Man, 49, dies after testing positive for COVID-19


A male patient, age 49, has passed away at SLBMC on September 14 _(today)_, at 12:20am.

He had tested positive for COVID-19.

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

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  1. If they can say the dead person tested positive for Covid-19, then they can also say if they were vaccinated. Remember, the VACCINATED can also test positive for covid-19. Where I am, and everywhere else that has a vaccine rolll out, both vaccinated and the unvaccinated are dying with covid19. The CDC counts people as UNVACCINATED if they die with 14 days of getting the vaccine. Why? To increase the # of unvaxxed deaths perhaps?

    • Please research the facts. The vaccine reduces serious illness and deaths. The majority of people who are sadly dying are unvaccinated.

    • Smh, why spread false information? You antivaxxers sickening now….. GET GOING Man….. just get out the way. Allow Antigua and Barbuda to breathe, like what the heck y’all trying to do? If you not for the vaccine fine, now go hide yourself and if you get covid stay home and die .

      • Not them they will exhaust our health care system till it collapse and God forbid if/when this happens many others in the face of chaos will be marching against the vaccine….

      • You vaccine FANATICS are sickening to the people who have their reasons not to take a vaccine. Why don’t y’all let people make their own decisions about THEIR LIVES. And the comment section is for ANYONE who wants to make a comment.
        So take your own advise a bounce!

          • Well too bad for you that you’re making my decision a problem for you Some unsolicited advice, don’t get a stroke and drop dead because I make a decision about MY BODY and MY LIFE. Go and sacrifice your life for the greater good, even though your vaccine doesn’t protect anyone else but you.. fool…

      • And live in the US. Not an Antiguan.

        Just letting you know that you need to look beyond the vaccines because they are NOT preventing transmission.

        And a significant number of vaccinated people are still getting sick, being hospitalized and some are dying.

        So the answer is not these vaccines. More needs to be done.

        Also, there have been some very serious side effects from these vaccines so it’s foolish to pretend that people don’t have valid reasons for being scared and skeptical.

        Please try and use your brain a little more.

        • Vaccines cannot stop you from getting or transmitting the virus BUT the virus cannot mutate in a vaccinated person and the chance of a vaccinated person being gravely ill or dying from the virus is smaller than the unvaccinated….Read more and use your brain a little more

          • You need to revisit science class in school.

            Of course the virus can and does mutate in vaccinated persons.

            If it can be transmitted to a vaccinated person and replicate in a vaccinated person (which is can and does do) then it can and does mutate in a vaccinated person.

            If it is replicating, it is mutating.

    • From all that I’ve read so far; it’s the ‘vaccinated’ people that are now, most likely to ‘test positive’.

      Places like the UK, Israel, and Gibraltar, where 99% of their population (most vaccinated in the world on a per capita basis) is ‘vaccinated’ – and now they’re having a surge of cases.

  2. So when is the government going to act? 5 dead in 2 days and the case numbers keep growing. Business told the government to reopen, they did and now we the citizens are the ones suffering. Lock down is the only way to solve this. Lock down, pay all workers a subsidy to stay home, subsidize small business, 1% levy on big business to pay for it and a percentage of the PMs graft

    • Antigua is not even an agrarian based society because our forefathers hammered it into our heads that farm work is a lowly occupation and you want the government to lock down the country. Are you daft?

      You know that saying that we are in the same situation but we are definitely not in the same boat? You must definitely be sailing on a mega yacht.

    • Ummmm act? What more would you like ANY government in the world to do? Sure…let’s lockdown but would you be willing to not be paid for the length of the lockdown?

      We lockdown and everyone cries they want to re-open and work. WE re-open and now everyone wants a lockdown.

      We are doomed by our own faults.

    • But the PM and his owners decided it was better to let people die so they could continue to make money.

  3. The big question is why are all these people dying after testing positive? Weren’t they dying before the test and if so we must look into the tests. Clearly something is fishy.

    • In Antigua, only very sick people seem to get tested. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a significant percentage of that group would also die.

      We are in the middle of a worldwide deadly pandemic that has killed millions of people thus far. So, yeah, not surprising that people are also dying of this same disease in Antigua.

      BTW, people have been dying of COVID in Antigua since 2020 but many of those deaths were not counted in the official counts and this practice continues today.

      That you are hearing about more deaths should indicate to you how much worse the outbreak is now than ever before.

      If they are acknowledging 500 positive cases, you can bet your butt there’s in truth at least 5-10 times more positive cases than that on island.

      To sum it up, if there was a widespread testing strategy, you’d see that most people who test positive do not die. They eventually recover to some extent (maybe fully recover or with lingering issues). But because Antigua only tests SOME of the sickest symptomatic people a significant percentage of those will be hospitalized and some will die.

      Some people will die at home or in the street and will never be counted amongst the victims of this pandemic.

  4. With all this happening we still have social media personas like Dr. JDunce Dias and others still telling persons not to take the vaccines and that covid is not real.

    When we have Certified & Respected Medical Professionals that we all know right here in Antigua sharing with us dangers of covid with real facts on what is happening on the ground. Yet we turn to the Facebook expects.


    The crazy thing is that these Facebook experts can not provide EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to support their anti vaxx view rather they misquote half articles and show videos of people saying all sorts of things about what they think will happen. The question is how do they know what the future holds !!!

    Where is the evidence to support their theory and is the evidence creditable? How can you use your platform to share false information that they THINK or FEEL is right ?

    Is it that these social media persons claiming to be PREDICT THE FUTURE or they have Special powers?

    Imagine trying to say they predicted a curfew is proof of something when all over the caribbean we are experiencing the same thing it not rocket science!!!

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