Man Accused Of Murdering Vincia James Granted Bail

Vincia James, still missing

Mikhail Gomes who has been charged with murdering Vincia James has been granted bail in the High Court.

James disappeared three years ago and her body has still not been recovered.

Despite strong opposition from the prosecution, Justice Ian Morley in the surety amount of $200,000 while $40,000 must be paid in cash to the Court.

The judge’s rationale for releasing him pending trial was due, he said, to repeated delays to the defendant’s case, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gomes was ordered to report each day to St John’s Police Station and was told he is subject to the national 9pm to 5am curfew.

A trial date is yet to be determined.

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    • No human being can determine whether another sees God’s face (Acts 17:31 & John 5:22). We Just have to be sure we are ready to see His face and don’t get caught up in the high blood pressure dance.

      Remember that if we HATE our brother, in God’s eyes, we are murderers too. (1 John 3:15)

      It is a highly emotionally-charged and sensitive case, and one whose verdict cannot rest merely on public emotions.

      Fret not thyself “For God will bring EVERY work into JUDGMENT with EVERY SECRET thing; whether it be GOOD or EVIL” (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

      While He still loans us the breath of life, let us fear Him and love our neighbors as ourselves.

  1. She (Vincia James)was last seen leaving work on the camera,the day she disappeared.Since that visual,she has not been seen again.If he is charged with murder in this matter.Why was bail granted? So Judge Morley,if you are using Covid-19 as the reason for bail.Their are many persons on remand at 1735.Why are they still there on remand.Justice Minister,FAT MAN,10 YARDS STOP EATING SO MUCH FOOOD AND DO SOME REFORMS AT THE PRISON IN ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA.PERSONS WOULD GO INTO 1735 AND COME OUT LIKE ANIMALS.

  2. It is a really sad case and a circumstantial one too that being that her body has never been found. It is going to be difficult for the state to prove their case and easy for the defence to raise reasonable doubt.

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  4. If he is guilty of the crime, her spirit will haunted his conscious that he will go where he put her. Then the police will follow him and then build a strong case. Maybe that could be the reason for granted him bail after all these time in lockup. Only God knows.
    We have to be careful in talking about rot in hell. He can repent and ask for God forgiveness and end up in heaven, and sorry to say this, while the victim rot in hell. Yes he was accused of the worst crime but Jesus Christ still forgive.

    • Your last paragraph cuts deep. That is the harsh reality. While we still have life, we have the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Jesus and be saved by His grace through faith. Anyone who violates the law of the land must still face the penalty, but can still be pardoned by God Almighty.

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