Man accused of killing “Six Months” declared legally insane


One of the men accused of killing Jermaine “Six Months” Destin was declared legally insane today.


High Court Judge, Stanley John committed Ziggy Beazer, 30 to the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital this morning after a jury declared the defendant unfit to stand trial for murder.

There was no evidence led as to the prisoner’s mental state at the time of the offence.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Griffin Benjamin testified Beazer was suffering from Schizophrenia, a major psychiatric illness.


He said the prisoner had visual and auditory hallucinations causing him to see things that are not there and talk to himself.


The psychiatrist added Beazer also suffered from paranoid illusions, which caused him to believe that he was being persecuted by others.


The doctor concluded the prisoner will not be able to follow the proceedings of a criminal trial nor understand the nature of the charge against him.

The judge ordered that Beazer remain on treatment at the psychiatric hospital and be reviewed periodically by Dr. Benjamin.


The prisoner is scheduled to return to court July 16, 2020.

Beazer and Dwayne “Little Man” Joseph were jointly charged with murder two months after Destin was shot to death in Villa in 2013.

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  1. Refresh my memory please. What is the backstory to regarding Six Months. IS the one decalred legall insane in the second photo? Who is who?

  2. Was he perfectly sane when he committed the violent act????? Did her suddenly became insane after the act????? Or was it the conditions of HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison) that turned him mad>>>>>


      An indicted accused ‘…cannot be declared insane by any Jury,’ then told to return to Court to see if he is sane for them to try him.

      From professional knowledge, evidence shall be led to show that subsequently, the accused mental state has deteriorated to the extent of him being considered unfit to stand trial.

      Just as the Constitution provides for the ‘…Presumption of Innocence,’ the law also ‘Presumes’ that an accused is ‘Sane’ until he proves that he was mentally deranged when he committed the criminal act charged.

      It would make mockery of the Judicial system for the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to indict an insane accused, then engage a psychiatrist to say he is crazy and then ask the Jury to ‘…declare him insane and unfit to stand trial.’

      The DPP who appeared not to be amused remarked, ‘…One of the tenets of good journalism, is to get the facts accurate from reliable sources, and not to rely upon information that may lead people to write from a position of misinformation’ [Anthony Armstrong DPP].

      In the case where an accused raises the ‘…Defence of Insanity,’ pre-trial proceedings to determine his state of mind are always done in the absence of the Jury.

      In the trial, the Jury only hears evidence and make determinations on proved or disproved facts.’

      By the way who did the consulting psychiatrist represent?

      Certainly not the ‘…prosecution, Jury, nor the Court.’

  3. I see things and hear things also shit i cant be charge for murder hip he hip he

    • If ziggy is not fit now for the trial who say by 2020 he will be fit an in this case why they don’t call in the evidence an start the other person that are good in health an can answer up to the charges these guys are on remand from 2013 …6 years now I see this is way to long

  4. Ziggy can’t believe this is what’s going on with u. Knew u were quiet and weird in primary school but never imagined you’d become this…. sad

    • That “weird” was probably his mental heath issue. Maybe if we as a country focused on these issues it would have been picked up back then and managed.

  5. Nice Criminal defence! See you in 18 months sir after your evaluation and the doc says you can return to society

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