Lovell Wasting His Time – PM


United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell is wasting his time by calling for a commission of injury into the shooting of a customs officer, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

Browne responded to public calls made by Lovell for Governor General Sir Rodney Williams to order a commission of inquiry into the incident.

“Lovell obviously wasting his time. He is asserting that there is some organised criminality in which you have criminals going after public officials. It seems he has details that he has not shared with law enforcement up to now.”

“We’ve invited him to share the information that he has but again he continues to Pappy Show himself all over the place pretending to care about the customs officer.

“He just wants to show some level of relevance,” Browne said.

A week ago, the UPP leader led a delegation to Governor General Sir Rodney Williams and is now awaiting word on whether he will grant their request.

Among the issues he wants investigated are the allegations of “a criminal network that is currently at work,” the shooting of Customs Officer Cornell Benjamin, and “the serious allegations made by the prime minister in relation to the deep-seated and wide-spread corruption at the Customs Department.”




  1. What the hell is wrong with HAROLD LOVELL . Is He RETARDED ? Harold please GO away, nobody want to see nor hear you. You have destroyed The UPP , THE FAITHFUL NATIONAL and also THE MOVEMENT . Just to let you know that HON.GASTON BROWNE will be Prime Minister for the next 30 years.

    When will you disclose your slate for 2023. I heard Sean Bird is on your slate. I believe Harold Lovell , Sean Bird and Vere Bird 111 should start a political party called “THE LOSERS PARTY “. You Guys DO NOT have any shame.

    • Shawn Bird running on the UPP ticket?????? LOL.LOL.LOL.LOL..LOL…LOL.. Talk about Losers ,and not to mention Shameless.. What a ting.. Is that what arrogance can do to someone.Lord,keep me humble..

  2. on the move November 30, 2019 at 7:37 pm


    Please see the GOOD in this initiative . You never compliment the Hon. Gaston Browne or Labour Party for ANYTHING. You are the most PESSIMISTIC Person I ever came across . You are a LOSER . Last night on the Snake Pit I felt sorry for you . KNIGHT , SERPENT , CLEON ATHILL , GLADYS POTTER et AL now realized that They are NOT RESONATING with Antiguans. Knight the reason for this are as follows…

    You repeat the same Rhetoric over and over .

    Preaching to the same Audience each night

    Not growing your base

    Telling a bunch of LIES.
    How can Anyone work for Serpent who does NOT have any CREDIBILITY. Who thinks He is a BULLY.

    Always in trouble with the Courts

    He will end in 1735 at some time.

    I am awaiting to hear hear Damani Tabor this evening with His same RHETORIC.
    Glad you Guys realize that you are BAWLING out your THROAT each night for no reason. Will wait to hear your excuse after 2023. When Labour win ALL the seats including Barbuda.


  3. It’s time for the UPP to get a real leader. They have some good men and women on which they could draw. Lovell, with all due respect, is yesterday’s man. He finish now. Politics is not his ting.

  4. That was a heinous crime. It appears that the only reason for the attack is because the investigator was in hot pursuit of the persons who defrauded the customs and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. There doesn’t seem to be any urgency being applied to this matter. This should be a non political issue that the PM and Mr. Lovell could agree on.

    • So your idea is they (0ne or more individuals) thought he had info on them so they shot him in his foot to keep him from speaking? He is one of the investigators? Part of that process does not call for notes to be taken and findings shared with superiors? Like you and Lovell watch some special mob movies

    • @Lester fari-Do you have the evidence that the shooting was linked to the Customs case? Take it to the Commissioner ,then Lovell would not have need to ask for a commission of enquiry,and it will get the urgency you think it should be getting..

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