indecency.

The man said he did not touch the girl inappropriately and it would have been impossible for him to have sexual intercourse with the her due to medical issues.



  1. We cannot be too ignorant. What if he has his generals removed for medical reasons. This needs to really look on without judging this man.

  2. Men stick to your age…young girls stick to your age. Men need to start record and expose these girls when…so many innocent men in prison because of false accusations and girls pretending to be older. Me I warn you marry one woman and tap ah yard nuh go out…stay home…dem lil gal hav non fi offer dan jail…dem love cry rape

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