Malta to send water consultants to Caribbean’s Antigua and Barbuda


As the government of Antigua and Barbuda continues to aggressively improve the supply of water to consumers, Prime Minister the Hon. the Honourable Gaston Browne, last week met with the Honourable Robert Abela, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen technical cooperation between the two countries.

The MoU aims to establish a capacity-building programme for Strategy and Technical personnel at the Antigua and Barbuda Public Utilities Authority (APUA). The programme will comprise of a Pilot Leakage Management Project in isolated water supply zones within the municipal water distribution network. This should result in the development of a holistic and comprehensive leakage Identification, Management and Control strategy. By virtue of this signed MoU, the Government of Malta will provide support for training visits.

Prior to the official signing of the MoU, both leaders candidly exchanged best practices for Water Management Strategies to include production, recycling, and conservation. Prime Minister Abela openly shared Malta’s experience in water infrastructure development to increase production and improve distribution. From his experience, PM Browne welcomed his solutions and iterated that Antigua and Barbuda experiences significant challenges in the water supply that he is eager to address. “If left unattended, the repercussion would be too great. It would mean a plummet in food production and an uptick in food prices that are exacerbated by global crises such as climate change, pandemics, and the Russia-Ukraine war”, said PM Browne.

After the signing, the leaders re-engaged on a plethora of issues that Small Island Development States (SIDS) face. This includes structural vulnerabilities, lack of scale economies, climate change, and decline in the economy owning to global risks and threats. Despite these perilous threats to SIDS, Prime Minister Browne concluded the talks on a positive note by emphasizing SIDS’ fortitude and resilience, forging partnerships on the international platform.

Prime Minister Browne was accompanied by the Hon. E.P. Chet Greene, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade, Ambassador Aubrey Webson, Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda to the UN, Ambassador Conrod Hunte, Deputy Permanent Representative and Mr. Tumasie Blair, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations in New York.

The Hon. Robert Abela, Prime Minister of Malta was accompanied by the  Hon. Chris Fearne, Deputy Prime Minister of Malta and Minister for Health;  H.E. Vanessa Frazier, Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Malta to United Nations;  Dr. Michael Farrugia, Member of Parliament;  Mr. Glenn Micallef, Chief of Staff of Prime Minister of Malta;  and Ms. Francesca Cassar, First Secretary – Economic & Development Coordinator, Permanent Mission of Malta to United Nations.


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  1. More signed documents in a pretty pretty folder.

    Look how nice and cordial everything seems, hopefully, this was a meaningful and worthwhile meeting that will help Antigua’s infrastructure in the not too distant future, and not more talks about talks.

    However, what a pretty pretty folder …

    • Wasn’t the recent deal reached with Innotech, the company from Barbados, to address the issue of leakage in the pipes among other things? I hope this is not a duplication of the same activities.

  2. Wasn’t the recent deal reached with Innotech, the company from Barbados, to address the issue of leakage in the pipes among other things? I hope this is not a duplication of the same activities.

    • Absolutely correct @ Charles Tabor.

      I recall this collaboration deal with Barbados as well, and as I’ve said time and time again, Gaston Browne’s verbal garbage knows no bounds.

      In the UK for instance, the electorate are now – for some weird reason – accepting SERFDOM, SERVITUDE and HELOTRY from their government and the monarchy; and it seems our Prime Minister wants to do exactly the same thing with the citizens of Antigua.

      However, unlike the UK Antiguans have woken up – at last – to the Prime Minister’s lies, duplicity and word play.

      Although, mind you, if the ABLP do get a third term in office, then we’ll be just as gullible as the UK electorate, who are now suffering economically, and mental health issues have soared through the roof as well.


      • The UK only voted for a man who promised to have a referendum on leaving the EU. He was useless otherwise and then the same UK electorate wanted another vote to reverse the first one. All that glitter isn’t gold and the grass is DEFINITELY not always greener on the other side.

        The Queen God rest her soul went through PMs like water and most of them left with scandal around them. (Theresa May at least had the good sense to resign and not be forced out). Your current PM is on track to cause more ruin to the economy since WWII. Good for me though….I just bought 1,000 pounds yesterday as the pound was almost $2.00. Yayyyy me!

        What the UK electorate is going through now is no different from everyone else. Soaring gas prices (can’t heat homes this winter), high food prices, high inflation, and immigration to name a few.

        I don’t see the new UK PM surviving an election if she continues on this current path.

        My prediction is that if ABLP loses the next election, the UPP will be just as big if not a bigger failure and within 6 months we will be in the grips of the IMF AGAIN. All they will do is just blame the previous administration for their failures even though they always yell “GOVERNMENT IS CONTINUOUS”) Hey…maybe we can all go live in the unfinished car park.

        I say call the election… party campaigns as they are all failures and leave us to pick the party with the least failures.

        Now back to drinking water and minding my own business. Cheers

        • I respect your opinion @ Paddle, and like you I am also benefitting from the weak £ against the $, however, many indigenous Antiguans aren’t in a position to do so.

          This is why the country cannot take another term of ABLP’S self-enrichment schemes.

          As you know, quite a few UK politicians benefitted also from self-enrichment schemes like awarding Covid-19 contracts to their friends, colleagues and associates.

          This is why Antigua must have a change of governance – the current situation cannot continue.

          Personally I would like to see some sort of coalition between UPP and the DNA parties … that would be my preferred choice for the benefit of the country.

          Cheers to you as well as 👍

  3. Gaston you off your rocka! All dem subben you mention a gwan for decades. Ar u dun left de wata situation fu ova 70 years unattended. Now you just come and want me to believe that you will now after all the public pressure. The best you can come up with is a MoU.

    Lard. Burning Flames ar u just come and “wet dung de Place.”

  4. This is the best Gaston can come with after all these promises? Robin said it best “A government that cannot provide water for its people, should be thrown the hell out.”
    That’s exactly what we will do. Vote dem out!

  5. Chupzzzzz. You can sign your wicked life away, poor people will be very happy because on Election Day we voting Harold Lovell and the Redeem Team. You and your incompetent minions MUST GO. So go ahead and sign ebryting u can get your thiefing hands on. Arwe fed up a you!

  6. Why does Robin Yearwood still have a job or anyone in management or any “engineer” at APUA? This is criminal incompetence. It makes no sense to bring “consultants” to work with the same bunch of useless retards.

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