Major changes in the gambling industry in 2022


The online gambling industry has not just made gambling accessible, it has become a major reason for the industry to evolve. For more than 10 years, the online gambling industry has evolved, and today Canadian gamblers have access to opportunities that they never even thought of before. For example, 10 years ago you could not play in a casino for free, today you just need to make a few clicks to do it. That’s not the only and far from the most important change in online casinos, and the main thing is that the prospects for this industry are almost limitless.


On this page, experts from have compiled up-to-date information on how the gambling industry has changed and what you can expect from it in the future. We take a look at a few of the major innovations that have made gambling more interesting and beneficial to gamblers in 2022. 

Major changes in the online gambling industry in 2022

If we consider the industry as a whole, there are indeed many changes. Some players have already got used to, some innovations are only being tested. We’ve tried to gather below all the main innovations that the gambler will face in 2022. We’ll also make some predictions about what we can expect next.


“Any field of human activity, sooner or later, begins to evolve or disappear. Gamblers always want something new, it stimulates developers and operators to develop. Since the competition in the gambling market is constantly growing, each online casino is trying to make the gambler his own, unique offer. Each developer is trying to create more interesting games. It’s safe to say that this is not the limit, there will be a lot of interesting things in the future. – Robert Lewis.”


Let’s have a look at the main changes in gambling at the end of 2022. All the innovations have already been tested by our experts, they not only work, but also benefit gamblers.

Gambling for mobile devices

When online gambling first started to develop, it focused on gamblers who had a computer and an Internet connection. The advent of laptops did not make any changes, because the sites and their functionality remained the same. About 5 years ago, the industry began to actively adapt to modern realities. According to statistics, today more than 4 billion people on the planet use smartphones and tablets to access social networks, sites, services, and gaming platforms.


The adaptation of online casino sites for mobile devices began earlier, but it is in 2022 that this integration has moved to a new, better level. Some sites are initially developed for mobile devices, and the version for PCs and laptops becomes an addition. From this, gaming platforms have become more convenient, functional and stable. Whichever mobile device a gambler visits an online casino site, he or she will get high-quality graphics, user-friendly controls and access to thousands of games.


Many online casinos have created their own official app, which can also be considered an important industry breakthrough. A functional and user-friendly app has become the factor that influences the gambler’s choice. If a competitor has a casino app, it will surely attract the attention of more players. This will be an incentive for all gaming platforms to develop in this direction.


It is also important that developers have started to focus on mobile devices. All the games that providers create today can be run on a smartphone or tablet. This applies to slots, table and card games, live dealer games and other entertainment.


This has become another engaging factor, because the phones are always in our hands and in a moment of waiting or boredom we can always play a game of chance. It is really convenient, both in the choice of leisure, and in the process of the game itself. No need to make any unnecessary movements. Even financial operations have become more streamlined. So, for example, instant withdrawal casinos Canada has everything in place to ensure that your gambling gives you as much pleasure as possible, and as little hassle as possible.


“The great popularity of casinos with fast payouts among Canadian players fully justifies itself. After all, here you can get your winnings as quickly as possible. Some casinos take hours to withdraw, some take a few hours, and some have the process done instantly,” says casino expert web portal, Rose Davis.


We are fortunate to live in a time of inexorable progress and enjoy all its benefits. Speed, convenience, and reasonableness are the three key rules for success.

Popularization of cryptocurrencies

Online casinos in Canada have always offered customers a wide choice of payment methods. This is necessary so that every potential gambler could find the most profitable way. A few years ago, the first gaming platforms appeared where it was possible to use cryptocurrency to make a deposit and withdraw winnings. At the time, players were incredulous about it. Cryptocurrency was unstable, and not everyone could buy it, let alone spend it.


In 2022, there was a record number of online casinos that started to accept cryptocurrency. The unstable economic situation in the world, the coronavirus pandemic and the growing confidence of gamblers in cryptocurrency have all led to the significant popularity of this payment method. It is also important that the government of each country is trying to regulate the gambling market. This leads to restrictions on deposit and withdrawal amounts, and some convenient payment methods become unavailable. At the moment, cryptocurrency is able to offer many undeniable benefits:

  • Making a deposit is instantaneous, but importantly, the withdrawal of your winnings can also be instantaneous.
  • Cryptocurrency allows you to remain anonymous, which is a major advantage for many gamblers.
  • Minimal commissions make financial transactions more profitable.
  • Online casinos set loyal limits for players who use cryptocurrency.
  • Often, gaming platforms provide additional bonuses to those who make a deposit using cryptocurrency.


A special feature is that in 2022, there are more cryptocurrency-only casinos that can be paid with cryptocurrency. It is very likely that in 2023 we will see a strong growth in the number of such crypto-casinos. We can also say that in the future, it is cryptocurrency that will become the main resource of gamblers.


In the future, not only the number of crypto-casinos will increase, but also the coins themselves. Today, Canadian players most often use such cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin—the coin was introduced in 2008, is the first and main cryptocurrency. Today, it is bitcoin that has the largest capitalization in the market. Crypto-casinos necessarily have the ability to use this cryptocurrency to pay.
  • Bitcoin Cash—After a significant overload of the bitcoin network, a fork of this cryptocurrency appeared. Bitcoin Cash separated from its main counterpart on August 1, 2017. At the moment, the coin is more accessible, compared to Bitcoin, while showing steady growth.
  • Ethereum—the coin appeared in 2015, after which it began its active growth. At the moment, gamers often prefer Ethereum, as it is much easier to buy. Almost every crypto-casino can use this cryptocurrency to make a deposit and withdraw winnings.
  • Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, developed by Charles Lee. The first coins were issued in 2011. Since the cryptocurrency has been supported by many major banks around the world, it has become popular. At the moment, Litecoin is popular among Canadian gamblers.
  • Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin, named after the famous Internet meme “Doge”. Released in 2013, the main feature can be called the minimum transaction fees and the maximum speed of their processing.


Online casinos can also accept other types of cryptocurrencies. In the payment section of the website of the selected gaming platform, you will find a complete list of supported coins. You can buy any cryptocurrency at special exchanges, such as: Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Kraken, and others. You can also get coins directly through the application of your cryptocurrency wallet on your mobile device.

Gaming with virtual reality technology

Changes in gambling are of most interest to gamblers. More recently, live dealer games have become popular, taking gambling entertainment to a whole new level. Nevertheless, the industry is developing rapidly, already in 2022 online casinos began to offer more games with virtual reality technology to gamblers. This has become relevant now, as VR equipment has become more affordable. There are inexpensive virtual reality helmets that many players from Canada can afford.


Virtual reality games have earned special attention from gamblers because they provide a full new emotion. Today, online casinos offer VR slots, table and card games, roulette. The rules and principles remain the same, but the perception of the gameplay is completely different. Leader in the production of VR gambling is the company NetEnt. This developer improves its popular slot machines and table games by creating their VR versions. Other providers see the growing popularity of such gambling games, so in 2023 is expected to intensify competition in this segment.

Introduction of artificial intelligence technology

For online gambling to develop and attract the attention of gamblers, it is necessary to make the games as comfortable and safe as possible. Yes, a large range of gambling entertainment and a developed bonus system bring a new player, but he needs to be retained. If the online casino does not have a sense of security, players will simply leave it.


There is only one way to ensure safety and adherence to the rules, by controlling the gaming process. The problem is that an online casino site can host several thousand players at a time, which makes manual control difficult. That is why in 2022, many gaming platforms started to actively implement artificial intelligence technology.


The main feature of AI is that it can check and compare a huge amount of data in seconds. Artificial intelligence easily and quickly notices patterns, notices any attempt to bypass the rules, and identifies the actions of cheaters. For example, if there’s activity on several accounts from one IP-address, the AI will immediately detect it and pass the information to the security service. Even if scammers use different addresses, the AI will notice a pattern and prevent rule-breaking.


This is one of those gambling changes that the average gambler doesn’t notice, but it’s very important. By creating a safer and more comfortable playing environment, online casinos are furthering the development of the industry. As a result, the online gaming platform will become a safer place when compared to land-based casinos.

What changes can be expected in the near future?

According to analytics, one can notice a strong development in the iGaming industry over the past few years. Many attribute this to the pandemic that has made entertainment in land-based casinos inaccessible. Others attribute the development to the fact that online casinos can now offer the gambler more benefits. Whatever the reason for the development of the industry, we can say that it won’t stop there.


Every year there are new games that are more interesting and feature-rich. There are new gaming platforms, they have to fight for each player and offer them a more comfortable environment. There is growing competition and among the developers, who are sure to improve their software. There is no doubt that online gambling will develop and as a result will become the main way of access to gambling. We can expect such changes in the field of iGaming in the near future:

  • Most online casinos will accept cryptocurrency for payment.
  • The active development of AI technology will make online casinos secure.
  • New and more interesting games will appear in the catalog of gaming platforms.
  • Gaming platforms will begin to focus more on mobile devices.
  • VR games will be presented in great variety.


The development of the online gambling industry does not mean that land-based casinos will disappear. They are already modernizing today, improving their equipment and offering more interesting games. Moreover, land-based casinos are not only gambling, but also live socializing, bars and restaurants, the best hotels, and concert halls. Nevertheless, most gamblers will still prefer online casinos. It is a more convenient and faster way to access interesting gambling.


The online gambling industry has been booming for the past decade. Already today, online gaming platforms offer players a lot of advantages compared to land-based casinos. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of the journey. The competition in this sphere is constantly growing, the players demand more from online casinos and thus become the reason for the evolution of gambling. VR games, new payment methods, a high level of security, and the introduction of AI technology are appearing. In the future, we should expect new games that will advise the requests of gamblers.

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