Maintainance Issues Blamed For Latest Round Of Water Woes


APUA says a broken water treatment plant is behind the unavailability of water in some communities.

Residents have been calling for an end to their water problem which has persisted for years in some communities.

Water Manager Ian Lewis says the broken plant is the one which normally feeds water to Liberta and neighbouring communities.

“We had a broken transmission main and it took us quite a while to fix it,” Lewis said.

He said the APUA has also been “diverting” water from Liberta to English Harbour owing to the ongoing yachting season.

Lewis explained that the newly built reserve osmosis plant at pigeon point was also offline

He expects that water will availability will improve this week.

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  1. These incompetent managers at APUA should be fired, every week they come with the same old political lies. Oh my God tell us a new lie for us to believe. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Summer is not even here as yet and the water woes done start long time, brace yourself Antigua. Oh! Mr. Lewis is the leakage at Pot works dam fix as yet? Get out your office you need the exercise go up to Pot works it’s empty and needs cleaning. Tell Pussy Salad spend some of the millions to clean the dam.

  2. There is such a thing as preventative maintenance which calls for the servicing of equipment after they have done a certain amount of working hours. I am not certain if APUA does such. It would seem that it is only when plants break down that they are maintained/serviced. I do not wish to bash APUA unnecessarily, but the acceptable levels of delivery of portable water to households in Antigua falls way below what is required and it is an area that requires much attention and work. We should never be turning on taps only to find AIR…not in this modern era. We are surrounded by endless oceans which can never be depleted. And if by chance due to some unforeseen circumstances that the water must be suppressed, anything more than of an hour or two is totally unacceptable. What should people do when water is OFF for 3, 4 and 5 days continuously? Yes, I grew up to this all my life but once again, these are not the days when I was a teenager. We simply cannot continue to operate like this. Far more is expected!

    • There was an Antiguan with preventative and corrective knowledge and skills had applied to APUA on several occasions but was told no vacancy available for their qualification. This person is an Antiguan born and have more than 20 years working this the said field with the United States government. These government department won’t hire people with skills and knowledge.

  3. All of us are looking at this problem from a personal perspective rather the effect of problem that it is. The truth is: we have solved the water problem a number of times over the years. The problem is we keep outgrowing our supply. In other words, APUA cannot keep up with the demand, based on a ‘willy nilly’ growing population that cannot properly pay for the service.
    The real problem is, we do not know the size of our population and the services needed to provide for it. This is true in: Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Housing, Food Supply, Electricity and all other services. What is more, no one has the courage to say lets stop this madness, close that never-ending amnesty; that open-door immigration policy; that using State College to give people coverage for stay; that allowing children to come in for carnival and just disappear and/or all other guises that are used to ballon our population.
    Until these kinds of things are looked at, we will probably harass the present water manager to death as we did the previous one, while the water solution, the hospital solution, the school solution, and so many other things in Antigua and Barbuda not only remain unsolved but go from bad to worse, to worst!

  4. Maintenance issues with government buildings causing problems, now the same thing with water…he me a break

  5. So Mr Lewis-What is your role as a Water Manager?Is it not to oversee the day to day operations and making sure things are done in a timely and constructive manner?? Do we wait for our Vehicles to brake down before servicing them,or do we know at what approximate time they will need to be serviced and get it done? Frankly ,i am tired of hearing the excuses.The government has invested millions in RO plants to assist with the Water Woes,and yet they it continues.. You and the other’s who are responsible for providing our most vital resource on a daily basis have been doing an awful job-is it willful or is it just Incompetence? Whatever- it is becoming unbearable and very unacceptable especially to be passing the blame on the public about wasting& theft of water,how can you waste what you do not have?Please..

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