Major Community Road Program Launches in Antigua


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has unveiled a transformative community road program for Antigua.

The Cabinet has approved millions for the Ministry of Works to acquire new equipment, including five concrete trucks, three rollers, graders, and a pug mill.

Within 90 days, the nation will witness a significant expansion in community-level concrete road construction.

“These concrete roads are more durable than asphalt ones,” PM Browne stated. With the government’s own concrete batch plant, this initiative promises substantial improvements in local roads.

Previously, reliance on the private sector for equipment often led to delays. “We are now buying new equipment so that public works will have good capacity,” Browne added.

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  1. ALP needs to quit with these time lines. We are not little children. It is a shame they try to continuous play us retarded. Like within 90 days. Or list will come on board next 2 weeks. Or 100 homes in 100 days. Or we will get water in 90 days or or or. If UPP was more competent these ALP people would not be around. But one day will come. Just watch.

  2. The timelines they give is just to give people false hope and false thinking that a lot is happening when in fact nothing is happening

  3. I’m hoping that the concrete roads would be covered by asphalt. There are a lot of concrete roads here that have deteriorated due to the stresses placed on them.

    We shall see what happens if this project ever gets off the ground

  4. This does not negate the fact that Antiguans watch the roads become a safety hazard before it is fixed. Not to mention, putting mortar over the holes while the integrity of the road is still being compromised underneath. You see that it does not make the road better and you have been doing it all these years ? We need to fire road workers ! They are Lazy >:(

  5. Buy all the equipment you want and like the RO plants nothing will change. The incompetence at Public Works and APUA is quite mind blowing. And yet we seem unable to do the right thing and bring in proper engineers. Our people do not have the experience. Let them learn from those who know.

  6. I am hearing about community roads, what is going on for Allsaints Road. Allsaints road is one of the busiest, if not the busiest main road and it is falling apart. It appears to still have a good foundation but has not been given any attention for such a long time.

    I am not a civil engineer but it appears that a scrape and resurface to bring it back for most of the part.

  7. What happen, the minister of public works can’t talk, why Gaston clown want talk for everybody.
    Just always some empty promise.
    Never in the history of this country our roads have been this poor. All public works guys do is sit on the job site and smoke herb.
    Is best herb smoking become the national pastime of Antigua. In the words of Joanne Messiah “YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!


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