Magistrate under investigation for allegedly breaching curfew regulations during Boxing Day house party



One of the country’s six Magistrates is facing disciplinary action after she reportedly broke curfew regulations while hosting a party to celebrate a milestone event.

REAL News has been reliably informed that the incident occurred on Saturday December 26, 2020, on the northern side of the island.

It is alleged that the matter came to light after residents complained to the judicial authorities and, reportedly, to the Prime Minister, as well.

The matter is now being investigated by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Labour.

Reports are that neighbours contacted the Police complaining the situation, but law-enforcement officials never turned up – ostensibly because of whom the report was being made against.

At present, the complaints received from residents are being compiled in a report; however, our News Department has been told they are being denied.

Our source claims that persons were seen leaving the function after 3 a.m.

However, the accused Magistrate claims the get-together ended well before the curfew period began at 11p.m.  And, according to the source, two of the guests have since contacted the Permanent Secretary to say they left the party at 8 p.m.

REAL News was advised that this is not the first time the Magistrate has been called out for her behaviour.  It is alleged that she left the country last year without notifying her superiors, and did so only when she was already abroad.

It was the Attorney-General whom she allegedly called and notified of her whereabouts, the source says.

Meanwhile, the source points out that many residents have been taken before the court for breaches of the curfew and the same Magistrate has adjudicated on those matters.

Therefore, the source asks, “How can it be fair for persons to be raked over the coals for this type of offence by someone who is seemingly doing the same thing?”

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  1. If the allegations and the reactions are true then it further underscores the unfairness in the judiciary in Antigua.

  2. Those damn nosey neighbors. Are they jealous of that lady? In my opinion this is a damn non-story.What someone does inside of their home.Is their business not yours.Unless what they do inside affects you outside.Like I said earlier.You damn nosey,jealous neighbors.
    Just Saying:You could have a get together inside of your home.Whose business is it.Yours and those whom attended that get together.The neighbors are crying wolf in my opinion.Because they were not invited.

    • This could be a covid spreader event. Covid doesn’t stay in your house. You go out and spread it in the population. Rules are rules.

  3. She is just a silly, arrogant person. Thinks she is untouchable.
    Many of these new legal eagles have very little ethics and morals; and are very puffed up about being lawyers. They believe it is some special symbol of higher intellect and it should give them entitlement. Too many we have discovered are of average intelligence, and are just capable of memorizing cases and signing documents, etc.
    Yet our society encourages them, because we are still in the my child must be a doctor-lawyer state of mind. I hope she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What is good for the goose…..?

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