LOVELL: Western Imperial Special Economic Zone in conflict with several laws

Special Economic Zone

The Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ) will be facilitated by CEO of Western Imperial Capital Limited Vijender Singh and managed by Charit Mathur, Director of Western Capital Limited.

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  1. Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. UPP has all the answers to make Antigua a utopia but the electorate ain’t want them. CT what say you?

    • JUST SAYING I say that you, FROM THE SIDELINE, ERIC (THE RED), RUPERT MANN, PETE and TENMAN will get the shock of your life when the ALP money fail to bribe voters in the next general elections.

      • We don’t need money to bribe us… We’re not stupid to use a once in a lifetime pandemic to reinstall a failed Harold Lovell and his hungry gang(Franz say bring your money and give me because he don’t have money to do none the things he’s planning to do, so he prefers to spend yours)
        …. Tabor we cam vote for Harold Lovell and UPP by default

      • Tabor, why you have to provoke me again? Wha me do you. I already start feeling sorry for you guys and girls. I mean look at the team that you guys are bringing to the election. We do not even need to campaign to beat you all. The last election Lovell had to go to MSJMC to be treated for anxiety attack. This time I don’t know what will happen to him when the verdict is read. But make sure an ambulance and a nurse or doctor is close by. He is not so young anymore.

  2. Ordinary Antiguans have nothing to gain from this zone, but there is some politicians that probably have a lot to gain. Why else would they allow this sort of operation iN Antigua? WiTh the confidentiality clause in place, you will never know the people involved. This government is hell bent on giving away our country like they are doing in Barbuda. Notice these zones always have sea front access? Who knows what will be coming in or going out?

  3. All of the tax waivers could have used to help out poor people. All of the tourism worker, taxi driver and small business that had to close. But no, this government go where their hand get grease.

    Tell me again how we benefit from YIDA after 7 years? Bunch of crooks.

  4. I have one question and maybe you can call it two. Who were these lands purchased from and did the government own them at any time?

  5. Mr. Lovell, you are a lawyer and there are other lawyers in the UPP party. Don’t just talk, take the matter to Court.

    • You think they are that stupid to go to court and lose the case and make everyone see that they are inept. No DC he rather stays on the radio and talk as he like.

      • @Sideline
        This is the current situation. Gaston can do anything and is never challenged. You sure they would loose the case? Better to try and let Antiguans know what Gaston is doing to our country and the children of Antigua future. Do you think this zone and Yida benifi

  6. This zone will be allowed to have an international health care zone. Will they be doing transplants? Organ transplants have become a very lucrative business. Heaven helps us if this comes into being as a then Antiguans will disappear.

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